A hot tub wouldn’t be very hot without a heater. The water is taken from the pump and then sent through the heater before it’s then delivered to your tub. Getting the best hot tub heater then is vital in making sure you have that fun and relaxing experience.

Picking the best spa heater means making sure that you know which type of heater is going to be the best for your hot tub depending on its size and specifications.

We have looked through the hot tub heater reviews to show you the best products on the market along with a buying guide you that you can be confident about choosing the best hot tub heater for you.

How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Heater – Buying Guide



When it comes to hot tub heaters, there are three options to choose from which are either gas, electric or solar. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and here we will go through them to see which one would be the best choice for you.

Gas Heaters – One of the most practical solutions if you have natural gas running into your home would be to use a natural gas heater and there is also the option of having a propane heater as well. The initial set-up cost for these types of heaters are generally less expensive than any other option.

Not only is the initial set-up cost less as well but they are generally cheaper to install too so if you’re looking for a low cost option then gas would be the number one choice in this aspect. They are highly effective and get to work very quickly to deliver that hot water.

The drawbacks though are that these units take up more space than their rivals so they are harder to hide away but the running costs are significantly more expensive as the cost of the gas to run the hot tub heater is more than any electric or solar solution.

Electric Heaters – The electric heater pros and cons are effectively the same as the gas heater but in reverse. The initial set-up cost can be fairly expensive which can put off a lot of people and the installation of the item can be more expensive as well.

If you can afford this initial set-up, then great, as the running costs are less which means that you could well be saving money over time. They don’t quite get to work as quickly as a gas heater but take up less space as the units are usually much smaller.

Solar Pool Heaters – These are the rarest types of heater on the market and that is for a few significant reasons. They can be expensive to buy and install but the upside of that is the lack of operating costs as the device will be getting all its energy from the sun.

That though is perhaps the biggest problem as you are reliant on the sunshine then it might not heat up your pool much, if at all. These should only be considered by those in very hot climates otherwise you could find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t heat your spa.

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Size And Specifications

Before you make any type of purchase it’s vital to know if the product you’re buying is compatible with your hot tub and you also need to know that it is going to fit where you want it to fit. Once you know that then you can move on to the other features. In terms of space, an electric heater for hot tub will be smaller and easier to hide away than a gas heater.



Q: What Is A Hot Tub Heater?


Obviously every hot tub needs a source of heat in order to make it hot. A heater will take the water that’s coming from the heater pump for a hot tub and heat it up to your desired temperature to ensure that you can have a relaxing experience with the water temperature exactly how you want it.

Q: How The Water Heater Works?


The water will make its journey from the pump and it will be then sent through the filter in order to clean it. After that journey it then goes through your heating device which will then set the water temperature to whatever you wanted it to be. This hot water is then pumped through to the jets and eventually to you sitting in the hot tub.

Q: Can I Use My Pool Heater For My Hot Tub?


There are many pool heaters out there that are compatible with spa heaters including a few that are in the list. To use the same heater for both through would require specialist installation and it would probably be easier to purchase a separate heater but it can be done.

Q: How To Use And Install The Water Heater?


If you have an existing heater then the process would be quite simple of draining the tub, disconnecting the power, removing the old heater and putting a new one in. If you have a new one or are changing types, then it’s probably for the best that it’s done by a professional, especially if it is an electrical heater due to the natural dangers of electric.

Globo Surf Overview

Hot tubs should be a fun place to be but they would quickly stop being a fun place if you were sitting in cold water. When you step over into a heated tub you need those jets to be pumping in that lovely hot water and that’s where these products come in.

Choosing the best one involves making sure that you know which type is going to be best for you and your tub and making sure that it has the size and specification that are going to fit in with your spa and the surrounding area. They all have their advantages and disadvantages as we mentioned previously.

Hopefully this buying guide has given you the information that you need in order to get the right heater for you and your hot tub. Once you have the top rated spa heater then you will be able to enjoy yourself and relax in your perfectly heated pool.

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