Having a hot tub in your house or yard is a luxury in life which is becoming more and more affordable. At one point in time, having a hot tub was a sign that you were living the high-life, and had money to spend. Now, anyone can afford to have a hot tub in their home. The problem is, not many people think about the cover when they are buying their hot tub.

The best hot tub cover will protect your hot tub. It will keep dirt, grime, bacteria, water, debris, and more, out of your hot tub, while keeping the heat in and saving you money on your hot tub bills.

A top-rated hot tub cover is as important as your hot tub. We have you covered. This article contains everything you need to know about hot tub covers.

Here are our top 8 hot tub covers of 2019.


How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Cover – Buying Guide



Your hot tub is likely going to be installed outside of your home. This means that your hot tub cover is going to be on the outside of your home too. You need to take into consideration the climate you live in before you choose your hot tub cover.

If you live in a place where the temperature stays consistent, then you do not need to worry as much, but if you live in a place where the temperature varies greatly and the summer and winter months have distinct weather and climates, then you need to think about getting a cover which will stand up to those changes. The same applies if you live in a humid climate, a dry climate, or both.

When you are buying a hot tub cover, check that the cover can stand up to the humidity, and find a cover which will be okay in the coldest temperature possible and the hottest temperature possible. If you buy a cover for your climate, even if it costs a little extra, you will save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Vapor Barrier

You will likely have foam cores in your hot tub cover. When you have the hot tub cover on your hot tub, there will be hot air underneath and colder air on the top. This difference in temperature, along with the steam from the hot water, will create a lot of condensation. This can damage the foam inside and ruin the cover. The vapor barrier is the defense between the water and the foam.

A high-quality foam will offer some protection and is waterproof, but if water does get in, it can get trapped and cause you problems. You should always take precautions, just in case the foam is not waterproof. The top-rated hot tub covers will have thick vapor barrier built-in. The best vapor barriers will stop any moisture from getting inside the cover and will protect the cover from any damage. As always, a little more money invested in precautionary measures will save you a lot more money in the long run.

Density And Thickness Of The Cover

Your cover is there to do two things: keep the heat in and keep the elements out. A good quality hot tub cover will be thick and dense enough to keep the heat in. Cheaper covers are made from recycled materials, but the core of the cover is not as dense as some more expensive foam cores. A core which is not dense or thick, will not keep the heat in. This allows more heat to escape and costs you more money keeping the hot tub hot.

Well-made covers will also fit your hot tub better. The best hot tub covers will fit your hot tub perfectly. This creates a better seal for your hot tub. A better seal keeps the heat in and the elements out. This helps you to save money and saves you from having to filter and clean your hot tub more regularly.

The best hot tub covers will not be made of recycled materials, will keep the heat sealed in, and will not allow any rainwater or anything else in.

Vinyl Quality

When you come to choose your hot tub cover, you will find that most hot tub covers are made from vinyl. Vinyl is a material which is waterproof and durable. If you find a very cheap hot tub cover, you should check that the material is pure vinyl. Cheaper pools have material which is not pure vinyl, and there are other materials mixed in. Some of these are not great for outdoor use and will begin to fall apart over time. When looking for your cover, you should only buy one which is made from pure vinyl.

Shape And Dimensions

It may sound silly to say, and I am not trying to be patronizing, but make sure to check the size and shape of your hot tub before you buy a cover for it. Not all hot tub covers are built the same size. There are a wide variety of sizes of hot tub cover and hot tubs. Before going out to look at hot tub covers or shopping online, you should check the manual for the size of your hot tub. If you are ever in doubt, you should measure your hot tub and check the dimensions online. Also, take note of the shape of your hot tub.

When you are buying your hot tub cover, make sure to only shop with these dimensions and shape in mind. You may find a cover which is approximately the same size and may fit, but if it fits too loosely, then you may find that it does not keep the heat in and the elements out. Spend the money you need to get a cover which will cover your hot tub and protect it.


The price of your cover is a big factor when you are shopping. The good news is that we have compiled the best hot tub covers for you at the best prices. The bad news is that there are cheaper hot tub covers out there, but cheaper covers mean worse materials, lass vapor barrier, thinner foam, a worse fit, and less quality. If you shop around, you can find a really good cover for a great price, but if you go too low, you are likely getting a cover which is sub-par and will damage your hot tub.

You have probably spent a lot of money on your hot tub. You do not want that investment going to waste by buying a cheap cover. The cover is as important as the hot tub. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a quality hot tub, then you should be willing to spend the money to protect it. A little investment in your hot tub cover will save you money in the maintenance of your hot tub, and may even save you from having to replace it entirely.



Q: How Long Do Hot Tub Covers Last?

A: Before you buy your hot tube cover, you may be wondering how long it will last. You may not even have thought about it and assumed that the cover would last forever. Well, hot tub covers do have a lifespan. This may affect the amount of money you spend on your cover, but you should also know that you can elongate the lifespan of your hot tub cover by taking care of it.

On average, a hot tub cover will last you for five years, but you can increase that significantly by caring for your cover. Harsh climates will take a toll on your hot tub cover. Lots of rain or snow will start to break down the cover, as will a lot of sun. Wind can also damage your hot tub cover. Your hot tub cover will take wear and tear over time, but there are steps you can take to delay that war and tear.

When there is a heavy snowfall, make sure to clear your hot tub cover as often as possible. Your hot tub cover can be warm which will cause the snow to melt slightly, and you do not want constant moisture on your hot tub cover. Wipe off the snow and moisture as it accumulates. The same should go for any debris that lands on your hot tub cover, like leaves and twigs. You should take the time to make sure that nothing sits on your hot tub cover for any length of time, including children and pets.

You May Also Need A Pool Heater

When you are treating your hot tub with chemicals, you should do so with the cover off. Not allowing the chemicals to get into the cover will lengthen the life of your cover. If you let people and animals play on the cover, let debris sit on it, and have snow piled up, then your hot tub cover may only last a year. With the proper consideration, you can have your hot tub cover last well over five years.

Q: How Good Are Soft Hot Tub Covers?

A: Soft hot tub covers are not as good as hard hot tub covers, but they will cost you a lot less money. If you find a soft hot tub cover which is not well made, then you may as well not have a cover on your hot tub at all. When you are looking at hot tub covers, there are certain things you can look at to ensure that you get a cover which will protect your hot tub and keep it safe.

It goes without saying that the material should be high quality. There should be fiberglass panels which have insulating foam. This should all be stitched together with double-stitching. While the cover should create a seal, it should also be breathable. The water vapor needs to escape from underneath

If you get a custom-made cover, you can have extras added to your cover to ensure that the cover protects your hot tub, keeps the heat in, and keeps the elements out. There are many optional extras, such as heat-reflecting shields, double-wrapping, reinforced hinges, tie downs and more. We would always recommend spending a little more to save from having to spend more later.

Q: How Do You Measure Hot Tub Covers?

A: It is essential that you measure your hot tub correctly to get the correct size for your hot tub cover. If you make a mistake at this stage, then you might order the wrong size or shape cover and have a useless cover. It should only take a few minutes to get the correct size of cover needed, and with that information, you can get a cover which will fit your hot tub exactly.

You first need to measure how long of a skirt you need. The skirt is the part which hangs down over the side of your hot tub and helps to keep the heat in. If you have a wood rail around your hot tub, then measure from the wood rail to the top of the hot tub lip. If you do not have a wooden rail, then measure from The top of the lip to the bottom of the lip. Add 1/2 an inch to both measurements.

For the measurement of your hot tub, it depends on the shape of your hot tub. For a square hot tub, measure from one side to the other. For a rectangle hot tub, measure the long side and the short side. For a round hot tub, measure the diameter of the hot tub. For an octagon, measure from one side to the other and measure one side length. For each length measurement, measure

Q: What Are Hot Tub Covers Made Of?

A: There are a few parts to a hot tub cover. By inviting in high-quality materials, you can get a hot tub cover which will last you a long time and keep your hot tub in optimum shape.

The foam core is the main part of your hot tub cover. Good-quality covers will have expanded polystyrene (EPS) inside. EPS is a closed-cell foam which is both tough and rigid. Closed-cell foam will not take on water, so the material will not absorb the moisture and break down over time.

The mesh liner sits on the bottom of your hot tub cover. The liner will be exposed to the steam from the hot water underneath. With a mesh liner, water collects and pools quickly into individual drops. Solid liners will not drip water back into the hot water as fast. The quicker you can get your water off of the liner, the better. The longer water sits on your liner, the more chance it has of damaging it, and the more chance bacteria have of growing.

You should also think about the material used in the handles of your hot tub cover. The handles should be made of heavy-duty fabric and should also be triple-stitched to ensure that they do not break from the cover when you are lifting the cover off the hot tub or placing it on.

The exterior should be made of vinyl and not mixed with other materials. The vinyl should be marine-grade of possible, and thick. Thick material will have less chance of cracking when it is exposed to a lot of UV rays. The cover should also be treated with a protective spray to enhance the durability of the hot tub cover.

High-quality materials mean a high-quality cover. That means that you are getting the best protection possible.

Q: What Causes Hot Tub Covers To Get So Heavy?

A: Over time, a hot tub cover will get heavier. Even the covers with the highest-quality materials will get heavy over time. No matter how well you care for your hot tub cover and how much time you put into maintenance, your hot tub cover will still get heavy. The question is: why?

As the water from your hot tub turns to steam, your cover does a great job of resisting the moisture and sending the water back into the hot tub, but steam is made up of extremely small water particles, and those particles will eventually get inside the cover and accumulate. Over time, that accumulation will add weight to your hot tub cover.

The foam has the protection on each side for a reason. The foam is great in dry conditions, but not so much in wet conditions. No matter the quality of your cover, it will eventually become heavy. There is not a lot you can down this happens unless you want your cover off of your hot tub for a while. You can place your cover in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. Over time, the moisture will dissipate, and your hot tub cover will become lighter again.

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Having a hot tub is an investment. Purchasing a hot tub cover is an investment too, but it is an investment which will save you money in the long run. A hot tub is an investment in your future happiness. A hot tub cover is an investment which could save your hot tub from breaking.

When you are looking at hot tub covers, it really is better to spend a little more money to ensure that you are getting the highest-quality. More money now means less money later. Take the time to understand what makes a great hot tub cover, and then choose one from our list. Your new hot tub cover will protect for years and last for years.

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