Recently, many physical and fitness activities have been evolving and morphing into more elaborate and multifunctional enterprises. Sauna suits are an example of one such addition. Sauna suits are made to increase body temperature during physical activities, thus, increases sweating.

This chain mechanism accelerates weight loss due to an increase in the body’s metabolic rate.  The suit does this by creating warmth to the body, thus, prompting the body to sweat profusely. Due to the suit’s properties, body heat produced during the sweating process is trapped, therefore, increasing the efficacy of the body’s organs.

This means more sweat is produced and the body is rid of unwanted toxins. In short, wearing sauna suits does not directly affect weight loss, however, wearing one increases the bodily metabolic reactions that lead to weight loss. You can say you have your own mini spa which combines both hot tub and sauna!

Additional to their thermal effects during work out, you can also rock a suit after an intense or outdoor workout such as kayaking or hiking. Let it actually be your spa!

Sauna suits may also be used in other contexts to similarly achieve better health results.  Due to their, body heat-retaining qualities, they may be used in body wrapping to seal applied health and spa products on the skin as well as for the treatment of psoriasis by retaining skin moisture. Sauna suits also do mimic health benefits similar to those of saunas.

Like, a million other specialized fitness accessories, it is always best to research the product to ensure your needs are met and safety is taken into consideration. Described below are the best sauna suits for 2023, to guide you through choosing the ideal product.

How To Choose The Best Sauna Suit – Buying Guide



The 3 key materials used to make the best sauna suit are PVC, nylon, and neoprene. Due to their fitting differences, PVC and nylon usually make the loose-fitting sweat suits whilst neoprene is known to make the tight-fitting sauna suits. Thus, tight-fitting sauna suits tend to hold longer than sweat suits due to the high-quality property of neoprene compared to the more delicate synthetic plastic material, i.e. PVC and nylon.


Most sauna suits are unisex and sizes range from extra small to XL to 8XL. It is, however, important to follow the manufacturer’s guide for sizing due to differences. Consider your body type, height, and actual fitting requirements, i.e. how tightly fit should the suit be when choosing your suit.

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All consider breathability when weighing in on suit options. You’re obviously working your body; you don’t want it to be overworked. Also, suit designs are to be taken into consideration, do you want a one-piece bodysuit like a sauna suit or a 2pc top and wet pants sauna suit. This all depends on your needs.

Consider the suit that offers the most performance but always opt for suits with ventilation options and designs such as crew neck designs which offer an opening for a breathing leeway or suits with ventilation mesh especially on the critical areas such as armpits and inner thighs to balance out the load.


Due to their loose fit, sweat suits require designs for the maximum seal to generate heat. Elasticized cuffs on the hand and waist area of tops and bottom part of pants are fitted for this function.


Closures for the suits also need to strategically think out to consider the effective performance of the suit and maintain comfort for the individual wearing the suit. Most suits use the zipper closure although; it may be a little uncomfortable for tight-fitting suits. An alternative is Velcro fastening closures.


Some suits are fitted with pockets to offer that same workout feeling. I mean, just because you are effectively working out, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your music or favorite podcast on your iPod. Pockets usually have enough room for your keys, phone, or even a water bottle. However, some manufacturers highly advise against stuffing pockets with electronics when working out.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Sweat Suit?


Sauna suits offer the right thermal properties that drive our bodies’ metabolic cycle to increase perspiration during physical activities ranging from power walking to extreme cardio workouts. The body heat that is produced during perspiration is then trapped by the suit therefore, driving the metabolic cycle to keep the perspiration going. The effect of this is high body fat burning to create energy for the body thus weight loss process is accelerated.

Q: Are There Any Dangers Of Wearing Sauna Suits?


It is advised to consult a doctor before purchasing a sauna suit especially for those with existing health conditions. If instructions from your doctor are followed and the suit is utilized the right way, sauna suits are very safe and useful.

Remember to not wear a sauna suit for a prolonged period of time and drinks lots of water to rehydrate and regain electrolytes after you are done with a workout whilst wearing a sauna suit.

Q: How To Wash Sauna Suits?


Typically, most sauna suits are hand washed cold and dry hung to maintain shape and integrity of the material. Mostly, material used for the suits is synthetic plastic, thus it is important to always find out the fabric material of your suit to choose the right cleaning care for it.

Q: What Should I Wear Under Sauna Suits?


Wear moisture repelling undergarments such as synthetic fabric briefs or boxers (for men) and sports bras (for women), to allow the sauna suit to effectively work.

Q: I Am Restricted To Perform Certain Activities While Wearing The Suit?


Sauna suits are designed to be worn during extreme and activities thus, it can be worn over many different activities.  Key points to put in mind is choosing the right suit for the activity, for example, the 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard is ideal for extreme sports such as MMA fighting due to its durable, anti-tear and rip properties as well as fit design that allows for easy and swift movement.

Additionally, sauna suits should not be worn for a prolonged period of time especially in hot conditions as this may pose a health hazard leading to heatstroke or dehydration.

Q: How Long Can I Wear Sauna Suits?


Sauna suits should not be worn for prolonged periods of time. To mitigate any health risks, it is highly advisable to drinks lots of water before and after work out in a sauna suit.

Globo Our Overview

Having the best sauna suit have definitely proved to be effective. These are another example of a 2in 1 functional product, consider the health benefits you receive plus you have a portable sauna without the adverse effects of being in one.  They may be associated health risks if these suits are not sported appropriately. With the existing choices for sauna and sweat suits, it is easy to choose your right fit. The key features we recommend to consider are how you want to use the suit, material, ventilation and of course cost and value. Both suits can serve to one’s advantage depending on their needs. The sweat suits are a loose fit thus, complemented with the material’s thermal properties; they perform an excellent job in heat retention. Sweat suits are also snug, comfortable and allow easy movement and maneuvers. Tight fitting sauna suits also exhibit thermal properties also due to their material and their tight fitting characteristics. They also allow for maximum movement and flexibility. All ends with what you are comfortable with wearing and the extent to which you want to work out. As an exit point, take for example the 4Fit Neoprene Sweat Shirt Rash Guard, ideal for activities that incorporate jumping, rolling and groping such as MMA fighting, due to its material integrity as well as its design.

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