Getting the best hot tub handrails is important in order to keep you safe and let everyone get in and out of the spa as easily as possible without and accidents happening. Choosing the best hot tub handrail involves getting the right installation type, materials and style among other factors.

Here we have looked at the hot tub handrails reviews to come up with a top list together with a buying guide to give you all the information you need to buy the best hot tub handrails for you so you can enter and exit your hot tub with confidence.


Saftron SS-36 Single-Post Spa Support

Saftron SS-36 Single-Post Spa Support

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This is a white handrail which is ideal for those looking for a rail which fits into a white theme. Due to its color and material, it doesn’t get too hot in the sun and is immune to corrosion. This handrail screws into the floor whether that be a step or your decking.

  • Stand Out Features - Why We Love It
  • In ground spa handrail
  • Hard plastic material
  • Immune to corrosion
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Saftron SF-24 Lift & Turn Single-post Spa Support

Saftron SF-24 Lift & Turn Single-post Spa Support

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This is another product from Saftron but one much is made for taller hot tubs as it has a full height of 59 inches. The hard plastic won’t get hot out in the sun and won’t rust either and will provide a stable base for exit and entry.

  • Stand Out Features - Why We Love It
  • For full-sized hot tubs
  • Maintenance free material
  • Lift and turn base
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How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Handrail – Buying Guide



Safety is the reason that you want to buy a spa handrail as you want to make sure that the transition in and out of the hot tub is as easy as possible. This is especially important for older people and children as they will find it more difficult.


One great feature that a safety rail has is the ability to be able to hold a towel so you’re able to dry off as soon as you exit the pool as you are able to grab your spa handrail and then immediately grab your towel making it more convenient.


You want to be able to pick a safety rail that fits in with the color scheme around you. Where we see handrails in silver, black, white, and grey so it’s best to choose whichever one fits the style of your hot tub and surrounding area.


These handrails are either made out of stainless steel, aluminum, or hard plastic. Steel is probably the best choice as long as it has corrosion resistance as it will offer you the highest degree of strength compared to the other options.

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You obviously want to ensure that your spa handrail is going to be waterproof by being made of stainless steel, that it has a powder coating or if it’s made out of plastic. All the products we have reviewed here are corrosion-proof so you don’t have to worry about that with the ones we have reviewed here.


Installation can come in a number of different ways depending on your situation. You can either screw them into the top of your unit, across the side of it or there are also handrails that side under your hot tub and use the weight of it.

Type Of Spa

The type of spa is very important in choosing your handrail as you need to make sure that your hot tub can support the installation type. For example, a slide under the unit would be useless if you had an in-ground spa.



Q: Why Use A Hot Tub Handrail?

A: A hot tub handrail is an essential safety feature that will help you get in and out of your hot tub without causing any accidents. Naturally hot tubs can be slippy places to be so using a spa handrail is a common-sense approach.

Q: What Is A Hot Tub Handrail?

A: A hot tub handrail is simply a handrail that you are able to grab onto to pull yourself into the hot tub or out of it. It makes it a lot easier for exit or entry and is an essential feature for any hot tub as this will be attached to the side of your hot tub.

Globo Surf Overview

If you have a hot tub then it simply makes sense to have the best handrail. For a lot of users it’s not essential but if you’re tired or sore then it can be a great help, as it can be for the elderly or children as well. A safety rail allow an easy transition from one place to another without having to balance yourself.

Setting the right spa handrail for you though involves checking what type of installation type you need for your situation and making sure that the materials and style of the safety rail fit into what you want your hot tub area to look like. You also want to ensure that it will be resistant to corrosion and right for your type of spa.

Choosing the best handrail for a hot tub is quite an easy process but one that does require a little bit of thought as if you’re getting a spa handrail for spa and make the wrong choice then this could compromise the safety features of the rail. Hopefully here we have answered all the question you have to ensure that you make the right choice and pick one of the best handrails for you and your situation.

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