Spa days are a great way to reset, relax, and treat your body to a calming experience. But what if you could bring spa treatments to your home? With a top rated four person hot tub, you can. A hot tub for 4 people would allow you and your family to relax at the end of every stressful day in quality comfort and privacy.

However, hot tubs are rather large appliances and finding the space in your home can be difficult. But a 4 seater hot tub is the perfect medium sized spa because it allows a small group to enjoy and benefit from the hot water without overcrowding your home. The best four person hot tub can also be easily set up and won’t take too long to fill.

But purchasing a 4 man hot tub can be stressful if you don’t know which designs to consider. We want to reduce your stress, so we have made a list of the eight best 4 person hot tubs and included a comprehensive buying guide. With our help, you can put your worries at ease faster so that you can sit back and relax in your new 4 person jacuzzi.

How To Choose A 4 Person Hot Tub – Buying Guide



The best 4 person hot tub should be large enough in size that you can comfortable fit up to 4 people. But ultimately, the size of the hot tub will change by brand and design. Some designs are slightly larger than others and will indicate their capacity as being 4-6 people, while others may be smaller and estimate the capacity as 3-4 people.

No matter what size you choose, a 4 person jacuzzi should fit no less the 4 people. But it can help to read the product dimensions, which should be given with each hot tub so that you can estimate the size.

It is important that you understand the size of your hot tub, not only for the seating capacity but also for the amount of space that it will need to have to sit comfortably in your home. It can be dangerous to shove a jacuzzi for 4 people into a small space, so you want to ensure that all sides are open and free from obstruction.

4 person hot tub reviews can also help you estimate the size of your hot tub and help you determine how comfortable the people inside are when using the hot tub. Reviewers may comment on whether there is still leftover room with 4 people or whether every sits tightly together, which can help you determine which design would best suit your needs.

Ease of Assembly

No one wants to add more stress by getting a hot tub for 4 people that they struggle to assemble. But any top rated four person hot tub should have an easy to assemble or setup design, whether it is hard-sided or inflatable.

Hard sided hot tubs may be a little more challenging to install and may even require professional help. This is because they are heavier and may require proper installation with electricity to ensure that you can safely use your 4 man hot tub. However, a plug and play design would still ensure that you aren’t having to make too many extra adjustments during installation.

Inflatable hot tubs are much easier to assemble, and many brands will include an inflation pump that does all the hard work for you. Inflatable jacuzzies are also more portable and will often feature built-in handles so that you can relocate your hot tub inside or outside.


When you combine heat with water, you need durability. The best four person hot tub will have an extremely durable design that can not only handle the heat, but also support the weight of hundreds of gallons of water.

Quality materials can ensure the durability of your 4 man hot tub and put your worries at ease. Resin is a great material for hard-sided designs because it is resistant to damage from the heat, but still is lightweight. A strong plastic material is essential for inflatable hot tubs because they need the flexibility to collapse, but also the structure to stand up when inflated. Often a 3-ply material and I-beam construction is featured in inflatable hot tubs because it provides the structure with the best support and durability to be functional for all your spa day needs.


There are a few different designs of 4 person hot tubs that you can choose from and some of which we have reviewed above. The two biggest distinctions in design will be whether you choose a hard-sided or inflatable hot tub.

Hard-sided hot tubs are more permanent because they are heavier and more difficult to move, but they are also harder to damage and are often longer lasting. If you know exactly where you want to place your hot tub and don’t want the option to relocate it, a hard-sided hot tub would be best for your home. But it is also important that you have the proper space for your hot tub and can house the structure all year long in the same spot.

If you want more flexibility, an inflatable hot tub will allow you to position the hot tub around your home or yard, based on your current situation and needs. The inflatable designs can be team carried throughout your home using built-in handles, so they can be setup inside or outside. But the downside is that they are prone to punctures and will not last as long as a hard-sided design. For homes that are tight on space, if you want to take the time, you can also deflate your hot tub and store it when the weather gets too cold to safely use it outside.


Insulation is important because it will increase your energy efficiency and ensures that you aren’t wasting time having to constantly reheat your 4 seater hot tub. The best four person hot tub design will have thick insulation that helps trap the heat of the water inside the tub, which can also help you maintain the ideal hot tub temperature when it is not in use.

Hard-sided hot tubs will often feature foam insulation in the structure, which will provide you with quality insulation to keep the water hot 24/7. Inflatable hot tubs use the double wall design and airspace to help retain the heat and water temperature.

Another feature that can boost your insulation is having a good hot tub cover. Hot tub covers will ensure that your water is not exposed to the open air, where it will lose its temperature. A cover also helps keep your water cleaner and is a great way to provide extra care for your hot tub when it is not in use.


It would be not fun to sit in lukewarm water, which is why hot tubs use heaters to guarantee that the water is the right temperature. A heater will be controlled using a panel or module and should have a few different temperature settings. Most hot tubs are kept at about 104 degrees Fahrenheit and for safety reasons, it can be difficult to find temperature settings that go higher.

The best 4 person hot tub will also have a heater that can be set on a timer. A timer would allow you to control the amount of time that a heater is actively working to maintain the water temperature. If you only use your hot tub once a week or less, it would be better to only heat the hot tub a day before you plan on using it, rather than keeping it heated all the time.

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Jets are what makes hot tubs fun because they allow you to relax and enjoy your time in the warm water. A top rated four person hot tub should use either high quality massage jets if it is a hard-sided design or airjets in an inflatable design.

Massage jets will be stronger because they can push out more power and have different rhythms or pattern settings. These types of jets are often the go-to because they deliver a powerful massage, but the downside is that they are more expensive. Most built-in jets will only be featured in a hard-sided hot tub because it has the structure needed for the jets to function and perform their best.

Inflatable hot tubs don’t have the strength to be using high powered jets and instead they use air jets. Air jets will allow a constant stream of bubbles to escape, which provides you with an effervescent feel. While air jets are not as powerful as massage jets, they can still provide you with comfort and relaxation during your spa time.

Ease of Efficiency

For many people, the hot tub running cost is a concern. The best 4 person hot tub should have an eco-friendly or energy saving feature, which can help you cut costs for running and heating your hot tub. Timers are also a great way to control your hot tub and can make them more energy efficient by choosing to not keep the water constantly heated.


For the longevity of your hot tub, you should perform regular maintenance to ensure that it will always run smoothly and that the entire appliance will last longer. Hot tub care tips and tricks provides great ideas for hot tub maintenance, which can ensure that your hot tub runs for longer.

While longevity is always a concern and you want the most out of your investment, it is also important to consider the daily maintenance of your hot tub water. Hot tub sanitizers can help you maintain clean water, which is more hygienic and safer for the users.



Q: What Is The Best Place To Locate A 4 Person Hot Tub?


Wherever you have the space to keep the sides of your hot tub open. You do not want to shove a hot tub into a small corner because this can be dangerous for users when they use the hot tub or cause damage to the hot tub. There should always be sufficient space to house the hot tub.

It is also important to check the design and ensure that the hot tub is safe for indoor or outdoor use. Some hot tubs are suited for either indoor or outdoor use, while other designs can be interchanged and safely used indoors or outdoors. 4 person hot tub reviews can also assist you in determining the placement of your hot tub based on where other users have safely put the product in their own home, which you can replicate in your home for a safe spa experience.

Q: How Many Gallons In A 4 Person Hot Tub?


254 is about the maximum number of gallons of water that a 4 person hot tub can hold. Smaller designs may hold half of that with about 154 gallons of water, but most are not big enough to exceed 260 gallons of water.

However, the amount that you fill that hot tub will ultimately determine the number of gallons. Keep in mind that overfilling a hot tub can be dangerous and the suggested water capacity should always be included in the product details for your information and safety.

Q: How Much Does A 4 Person Hot Tub Weigh?


The weight will depend on the design. A hard-sided hot tub can weight up to 320 pounds, while an inflatable hot tub may be as little as 50 pounds. Most inflatable hot tubs will not weigh much more than 50 pounds, which makes them more manageable, but hard-sided designs could be up to 400 pounds. It will depend on the material used in the design.

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Investing in a 4 person hot tub is a great way to bring a quality spa experience into the comfort of your own home. A top rated four person hot tub should be durable and packed full of features that guarantee your comfort and relaxation. With our help, we hope that you find the best four person hot tub that you’ll be eager to use, so you can throw hot tub parties with your friends.

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