There’s nothing quite like slipping inside the best Intex hot tub and relaxing after an exhausting day. You can enjoy it on your own, or share the fun with your friends and family. As you probably know, many types of hot tubs are available, based on your preferences and budget. In recent years, inflatable hot tubs have increased in popularity – they provide you with everything you would expect from an inflatable spa but with a few added benefits such as easy setup, portability, and being much more affordable.

When talking about this type of hot tubs, one name stands out above all others – Intex. They are one of the best known manufacturers of all things inflatable, including hot tubs. Their products have top-notch design and functionality, so you can be certain you’re getting your money’s worth. In this article, we will discuss the best Intex hot tubs you can find out there, so you are well prepared when tub season comes. Also, don’t miss out on our buying guide where you can learn more about all the great features implemented in Intex hot tubs, as well as what things need special attention when looking for best inflatable hot tubs.

How To Choose The Best Intex Hot Tub – Buying Guide


If you made a decision to get the best inflatable hot tub, you can be sure you’re on the right path. Many of their products share certain features, materials used, design solutions and accessories that come with the product. The package will be equipped with everything you need to start using your tub right away. However, there are some differences between products, and it’s certainly good to be informed on what to look for so you can fully enjoy it later on.

Ease Of Setup

Like most inflatable hot tubs, Intex products are really easy to set up. As long as you follow instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems putting up your new tub. Intex provides you with a well-written instruction manual and often a DVD with videos, to make sure you don’t miss a step. All products come with an integrated air pump, and how quickly it’s inflated depends on the size (usually less than 30 minutes). Make sure you place it on a flat and level surface before beginning. Then you fill it up with water, plug it in a power outlet and turn the heater on. How fast it reaches the desired temperature depends on the heater power, amount of water as well as outside temperature, but on average it’s 1-2°F per hour. If you need help, be sure to check out our  guide to setting up an inflatable hot tub.

Capacity And Maintenance

In our portable hot tub reviews, we discussed hot tubs designed for 4 or 6 people. In fact, most hot tubs fall in these two categories, because they offer the best balance between comfort and practicality. Of course, you’ll be able to find tubs with larger or smaller capacities too. The most important thing to think about is comfort – you don’t want to be crammed up next to the person you’re sharing the tub with. So, it’s a good idea to get a 4-person tub even if there are only going to be two people using it.

On the other hand, a larger product means you need to invest more time in hot tub maintenance. Luckily, Intex hot tubs are very easy to maintain – filters are easy to take out, clean or replace; all the surfaces are easy to clean and the whole system is reliable. However, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to neglect your tub – proper maintenance will prolong its lifespan and increase your enjoyment.

Added Accessories And Health Benefits

Intex portable hot tubs come with many accessories, for example an insulated cover, locks and chlorination devices to name a few. These accessories make the tub easier and safer to use. When we say safer we mean an increase in health benefits. All hot tubs are good for your body – stress is eliminated, muscles relaxed, circulation improved and your skin benefits too. In addition, hot tub chemicals (chlorine for example) are used to sanitize water and decrease the number of microorganisms. Furthermore, an insulated cover with locks prevents anything from falling in (or unwanted guests using the tub), that way keeping the water safe to use for a longer time.


This is closely related to capacity, but you need to look from a different angle here. The size of your new Intex spa is limited by the space you have available. You may decide to put it on your porch, in the backyard or in your living room and not all products are going to fit. Always carefully plan where to put a hot tub, and then check the dimensions provided by the manufacturer.

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The shape of your new inflatable spa isn’t all that important in regard to functionality. However, a square tub can save some space if you plan to put it in a corner. Most of Intex products are round, but a number of Intex octagon hot tubs are available too.

Jet Types

Jets have a huge impact on your enjoyment. Intex tubs come with powerful bubble jets, usually spread around throughout the tub. User experiences are very positive, so you can expect a delightful massage. However, not all products we listed come with the same number of jets, so be sure to check this before buying.


Like we said earlier, these products are packed with features. You get pumps, filters, a heater, easy-to-use controls and, as an additional plus, a hard water system. All this contributes to an excellent user experience. Furthermore, Intex gives a warranty on their products too, usually one year.


Hot tub care is generally very easy with this type of tub – easier than with regular ones. Filters do most of the hard work – they are very efficient and collect all the dirt. Make sure to check and clean them regularly, and to add the necessary chemicals when needed. You can have additional peace of mind if you test hot tub water from time to time.



Q: Why Choose An Hot Tub Made By Intex Over Other Hot Tubs?


You should choose Intex because of the pure quality their products give you – they are well made, with excellent stability and great durability. The construction doesn’t deform under the weight of water, and the body is very resistant to punctures and damage so you can count on it to last longer than many other products in this category.

Q: Why Choose An Inflatable Hot Tub Over A Regular Hot Tub?


There are several reasons to do this. Inflatable hot tubs are very quick and easy to put up. In addition, they are portable – you drain, deflate and pack them and take the tub anywhere you want. Finally, there is a significant difference in cost compared to a standard tub – an inflatable tub is going to save you a lot of money.

Q: Can I Set Up My Hot Tub On My Own Or Do I Need A Professional To Do That For Me?


Yes, you can easily do it on your own, without any professional help. You will get detailed instructions, and as long as you stick to them, you won’t have any problems getting your inflatable spa ready very quickly.

Q: What Other Accessories Will I Need For My Hot Tub?


Like we said, one of many upsides of Intex products is that they come with everything you need to get started, so it’s ok if you don’t want to buy anything else right away. However, if you want to improve your experience, you can get some hot tub steps, or go through best hot tub accessories we have prepared for you.

Globo Surf Overview

The best inflatable hot tubs are an excellent choice when arranging a home spa, and Intex tubs should certainly be on top of that list. We are delighted with their products and have said many praises on their account. There are many happy users to back us up. We recommend you try one of the best inflatable hot tubs, and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

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