Relaxing in an infrared sauna is a fantastic experience, with many health benefits. It’s an excellent way to rejuvenate your body and clear your mind. To make your stay in the sauna pleasant, the temperature needs to be just right. If it’s too hot, you will feel uncomfortable and even find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. For this reason, it’s smart to have a thermometer inside your infrared sauna.

These are not your ordinary thermometers – they are designed to withstand the conditions inside a sauna and accurately give you information, so you know when it’s time to make adjustments or to get out. Not all products are the same, and some even come with additional features. The best sauna thermometer is well-made, reliable, accurate and long-lasting. We reviewed eight of these for you, and also compiled a buying guide so you have an easier job when selecting a product.

How To Choose The Best Sauna Thermometer – Buying Guide


You should be able to rely on your thermometer that it will work correctly no matter the conditions inside the sauna. You want to avoid potential health hazards, and there’s no use having a thermometer which won’t do the measurements properly. This and several other factors are significant when talking about a the best sauna thermometer.

Easy To Read

The whole point of having a thermometer inside your home sauna is that you can get the information quickly. This means that you can see it clearly from a distance, without needing to move or stand up. The dial should be designed in such a way that the numerals are large and easily recognizable. Of course, the gauge needle should be easy to see too. In addition, sauna thermometers show temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius or both. Be sure to check this when buying – it’s annoying when you have to convert units all the time. You will also find some differences in temperature range, where some products measure higher temperatures compared to others. You don’t have to pay special attention to this, since these temperatures are very unlikely to be reached in your sauna anyway.

Water And Heat Resistance

Your new thermometer should be resistant to continuous exposure to high temperatures and moisture in a sauna. You don’t want to be wasting money on something that will get damaged after a few days of use, and then show wrong information or stop working altogether. It should be moisture proof too, so it doesn’t fog up inside and prevent you from reading it. This way you can use your thermometer no matter if you have an infrared sauna or more traditional dry or steam sauna.


Two main types of thermometers are available – analog and digital. While many digital thermometers are excellent, we discussed only analog products in this article. They are often more suited for sauna use and show greater durability and precision. No matter which type you choose, make sure you pick a product which allows you to kick back and enjoy the sauna health benefits without worrying if it’s going to break or not.

Does It Measure Humidity?

As you had the chance to see in the review section, some products come as a 2-in-1 package. In addition to a thermometer, they also measure air humidity. This is very useful, since different temperature and humidity levels can give you a different experience. A sauna hygrometer is placed in the same frame as the thermometer. Some products have two separate gauges, while others have a single dial with separate needles for temperature and humidity.


Like we mentioned, readability is very important when  it comes to sauna thermometers. This is where the size comes in, which is logical – the larger the product, the easier it is to read the information off it. Most product we talked about are around 6 inches in diameter, which is optimal. This way they aren’t too large, but you can still see them on the opposite wall for example. Think about this and the size of your sauna, so you get an appropriate product.

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Choice of materials is very important. This is why manufacturers use materials which are resilient to sauna conditions – stainless steel or high-quality wood (cedar or spruce for example). Unlike pool thermometers, plastic is not desirable to have in your thermometer, because it can get deformed after a while. The same goes for the lens (if your product has one). It should be made of glass, so you can be sure everything stays in place instead of getting loose after some time.


Thermometers are very straightforward products, and they will work right out of the box. They don’t require any special installation – you can put them on the bench or hang them on the wall. It’s smart to think about proper placement though, as well discuss a bit later. Be sure to read the instructions which came with your product, so you can get most out of it.



Q: Why Use A Thermometer For A Sauna?

A: A thermometer for a sauna is a great addition to keep your stay inside the sauna safe and comfy. This is especially important if you have a cardiovascular disease for example – temperatures that are too high can seriously put your health at risk. Healthy people are at risk too – you can dehydrate after a long stay, or get burns on your skin. There are more things to be considered here compared to the standard spa and hot tub safety, so getting a thermometer allows you to know when to adjust the temperature and when it’s time to leave.

Q: What Is The Best Place To Hang The Thermometer?

A: The best position is the one which will give you the most accurate reading. It should be at the level of your head, so neither too close to the ceiling (hot air rises), neither near the floor (air is colder). Also, try to put it away from the door because it can cool down when someone opens it. Finally, don’t put it too close to the heat source either, since you can get higher readings.

Q: How Easy Is to Use a Thermometer?

A: Using a thermometer for a sauna is incredibly easy. Just place it where you want it, and it will start working and show the temperature quickly. Much like outdoor thermometers, you can use it immediately. If you get a product that has a hygrometer too, you will sometimes need to calibrate it so it shows accurate info. This isn’t hard to do, just follow the steps in the manual.

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A thermometer is a product which is more than useful to have in every sauna. In addition, it’s very inexpensive so you should really try it out. Even if you have top of the line sauna with a control panel which shows temperature, it’s usually located on the outside so it’s not very practical to go out and check. We hope our list and buying guide helped you find which are the best thermometers for sauna, and made your choice easier. Enjoy and stay safe!

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