10 Best Hot Tub Party Ideas


Hot tubs are generally associated with a blissfully relaxing experience, a private spot where people can enjoy moments of solitude and unwind after a long day at work or home. But hot tubs can offer so much more than that and can be used for a whole different purpose. Instead of some quiet “Me Time”, why not throw a hot tub party and turn your tub into a venue for fun and exciting activities? Besides, throwing a hot tub or Jacuzzi party at home is a great way to spend some quality moments with your family and friends and enjoy each other’s company without having to go out.

Fun and Exciting Hot Tub Party Ideas

Some people host a hot tub party as a final blowout before closing down and winterizing a hot tub. Others do so as a celebration to greet the incoming summer season. Whatever your reason may be, here are our top ten hot tub and Jacuzzi party ideas to make your event an epic and memorable one.

1. Hot Tub Cinema

Everybody loves a good movie. But if you’re not keen on joining the crowd at the movie theater on a Saturday night or simply bored with watching from your old couch, why not level up your viewing experience by watching the latest flick from the toasty comfort of your inflatable hot tub? You just need a projector and a white sheet to project the movie on and you’re all set. This is a sure-fire way of enjoying the latest comedy (or whatever type of movie you and your pals feel like watching), allowing you to blend the relaxing ambiance of the outdoors with motion picture entertainment.

2. Wine Tasting

A sipping soiree is without a doubt one of the best hot tub and Jacuzzi party ideas out there, and you don’t even have to be a wine connoisseur to host it (though you will want to do some research beforehand). Remember to set a theme for the event like “Rich Reds” or “Dry Whites” and others so your friends will know what to bring. You can also do a blind tasting by wrapping the bottles in brown bags while serving them up.

3. Tea Party

A steaming cup of tea and a bubbling hot tub? Why not? You don’t need alcoholic beverages for a great hot tub party. Besides, a cup of soothing tea is a great way to further enhance the relaxing effects of lounging in a hot tub.

4. Spa Party

Pamper yourselves with DIY facials and massages while enjoying the warm waters of your hot tub. You may need to drain and clean your hot tub the following day considering all the creams and lotions that got mixed up with the hot tub water, but it’ll be worth the effort.

5. Hot Tub Idol

Turn your hot tub into a stage and get ready for a fun-filled singing contest. No, this isn’t about who has the best singing voice but rather a “Last Man Standing” kind of competition. The first player chooses any song and sings a line or two then stops. The next player (the one sitting on the left side of the first player) sings a different song that starts with the last word sung by the first player. The third player does the same, meaning he or she sings a new song that starts with the last word of the song sung by the second player. Players who can’t sing a song that starts with the last word mentioned by the previous player is out of the game. Continue playing until every player is eliminated except for one.

6. Word Trails

The concept is pretty similar to Hot Tub Idol but without the singing. It’s more of a story-telling activity with the first person saying a word (e.g. “The”) and the second player picks up the first word and adds a new word to it (e.g. “The clown”). The game continues with each player adding a new word to the previous ones until they form a complete sentence. There are no winners and losers in this game, but everybody will be having a good time as they come up with silly and ridiculously funny sentences.

7. Hot Tub Game Night

Kudos to manufacturers who have finally developed board games that can be played in hot tubs and swimming pools. There are now waterproof playing cards and boards made from clear and solid plastics. They can be a bit slippery when wet so be sure to hold on to your cards or chips tightly.

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8. No Laughing School

“No Laughing School” was an old reality TV show where the stars are kept in a library and played ridiculous games or shown some funny antics. But being a library, they are not allowed to laugh or make any noisy reaction whatsoever; otherwise, an equally funny punishment awaits them. Well, you don’t need a school or a library because this can be played right in your hot tub. The rule is pretty simple: don’t laugh. So take turns telling jokes or making funny faces, and be sure to prepare some form of “funny-shipment” for the first person who bursts out laughing.

9. Hot Tub Beer Pong

Traditional beer pong game but only in a hot tub. The same rules pretty much apply, or you can modify them accordingly. If you’re playing with kids, switch to non-alcoholic beverages.

10. Hot Tub Charades

This game needs no introduction since practically everybody knows how to play it. But in case you’ve been hiding under a rock all your life, here’s a brief overview. One person acts out a situation, phrase, or person and is not allowed to speak or give any verbal hints. The other players then start guessing what that person is trying to say. You can do this in teams of three (if your hot tub can accommodate six people all at the same time) or by pairs.

Tips for an Epic Hot Tub Party


  • Keep the Invite List Small. A hot tub or Jacuzzi party is more intimate than a pool party, so be sure to keep your invite list small to avoid overcrowding. Besides, even the largest Coleman hot tubs can only accommodate a certain number of users at any given time.
  • Plan for Food and Drinks. Lounging in a hot tub on a full stomach can make you feel queasy, so consider going for light snacks instead of complete meals.
  • Clean Up. Clean your hot tub steps to ensure that you don’t bring unwanted dirt into the hot tub or Jacuzzi.
  • Set the Mood. No party is complete without a playlist of your favorite songs, so be sure to have them ready. Consider setting up ambient lighting as well, from fairy lights to LED lanterns and others.
  • Get Everything Ready and Close at Hand. It can be a hassle having to get out of the hot tub and run into the house because you forgot your towel or are one glass short. Have a checklist of everything you need for your hot tub party and have them close at hand.

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Throwing a hot tub party for your family and friends is an excellent way of spending some quality time together, and incorporating one or two of those hot tub and Jacuzzi party ideas above will make it more enjoyable and memorable.