If you have ever been to a community pool you have likely experienced the ultimate relaxation found in steam rooms and saunas. The heat and moisture of a steam room provide many health benefits both physically and mentally. These units are often found in high-end spas as they are incredibly relaxing. Now, you can even bring these luxury relaxation showers to your home for year-round relaxation. The most excellent steam showers are affordable, space-saving, and incredibly luxurious. These features allow them to be more accessible to everybody.

There are a few options of at-home systems available making it easy to find the best steam shower unit. These aren’t your average shower systems and instead incorporate massage jets, steam generators, stools, and special lighting that all work together to help you get the most health benefits.

How To Choose The Best Steam Shower – Buying Guide


Before you start your search for the best steam shower unit we recommend that you consider a few different aspects of these units. Being able to bring that relaxing spa-like mentality to your home can be incredibly desirable. It is important to enjoy this rather than stress over finding the right one. Keeping the following in mind will help to narrow down your options and find you the perfect model.

We recommend you first consider how many people will be using this steam shower. From there, you can look for the different features that you would like such as jets and rainfall showerheads. With so many luxurious features, you are sure to find the best one for you.


Steam showers need to be sealed tight to keep the hot steam inside. If these aren’t fully sealed water vapor could escape requiring the unit to work overtime to keep it at an ideal temperature. This can also cause issues around the unit. If water vapor escapes it can create dampness and even mold. To combat this, companies have created steam showers completely watertight.

Keep all this in mind when using your steam shower unit. Don’t keep the door open for longer than you need. When you first get it installed, turn it on and make sure no steam is escaping. If you notice a window on a steam shower ensure that it is at least double-glazed as it can significantly reduce the maximum heat of the unit.


You will want a steam shower to be around 8 feet tall at maximum. Showers that are taller than this will need to use much more power to keep them warm which can increase your electricity bill. A taller steam shower will also allow you to extend your arms fully ensuring you get the full experience.


Being able to sit will make your experience much better. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself rather than having to stand. This will make it a much more comfortable area that you’ll want to spend time in. If a steam shower has a built-in seat look for it to have a slight slope or drain holes to allow the water to escape without pooling.

If you’re looking to conserve space for the most functional area you can get a folding chair for this area. It will allow you to sit and enjoy while also being able to remove it when you’re not using it. For those who want a more permanent solution, a bench will allow more people to sit and even potentially lay down.


Since this area will involve water and steam it’s best to think of safety. We suggest getting a steam shower that has a textured or anti-slip floor. This will reduce the risk of walking and moving around inside the unit.

If you have your heart set on a steam shower that doesn’t have this feature an anti-slip mat can easily combat a slippery floor. These don’t have to be ugly or uncomfortable. In fact, there are some stylish and trendy mats that can add to the look and functionality of your steam shower. When choosing one of these ensure they can handle continuous moisture. Materials like wood can swell or crack if they’re subjected to being in constant water.

You’ll also want to ensure you keep your hands away from the showerheads as they can get quite hot when they’re in use.


Some steam showers can have a complex installation process. With that being said, these have taken large leaps over the last few years. Companies have learned how to streamline the installation process by manufacturing them with parts that make the plumbing a breeze.

To make it even easier on your end you could find out the configuration of the plumbing and ensure your home matches it. This will make it so that all you have to do is simply connect the pipes and you’ll be ready to jump in. Just keep in mind that most of these types of showers will have a generator to produce the steam.


The showerhead of a steam shower will look similar to that of a regular shower. This will allow you to switch it out if it doesn’t meet your standards. You have the option to use a fixed option or one that you can take off the holder and move around. There are even options like a rain shower that mimic the feeling of rain.

The steam will also come out of smaller fixed showerheads. These can get quite hot so you shouldn’t place your body too close to them. Most steam showers will have one main showerhead along with multiple steam spouts. These all combine to give you a spa-like experience without having to leave your home.


Some top steam showers systems have high tech controls. This can include LCD panels that allow you to completely customize your experience. Others have manual controls that can do a similar job but will be less precise. LCD panels will typically be found on the outside of the wall so you’ll usually have to exit the steam shower to adjust aspects like the temperature.


Ensuring you have the correct connections for the plumbing will save you time, money and a headache. This includes the fittings for the steam compressor. Most people who plan for the plumbing connections accidentally forget about doing the same for the compressor. It will also require a water line as this is what creates the steam that heats the shower. Don’t forget about installing a drain at the base of the steam shower as well. While this may seem like common sense, it can be easily forgotten.

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There are many different ways companies add flair to their steam showers. One of the most popular ways to do this is by having a stylish floor. Companies know that this is a large investment and people pay attention to the details. The ideal flooring would be stylish but functional.

This can be seen in a wood floor, for example. It will give the whole shower a flair while also making it feel premium and upgraded. A wood floor would also add traction so you won’t feel like you’re going to slide or slip.


You should use a certified plumber to ensure all of your plumbing is correct. Even a small mistake could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Even if you are confident in your abilities you should always have a professional at least check your work to ensure it won’t leak. The best thing is that this should only be a one-time event. If your plumbing has been installed correctly you won’t have to revisit it.

Power Requirements

Steam showers will only require power to work the compressor. This will usually be able to run off a single 110V outlet. But with that being said, larger steam showers will require more power to heat the larger area. This could bump up the power requirements to a 220V outlet, similar to that of your kitchen stove. Keep this in mind when you’re thinking about where to install the unit.

Color And Design

The fine details are what makes top quality steam showers stand out from the rest of the pack. The color and design will vary drastically from a less expensive option to a higher-end one. Colors can include stainless steel, or chrome, surround with a plastic floor, and have a glass door. Upgraded models will have features like teak floors, recessed lighting, and rain showerheads.



Q: What Is A Steam Shower?


A steam shower is a freestanding unit that is sure to take your bathroom to the next level. These are essentially small rooms that are built for relaxation. These units are popular in spas and are now small enough to be able to fit into your house for at-home luxury. Steam showers hold many health and wellness benefits.

Steam showers are luxury appliances that feature tall rain shower that has built-in steam generators. This consists of a water tank that is heated until it causes steam which is then fed into the shower. These generators can be easily installed in a number of different areas requiring less space to house these units.

Steam showers are units that can most often be used just as you would a regular shower. With a showerhead that looks much like every other model on the market, these units are much more functional. For those times you seek more luxury, these units often come with more settings. These include more jets, massage settings, waterfall or even rainfall heads. This will allows for even more use out of your steam shower.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Steam Shower?


A steam shower is a great way to relax. Being in a hot room allows your muscles to relax while cleaning your pores. It has been said to even prevent, and fight, colds. The warm also helps people with stiffness and joint pain feel significantly better with minimal treatment. There have also been studies that suggest steam showers also improve metabolism and weight loss.

Q: How Does The Steam Shower Work?


Every steam shower will have a compressor that turns hot water into the steam. This will require plumbing just as a regular shower. Once you select the temperature you want from the control panel the compressor will start making steam. Around a gallon of water will enter the contraption and essentially boil which in turn creates the steam. It’s estimated that 20 minutes of steam uses a mere 2 gallons of water. But steam showers don’t constantly create steam. Once the system senses the temperature gets below a certain point it will start making steam again. This is great as it doesn’t constantly use water, unlike a traditional shower.

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While these relaxation systems are becoming more accessible, they do still require a significant investment. It is for this reason that it is so important to get the best steam shower on the market. This will make it so that your investment goes further allowing you to enjoy your shower for many years to come.

All of the units that are on our list are built for comfort and relaxation while having a compact size that will fit in your home. Other steam shower reviews agree that finding a unit that produces steam quickly is important to ensure you get the most from your time. With exceptional features such as chromotherapy systems, aromatherapy systems, and even built-in radios you are now able to bring the spa directly to your home.

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