There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath experience after a busy day, and luckily, we have found the 8 best whirlpool tub options to help you along the way. If you are looking for a perfect way to enjoy in the comfort of your own home, investing in a whirlpool tub will be the best whirlpool bathtub for you.

Having a whirlpool tub will deliver you a luxurious experience followed by a few changing programs, and since they come in a few different shapes and sizes, the whirlpool tub can be a great fit for your previous bathtub space, serving you maximum enjoyment without the need for a complete upgrade.

By following the next paragraphs you can catch up with all the details about the best whirlpool tubs, and choose your own paradise on earth.

How To Choose The Best Whirlpool Tub – Buying Guide


There are a lot of hot tub health benefits, which has many people eager to invest. However, you may have looked at buying tips for hot tubs or a guide to setting up a hot tub and found that you don’t want to invest in the hot tub running and maintenance cost. You may also struggle to find the space for a hot tub. This is when a whirlpool tub is an excellent choice.

The best whirlpool bathtub can give you the benefits of a hot tub, but without having to learn how to balance the pH in a hot tub, test hot tub water, or invest in hot tub covers. Unlike a hot tub, a whirlpool tub is filled and drained for every use, like any other regular bathtub. The best whirlpool tub should have the features similar to a hot tub, but without all the maintenance needed.


The type of tubs will mostly depend on the types of jets that are used. There are three most common types of jets that are used: air jet, water jet, and a combination.

  • Air jet: This type of jetted bathtub will use jets of air to push and circulate the bubbles through the water. They will likely have multiple jets that are adjustable so that you can position them to give you a massage.
  • Water jet: This type of jetted bathtub will use larger jets to push water through. The water is recirculated from the bathwater and is pushed through the jet to give you the same effect as an air jet. Again, the jets will likely be adjustable to provide you a better massage.
  • Combination: Some whirlpool tubs will have both – air and water jets, which would allow you to choose which jet you want to use for your bath. However, these hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs tend to have the best option of using both types of jets at any given time.


There are many different design options available for the best whirlpool bathtubs. The most common designs are an alcove, freestanding, drop-in, corner, and walk-in.

  • Alcove: This bathtub whirlpool design can be placed into an alcove, which can help you save on space and eliminate the need to completely rearrange your bathroom.
  • Freestanding: This hydrotherapy tub will be completely separate from any walls and will take up more space. They have designs that span from vintage to modern.
  • Drop-in: Those tubs will have a little lip around the edge of the design and require the most space. This will give you a design that is similar to a spa.
  • Corner: This jetted bathtub can be fit into a corner and has a wedge or triangle-like shape. It will save you a lot of space for your bathroom but deliver an abundant space for occupants to use.
  • Walk-in: These types of jetted whirlpool tubs can actually come in all the designs listed above, but they have a door that you can open and close to walk-in and out of the tub.
  • Combination: Some tubs will have both – air and water jets, which would allow you to choose which jet you want to use for your bath. However, these hydrotherapy whirlpool tubs tend to have the best option of using both types of jets at any given time.


Your home’s water heater, likely cannot hold up to heating all the water for your indoor whirlpool tub. The best whirlpool tubs would have an inline heater that uses a heating coil to heat your water. Not all tubs will have an inline heater included in the purchase. Some may require that you purchase separately and install it into your hydrotherapy tub.


Some bathtub whirlpool designs will have seats integrated into the body and others won’t. It will be up to your personal choice on whether you want a seat inside the tub or not.


Whirlpool tubs can be heavy fixtures, even without the water and occupants inside. You need to be certain that the structure of your floor can support the weight of a jetted bathtub, especially if it is going on the second floor. You should consult a professional about the safety of installing and using your Jacuzzi tub before you make a purchase.

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The size of the tub will be dependent on the space that you can allow for the tub in your bathroom. Whirlpool tubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but your bathroom may not be able to accommodate them all. Make sure that your bathroom has sufficient space before you decide to purchase a specific model.


You should consider hiring a professional to work with the plumbing and electricity of your tub. When your Jacuzzi tub is professionally installed they can ensure you that everything is correct and that you will have access to the motor box in case of a malfunction or breakdown.


The three common types of material used in whirlpool tubs are acrylic, cast iron, and fiberglass.

Acrylic: These have a glossy finish that is easy to clean and lightweight. However, it can easily scratch and discolor over time.

Cast iron: These are heavy but durable. They are expensive because they resist chemical change, chipping, scratching, and denting. However, they are prone to rust.

Fiberglass: These are the least expensive designs and have a matte finish. They are lightweight but lack the durability of acrylic and cast iron.



Q: What are the advantages of a whirlpool tub?


A whirlpool tub gives you a lot of features that are similar to a hot tub, but without the hassle of constant maintenance, difficult cleaning, and requiring a large amount of space. This kind of tub can bring the spa experience you want, into your home, where it is safe and convenient. You can find hot tub accessories that work for your tub too and make it more comfortable.

Q: Are whirlpool tubs sanitary?


The short answer to this question is yes, the tubs are very sanitary, but if used in the right way. Like everything else, those tubs come with a user manual that should be followed by everyone willing to use the whirlpool tub. Most of the tubs that are a part of our list have very flexible piping, made to let the water drain out properly and faster, not allowing the bacteria to remain inside your water. But of course, if you are willing to be completely safe from the bacteria, you must follow all the guidelines linked with the products used and the time frame in which you need to change the water.

Q: What is the difference between a whirlpool tub and a regular tub?


The whirlpool tub will have features that standard bathtubs lack. It has jets, a water heater, and a pumping system. The tub acts as a hot tub, but in a smaller form which is easier to manage. Your standard bathtub can’t keep the water warm and it doesn’t have a massaging effect like the jet system.

Q: Can you put bubble bath in a jetted tub?


Jetted tubs use either air or water jets to create their soothing sensations, and because of that you can use bubble bath in both types of the tub, but you must do it with extra care to prevent an overflow of foam in your bathroom. However, keep in mind that while relaxing, the bubbles produced by air jets do not provide as much force or as deep of a massage as water jets. The water jets use a pump to pull in water from the bathtub, heat it and send it back into the tub under pressure. Water-jetted tubs provide an experience more akin to intense hydrotherapy. They require more intense cleaning than air jets, however, because they pull in dirty bathwater to create their jets.

Q: How to clean the jets of a whirlpool tub?


These tubs are similar to the hot tubs and Jacuzzis in the way by which they are getting cleaned. You should already know how to drain and clean a hot tub since it is similar to an indoor whirlpool tub. The only difference is that you don’t have to struggle with balancing the chemicals or learning how often you should change your hot tub water because this type is not drained after each use.

However, you will want to perform a hot tub deep clean to maintain the jets of your tub. This deep clean will ensure that the entire system of your jetted bathtub stays in its right place. You can also use the hot tub cleaners on your jetted bathtub.

To get the best results, you’ll need to make sure that you are treating your tub like a hot tub, rather than like a standard bathtub when it comes time to maintenance.

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Having one of the best whirlpool tubs will give you a spa day inside the comfort of your home. Without the struggle of installing and maintaining a hot tub, the whirlpool tub can be a great investment that gets you what you want with an excellent design. If you know exactly what you want or need, you can invest in one of the best bathtubs to soak your stress away.

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