When you first bought your hot tub, you may have responded with a no thank you when asked if you wanted a cover lift to go with it. It didn’t take long to realize that moving the heavy spa cover whenever you wanted to use your hot tub was a difficult task that was reducing your enjoyment of the spa. Now you know that for a great overall hot tub experience, a lid lifter is a must-have accessory.

With the right cover lifter, opening and closing the tub is an effortless task you can accomplish alone. It makes using your spa more enjoyable and elongates the lifespan of the cover by reducing wear and tear. To make it easy to find the best spa cover lifter that suits your tub and its cover and is easy to use and effective at its job, we have reviewed our top 10 picks of the best hot tub cover lifters and followed that with a list of the factors to look for when choosing a cover assist.

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How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Cover Lifter – Buying Guide


Choosing a spa cover lifter that will suit your spa and its cover and work well requires careful consideration. Here are the factors to consider when choosing a hot tub cover lifter.


Spas come in all kinds of shapes from round, oval, square, heart, rectangular, octagonal to triangular. Hot tub cover lifters are also made with specific spa shapes in mind. Some lifters only work on round covers, others are compatible with straight-sided tubs while some are versatile and suit a variety of shapes. Have the shape of your spa at the back of your mind when shopping for a hot tub cover lifter so you can select one that is compatible.


Hot tub cover lifters are also made with specific tub sizes in mind. Most lifts will work on spas that are between 76” and 96” wide. Some are also adjustable to suit the height of the tub and the cover thickness. You will need to measure the dimensions of your tub and cover, as these measurements are essential to choosing a lift size that will fit and work well.

Attachment Method

The best spa lifter for you will also depend on how your hot tub is installed. Whether your spa is installed on a deck, stand-alone or in-ground will determine the suitable attachment method. There are bottom mount, side mount, back mount, and under-mount lifters. Some require attachment to the hot tub while some can also be mounted on a deck. 

Clearance Space

An important thing to keep in mind when looking for the spa cover lifters is the space you have around your hot tub. Hot tub cover lifts require space for the cover to open properly and stay when off of the spa. Some lifters need very little space while others require as much as four feet. Most also require side clearance to accommodate swinging arms or pistons. Ensure you check this specification so you get a hot tub cover lifter that will fit in the space you have.

Cover Storage Position

Don’t forget to check where and how the open cover rests. Some lifts hold the hot tub cover in a full, upright position blocking one side, which can be good for privacy. Some others place the cover down against the side of the hot tub. It is important to go for one that doesn’t place the cover in contact with the ground where it could get dirty easily or scuff the floor.

Cover Lift Attachment Method

Check how the hot tub cover lifter is attached to the spa. Most lifters require you to drill them into the hot tub but there are some that slide under the tub. Some can also be mounted on the deck. Some offer all these attachment options allowing you to choose your preferred method.

Installation Requirements

Check the installation requirements of the assist you are considering to ensure you’re comfortable with them. The best hot tub covers lifter is easy to assemble and install. Some require you to drill holes into the tub cabinet. Some hot tub cover lifters require the use of brackets. Some recommend emptying your tub so you can easily slide the lift underneath.

Detached Lifts vs Attached Lifts

Detached lifts rest underneath the hot tub and the weight of the tub keeps them in place. The attached lifts are permanently installed into the tub and require drilling of holes on the hot tub to mount them.

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Ease Of Operation

Hot tub cover lifters utilize a fulcrum principle or lever to assist in the movement of the hot tub cover. Even the simplest hot tub cover rollers make it easy to open and close your hot tub with minimal effort. However, the ease of operation will vary depending on the assist mechanism a lifter employs.

Manual pivot lifts have a long, metal bar that goes across the middle of the cover. They require you to fold the cover in half, lift it upwards, and push back. A good manual pivot makes opening and closing a hot tub cover an easy one-person job.

A hydraulic hot tub cover lifter offers a truly effortless experience. You fold the cover back and guide it up and back as the hydraulic arms bear the weight of the cover making opening your hot tub an easy one hand job.

Folded Cover Position

Different lid lifters place the folded cover in different positions. Some lifts keep the cover completely out of the way when folded, while others keep it in an upright position to provide some privacy. Ensure the folded cover position you prefer will suit the space you have around your tub.

Hot Tub Cover Thickness

Hot tub cover lifters are designed to be compatible with a specific range of hot tub cover thicknesses. Double-check that the hot tub cover lifter you go for will suit the thickness of your hot tub cover. Some lifts are also adjustable and can suit a wide variety of cover thicknesses.



Q: How The Cover Lifts Help?


Cover lifts help by making the opening and closing of a hot tub easy. A hot tub cover can weigh from 50 to 70 pounds and a good lifter makes it feel weightless and lifting it an effortless task for one person. They also help by prolonging the life of the cover since they eliminate the need to manhandle the cover.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Hot Tub Covers Lift?


Spa covers are large and heavy and can be awkward and difficult to handle. You either have to wrestle with the cover to open and close it or get another person to help. The advantages of hot tub covers lift are that they make lifting, moving and replacing your spa cover fast, easy and effortless and they prevent dragging and dropping of the cover. With a spa cover roller, using your hot tub will be easier and more enjoyable and you will enjoy more years of service from your cover.

Q: Why Buy a Cover Lifter?


A cover lifter is a must-have for your hot tub experiences to be as pleasant as they should be and if you want to protect your back from injuries and increase your cover’s lifespan. The real treat is in using the lifter. It opens the spa cover easily and replaces it effortlessly. Once you buy and start using a hot tub lid lifter, you’ll wonder how you survived without one!

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A spa cover lift is an essential accessory for truly relaxing and enjoyable hot tub experiences. We hope that our hot tub cover lift reviews and buying guide will help you find the right assist for your tub. With the best cover lifters, opening and closing your tub will go from being a dreadful task that is hard on your back to an effortless task you can accomplish easily on your own. You will find that you enjoy your hot tub more and your spa cover will last longer in great condition. 

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