A hot tub is a big investment. You definitely want to get the best one for your money. You can’t go wrong with the best Lifesmart hot tubs. Lifesmart is a reputable company renowned for high quality, attractive, and luxurious spas. Many people consider them the best hot tubs on the market.

Featuring rotational molded rock solid outer shells that are virtually indestructible, the build quality of their hot tubs is truly rock solid. Their Eco Smart technology is so energy efficient that it exceeds the California Energy Mandate for hot tubs. Pricewise, their spas are incredible deals that offer a lot for the money. Below, we’ve reviewed their two most remarkable home spas. We also have a buying guide to help you pick the right Lifesmart spa for you. Let’s start with the top two picks.

How To Choose A Lifesmart Hot Tub – Buying Guide


Many people agree that Lifesmart hot tubs are some of the best on the market and the two we’ve reviewed here are outstanding. It is still important to conduct some research in order to ensure you end up with a top rated Lifesmart spa that will suit you best. Below are the factors to consider:

Ease of Set Up

If you want something sturdier than an inflatable hot tub<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> but still want an easy setup experience, Lifesmart plug and play models such as the Lifesmart rock solid simplicity and Lifesmart Luna spa are the easiest to install. No assembly is required. Just set it up where you want, fill it up with water, add the chemicals, and plug it into a dedicated outlet. If you opt for the 600DX, you will need to hire an electrician to connect it for you.

Capacity and Maintenance

There are Lifesmart 4 person hot tubs, Lifesmart 7 person hot tubs and so on. This stated capacity is usually true only if the users sit really cramped. Since more room when hot tubbing is always better, it is a good idea to choose a spa with a higher seating capacity than you need to ensure users will sit comfortably with room to relax and stretch their legs.

Also, consider the maintenance requirements. The best Lifesmart spas are easy maintenance, as they are equipped with the ozone water treatment system,which reduces the number of chemical treatments required.

Added Accessories and Health Benefits

Anything that ups the comfort, convenience, fun, and relaxation a hot tub offers is a plus. The more hot tub accessories a hot tub included, the higher its value for money. Lifesmart hot tubs come with a well-insulated cover, the ozone system and LED ambiance lights.

Also, check whether the hot tub will offer the health benefits you’re after. Lifesmart hot tubs provide hydrotherapy and massage therapy. They are great for relaxation and relieving aches and pains.


Before you make your pick, think about where to put a hot tub. When evaluating different hot tubs, check the physical dimensions and whether they suit the space available. If you have limited space, you will need to get a compact model. If you want a versatile home spa you can set up indoors and outdoors, look for a portable model that can be easily moved.


Hot tubs come in a variety of shapes. What shape to go for is not just a matter of personal preference. It will also be dictated by where you plan to set up the hot tub. If it is a corner indoors, a triangle-shaped hot tub would be ideal. For an outdoor setup, you can opt for a large rectangular hot tub.

Jet Types

Jets are a fundamental part of a hot tub. A hot tub equipped with a high number of powerful jets delivers a great hot tubbing experience. The ability to adjust and direct the jet streams is also important. The best Lifesmart hot tubs also feature topside comfort valves for adding warm air to the water.


Lifesmart hot tubs have all the standard features you can expect in any top of the range hot tub such as Balboa digital controls, LED mood lighting, waterfall feature, and the ozone water treatment system.

In addition, the rotational molded rock solid outer shell is virtually indestructible and outlasts standard acrylic spas. Lifesmart Eco Smart technology is highly energy efficient thanks to full-foam insulation and an insulated cover.

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The rock solid outer surface Lifesmart hot tubs feature cleans easily. It is easy to clean the hot tub filter since it is top loading and there is no need to flush the water out of the spa first. The built-in ozonator keeps the hot tub clean and thus reduces the cleaning frequency.


The pump is another crucial component of a hot tub. It ensures there’s regular water flow so the jets can deliver powerful massaging streams. It also ensures the water is evenly distributed for heating. If you want a large spa, choose one with multiple pumps to get good jets water pressure. For a relaxing experience, a quiet spa pump<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> is best.


Lights add a nice ambiance that enhances the spa experience. Lifesmart spas are equipped with LED lighting systems. The Rock Solid Simplicity offers red and blue lens caps while the Rock Solid 600DX comes with a spa light with interchangeable mood lens caps so you can install your favorite hue.



Q: Why Choose LifeSmart Hot Tub Over Other Hot Tubs?

A: Quality and durability, good looks, energy efficiency, ease of installation, and great value for money. The best Lifesmart spas have got it all. Their rotational molded rock solid outer shells last a lifetime with proper care. Lifesmart plug and play spa models are the easiest to install. Their Eco Smart technology is one of the most efficient hot tub energy management systems available. And if you encounter a problem, Lifesmart’s customer care is top-notch.

Q: Can I Set Up My LifeSmart Hot Tub On My Own Or I Need A Professional To Do That For Me?

A: If you get a Lifesmart plug and play model, you can set it up on your own. Just place it where you want, fill it up with water, add spa chemicals, plug it into its electric outlet. With other models such as the 600DX, you will need a professional electrician to set it up for you initially.

Q: What Other Accessories Will I Need For My LifeSmart Hot Tub?


You will need a number of accessories to enhance the functioning and life of your Lifesmart hot tub. Lifesmart spas come with a  hot tub cover, a top loading filter, and a hot tub ozonator.

Other accessories you will need for your Lifesmart home spa include hot tub chemicals to keep the water crystal clear and healthy, hot tub steps for getting in and out, a hot tub drink holder, a hot tub cover lifter, a hot tub gazebo or enclosure for shade and privacy, and a hot tub cleaner .

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Nothing relaxes your body, mind, and soul better than a soak in a hot tub. When forking out thousands of dollars to invest in a hot tub, you want to make sure you make the right choice and get the best value for your money. We can assure you that a best Lifesmart hot tub is a solid investment you will enjoy for years.

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