If you want to be able to keep your hot tub clean then you are going to need a filter. It will help to ensure that there is no debris or contaminants in the water and the best hot tub filters will ensure that you can have the relaxing time that you are looking for.

In order to get the best spa filters for your hot tub, you need to make sure it matches your needs. In our buying guide, we will show you how to find the ideal replacement filter cartridge for you and we have also completed hot tub filters reviews to show you the best products on the market.

How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Filter Cartridge – Buying Guide


Size Of The Tub

The size of your tub is going to be a vital consideration when it comes to the type of filter that you will need, if you have a filter that is too small for your hot tub then it’s not going to be able to filter it effectively.

It’s important to know the square feet area of the water that you are trying to filter and this information is going to be displayed on the product descriptions. When you know this figure, you will then be able to match it with the filter that you want to buy.

Type Of The Tub

Hot tubs can come in all different shapes and sizes which can often mean that they require different types of filters. Some of these products will fit most models but there are others that are only going to work with specific models.

Due to this, it’s information that you need to double-check in order to avoid getting the wrong product. This information is going to be clearly displayed though and therefore it is going to be hard to go wrong as long as you’re careful.

Type Of The Filter

There are a few different types of filter on the market with cartridge filters being by far the most popular type out there. That is because they are cheap, can be easily washed and also have a very high surface area to capture all of those contaminants.

Diatomaceous filters are also available and are almost as affordable as the cartridge type but are not compatible with a lot of hot tubs. Ceramic filters are also available but this is an outdated form of filtration and not really apt for modern use.


These filters are going to be doing a very important job at making sure that they not only take any sediment out of the water but they also play an important role in getting rid of bacteria too. It’s essential that they are going to be high quality.

One way to ensure the quality of the product is to get one that is highly rated. The user reviews are a great way of being able to check that the product is meeting the standards that you are going to expect. Buying from a reputable company is also a great idea.

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A filter is not going to be much good if it simply clogs up after a short space of time and means that you are going to end up having to constantly having to replace it. Getting a product that is going to be able to last for a long time is important.

A lot of these filters have a high level of durability and will be able to last you for up to 12 months. One great feature is for them to be washable too, as this will be able to extend their life and allow you to get a few repeated uses out of them.


A filter plays a vital role in ensuring that you are going to be able to relax with peace of mind. It will help to leave the water crystal clear while it silently takes out anything from the water that might otherwise be damaging.

It’s important to use the correct filter for your hot tub as otherwise you are not going to get the right level of filtration and could cause other damage, such as overloading your pump. This is information that should be double-checked before you buy.



Q: How Hot Tub Filters Work?


A replacement filter cartridge is something that is able to separate one substance from another. In terms of a hot tub, this will be separating anything that is not from water from the actual water that you will want to be relaxing in.

The filter acts as a net, able to catch any little bits of debris and helping to kill off any bacteria. This will mean that the water coming back into your hot tub is clean and healthy. Without the filter, the dirt would simply accumulate in your tub.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Hot Tub Filter System?


Bacteria love forming in still water and even more than that, they love forming in warm water. A hot tub is going to be able to stop that bacteria from forming to ensure that you stay healthy while you are using the hot tub.

There is plenty of debris that can be found in water. This could be speckles of sand, little bits of dirt or even small insects that fall into the water. Your filter will be able to get rid of this to leave you with a clean pool. A filter will also help to keep the right balance of chemicals in the water and also keep any air out of the pipes.

Q: What Is The Best Filter For My Tub?


Firstly, you want to make sure that you are buying a quality product. Cheaper products can break easily and not give you the level of filtration that you need. Trusted brands are much more likely to last for a long time.

Next, you simply want to ensure that you are getting a replacement filter cartridge size that is going to be compatible with your hot tub. This information will be clearly labeled and it’s a simple case of matching it up to ensure you will have the filtration you need.

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The filtration system is a vital part of your hot tub or spa. Without one of the best hot tub filters, you could quickly find yourself trying to relax in a hot tub that was full of debris and bacteria which wouldn’t be a pleasant experience at all. Buying a high-quality replacement filter cartridge is essential to ensure that you are going to enjoy your hot tub as much as possible.

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information that you need in order to choose the best hot tub filter for your needs. Once you have then you will be able to enjoy your hot tub, safe in the knowledge at your filter is working away in the background.

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