Do Hot Tubs Burn Calories: Hot Tub And Weight Loss Tips


Weight loss requires effort and patience. A regular exercise routine and a healthy diet are some of the must-haves. Surprisingly, even relaxing activities can contribute to your weight loss goals. Among others, one of the most promising is soaking in a hot tub!

Yes, hot tubs can burn calories! However, passive heat alone will not be enough. The results will not be life-changing. You will still need to move and eat right to achieve your desired weight.

Keep on reading to know more about the hot tub and weight loss! It might be the one thing missing in your health and fitness regimen!

The Hot Tub Diet

If you are interested to know the answer to the question “do hot tubs burn calories,” we recommend you should read a book entitled The Hot Tub Diet written by Bridget Praytor. The author claims that this book is for people who are already frustrated with exercise and diet. It is for those who would like to have a change in their mindset and become more confident.

In theory, however, while the right water temperature for your hot tub can generate heat that will aid in your weight loss, the claims can be too good to be true. There are studies, but the evidence is not enough to make conclusive claims.

It is logical to believe that merely sitting and not doing anything will not lead to weight loss. Yes, you will burn calories, but it isn’t enough to produce significant results. In one way or another, you will need to move to lose weight and eat right. Sadly, a hot tub is not the holy grail of weight loss!

While we believe that a hot tub can help in weight loss, we don’t think that the result is overwhelming. Hence, as we will talk about in this brief article, hot tubs are not enough if your goal is to lose weight.

How a Hot Tub Can Help Burn Calories

Weight loss has always been attributed to one of the best hot tub health benefits. One study that highlights this claim was published in a journal called Temperature. This study is from researchers at Loughborough University.

Based on their findings, an hour of soaking in a hot tub is similar to 60 minutes of moderate physical activity. It increases heat shock proteins and improves blood sugar control. This makes it a good alternative for people who are unable to have regular exercise.

However, take note of the limitations of the study. For instance, it involved only 14 participants. Plus, there were all men. There is a need for a more comprehensive study in the future to support the link between a hot tub and weight loss.

There are many ways by which a hot tub can aid in weight loss. For instance, similar to infrared sauna benefits, a hot tub is beneficial when it comes to stress reduction. Cortisol, a stress hormone, can negatively affect the ability of the muscles to burn fat. Therefore, when you are less stressed, which is possible by soaking in a hot tub, you can eat better, exercise better, and you will lose weight!

Hot tubs can also improve the quality of your sleep. In turn, when you get the right amount of sleep, your body can manage weight better. In the long run, this will also have a positive impact on weight loss.

If you are suffering from an injury, your movements are limited. This also means that you cannot exercise, and hence, it negatively affects weight loss. With this, spending time in the hot tub can aid in muscle recovery. Similar to the immediate steam room benefits, it relaxes muscles and will allow you to move better. With this, you can be back to working out sooner.

So, it is not just the heat alone that creates a positive relationship between a hot tub and weight loss. You also have to look at the complementary effects of soaking in a hot tub to understanding how it helps burn calories.

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Tips for Losing Weight in a Hot Tub

Whether you are soaking in Bestway hot tubs or Intex hot tubs, among other popular brands, this section provides recommendations on how to effectively lose weight. There’s no magic formula to success and no significant result will be apparent immediately. Patience is a virtue!

1. Consider a Variety of Exercises and Stretches

While you are in a hot tub, try doing a variety of stretches. This way, you will be moving your body and burning more calories. For hot tub safety, however, do not stand while you are stretching. You might lose your balance and get injured.

Sit on the hot tub with your legs and back straight. Use your left hand to grab your right knee. Twist it to your right. While your left hand is holding your knee, extend the right hand to hold the edge of the tub. Move your head to your right shoulder. Repeat.

Lengthening your hamstrings is another good exercise for hot tub and weight loss. Using both your hands, grab your right foot that is submerged in the water. Stretch your right leg in front of you. Flex and point your foot. Do this again on the other foot.

You can also exercise your arms while soaked in a hot tub. With your arms submerged in the water, straighten from the sides. Clap and flap. This will create resistance to the water. In turn, this will work your shoulders, triceps, and biceps.

It is also possible to work on your legs while you are in a bathtub. While your legs are under the water, move them as if you are trying to pedal a bike. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Lift your knees up and down. Repeat at least ten times.

2. Set the Right Temperature

The right temperature is also important. Know how hot should a hot tub be to make it effective in burning calories. The water temperature should be 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum should be 104 degrees Fahrenheit. If it gets hotter, you will not be burning more calories. Rather, you will just end up compromising your safety.

3. Consider Other Options for Heat Therapy

Consider other alternatives that include heat therapy. Wearing a sauna suit, using an infrared sauna blanket, or spending time in a barrel sauna are other things that can increase your body temperature and aid in your weight loss journey.

4. Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Best of all, as we have repeatedly mentioned in this article, do not rely on a hot tub alone. Admittedly, it will not be enough if you want to lose weight. Make sure that you complement it with other weight-loss strategies, the most important of which are exercise and diet.


To provide you with more insights regarding hot tub and weight loss, we’ll answer some questions you might have.

Q: How Much Weight Do You Lose in a Hot Tub?


Yes, you can lose weight in a hot tub. While there are assertions about the positive link between a hot tub and weight loss, there is no clear information available about how much weight you can lose in a hot tub. This will depend on several factors, such as your state of health and how often you do it. One thing’s for sure – it isn’t that much. Plus, it won’t be significant if you don’t complement it with other lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise.

Q: Does Hot Tub Increase Metabolism?


Similar to the sauna health benefits, hot tubs can also increase metabolism. This is attributed to passive heating. However, it does not fire up your metabolism the same way an intense exercise would. Recent studies assert that you burn only 3% more calories lounging in a hot tub compared to sitting down.

Q: Do You Lose Calories in a Hot Tub?


Yes, hot tubs can help you burn calories and lose weight. One study made a bold claim that you lose the same amount of calories that you would similar to a half-hour walk, as explained earlier. That is equal to as much as 140 calories by juts soaking in a hot tub. There are some, however, claiming that you burn only 17 calories for every half hour spent in the hot tub. There is a need for more studies in the future to produce conclusive findings to answer the question “do hot tubs burn calories.”

Q: Does Hot Tub Help Cellulite?


Yes, regular use of hot tubs can be effective in cellulite reduction, which is also one of the health benefits of an infrared sauna. This can be attributed to the ability of the heat to improve blood circulation, which improves the appearance of the skin and gets rid of cellulite.

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Do hot tubs burn calories? As noted above, yes, it does! However, while there is a positive relationship between a hot tub and weight loss, the result may be insignificant without a proper diet and regular exercise. Soaking in a hot tub isn’t a magic trick that will produce results overnight!



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