You invested in a hot tub so you can enjoy spa sessions anytime you want at the comfort and privacy of your home. With it sitting out in the open though, there are all kinds of things that can hinder your ability to fully enjoy it: prying eyes, bad weather, and insects. The best hot tub gazebo will enable you to better enjoy your spa all-year round, come rain or snow while adding style to your backyard and protecting your hot tub as well. 

Gazebos are popular spa enclosures and there is a wide variety of options. Here, we make it easy to find the best hot tub enclosure or shade for your home spa so you can get soaking whenever. We’ve reviewed ten great spa gazebos and also have a guide to help you make a wise pick. Let’s start with our top picks.

How To Choose A Hot Tub Gazebo – Buying Guide


The best hot tub gazebo for you will come down to what you want it for. You will definitely want shade but it may be that bugs are your biggest problem and you want one equipped with mosquito nets. Below are a few more things to take into account in the selection process. 

Ease of Installation

First of all, consider how a gazebo is going to go up over your jacuzzi. Can you install it yourself with the help of one or two people or do you have to bring in a professional? You can tell how easy a gazebo is going to be to install by going through its hot tub gazebo reviews by owners. The top rated hot tub enclosures have a simple to assemble design and come with hot tub gazebo kits that include the essential parts including tent stakes and clear installation directions. 

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A hard metal roofing is the ultimate in durability. A fabric canopy should be heavy-duty, fade resistant and well-ventilated to ensure it isn’t blown away by the wind. The framework should be sturdy and made from a strong and highly resistant metal such as powder coated steel. Correct installation ensures that a gazebo actually lasts for as long as it can. If your gazebo isn’t heavy duty, taking it down when it is snowing and windy can prolong its lifespan.


Sturdier gazebos are composed of strong steel frames. The canopy should be strong, well attached and well-ventilated to prevent wind from blowing it away. Proper installation also contributes to sturdiness. If you live in an area that experiences gusty winds, consider anchoring your gazebo to a concrete slab or wooden deck or adding weights for more stability.


A hot tub gazebo must be well ventilated to provide a way out for the heat and steam and prevent mold, mildew, and rust. Ventilation also contributes to a gazebo’s stability, as it allows wind to pass through instead of blow away the gazebo’s canopy.


A gazebo also adds style to your outdoor space. Before you order your gazebo of choice, imagine how it will look set up in your backyard and select one that will add to its aesthetics. The key design feature to pay attention to here is the rooftop tent design. 



Q: What Are The Benefits For Using A Hot Tub Gazebo?


You might have only a roof over your hot tub, which will provide shade against the sun and rain as you enjoy your spa. Or a fully enclosed hot tub shelter creating a retreat safe from all kinds of weather elements, nosy neighbors, and insects. A hot tub gazebo will also protect your hot tub, the hot tub chemicals, and hot tub cover from weather elements, debris, and other contaminants thus ensuring that you get to enjoy your investment for longer.

Q: Can I Install The Gazebo Or Do I Need A Professional To Do It For Me?


This will depend on the type of gazebo you’re installing. You can install any of the best hot tub gazebos in our reviews with the help of one or two pairs of hands. If you’re having a permanent hot tub shed built, you will need a professional to do it for you.

Globosurf Overview

You can get much more enjoyment out of your home spa investment by shading or enclosing it. The good thing is: you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get a permanent structure installed. Gazebos create excellent retreats in backyards and a jacuzzi with gazebo is one of them. You just have to find the best hot tub gazebo for your needs and backyard. We hope our guide has made this easy.

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