If you’ve noticed your hot tub is getting a little dirty it may be time to look into getting the best jacuzzi tub cleaner. These are devices that make it easy to clean your tub without having to completely drain the water. In fact, most need water to create the suction that cleans your tub. There are many different options to choose from but the best hot tub cleaners will work hard to ensure your tub’s water stays crystal clear.

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How To Choose A Hot Tub Cleaner – Buying Guide


A tub cleaner will need to have enough power, or suction, to be able to clean your unit. Nearly every pool cleaner will be able to get rid of large debris like leaves but it’s the smaller items like sand that most will miss. This will be how you can tell if you have a high-quality cleaner. When looking at one before purchasing be sure to look for the ad to mention its ability to clean small items like sand or rocks.

Cord Or Cordless

Nobody wants to be limited by a cord. We strongly recommend finding a spa cleaner that doesn’t need cords to run. Most of the time a hot tub will be in your yard or patio making it difficult to run a cable to it. Also, this can cause issues since you’re using it around water.

Instead, look for a cleaner that runs off batteries (rechargeable ones are the best option) or simply uses a handle to create suction. A battery-powered spa cleaner is the type we prefer but keep in mind that these will need to be recharged or have an added cost for the batteries.

Attachable Brush

Hot tub cleaners will use a brush to get the grimy debris off surfaces. Ost will come with a couple of different attachable brushes so you can scrub while you clean. This will leave your hot tub spotless as it adds another level of clean.

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Absorbing Sponge

Some hot tub cleaners will come with an absorbing sponge. This is a great way to clean seats and the edge of the tub without having to purchase another cloth. Sponges are a great option but are prone to forming smells.

Attachable Skimmer

If you have a large hot tub an attachable skimmer may help you maintain its cleanliness. These items sit on the surface of the spa water and suck up any items that are floating in the water. Skimmers will generally be used when nobody’s in the tub as they can be annoying when sitting in smaller hot tubs. If you find you don’t use your hot tub regularly skimmers are a great way to keep clean water all year-round.



Q: What Is A Cleaner For Hot Tubs?

A: A spa cleaner is an item that removes debris that has built up in the unit. These are small items that are vital for maintaining a clean hot tub all year round. You should only have to use these a couple of times a year to ensure your tub stays as clean as possible.

Q: How A Cleaner For Hot Tubs Works?

A: Hot tub cleaners work by creating suction that pulls the items into a filter or collection bag. This can be done by a small electric powered motor or by a manual pull handle. No matter what type of spa cleaner you get they will all generally work in a similar way. Most will also have a brush that will be able to scrub the seats and other surfaces to ensure they’re 100% clean.

Q: Can I Use My Pool Cleaner For My Hot Tub?

A: Yes you should be able to use a pool cleaner for your hot tub. Just be aware of the size of the pool cleaner. If it’s oversized it may not be able to clean the hard to get areas like the seats or the floor. This is because pools have a different shape than hot tubs and will be designed differently.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hot Tub Vacuum Cleaner?

A: Hot tub cleaners will ensure your tub is debris free. Every foreign object that falls into your hot tub can create bacteria that can make you sick. Leaves and natural items can decompose which will affect your spa water quality while rocks and sand can settle at the bottom and irritate your feet.

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Reviews agree that cleaning your hot tub doesn’t have to be a chore. Having the best spa cleaner is an effective, inexpensive way to ensure your hot tub stays as clean as the day you brought it home. Most of these tools don’t take much effort to use and even come with batteries that can be recharged. There are many different types of these cleaners but they all will work in a similar way.

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