The health benefits of saunas are well known. It helps to release the toxins from your body, clear up your skin and help your joints, along with many other benefits. In order to ensure you’re getting those great effects, getting the best outdoor sauna is crucial.

In order for you to get the best outdoor infrared sauna, we have developed a buying guide to explain all the key features. We have also completed outdoor sauna reviews to show you which are the best outdoor sauna kits available on the market.

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Sauna – Buying Guide



In order to install a sauna, you simply have to take size into consideration and this will naturally depend on the area that you have to work with. There are also other factors too, such as how many people you intend to be using the sauna at any given moment.

An outdoor sauna will need to be situated on solid and level ground. Due to this, it’s important that you look for a pre-existing area where you will be able to build on or instead you will have to make a base for the sauna yourself and this can simply be done with concrete.


The shape of the outdoor sauna is going to have an effect on where you are able to put it and also how efficient it’s going to be. This is where the barrel sauna can be a very attractive option as it has the ability to be lifted off the ground with supports and therefore fewer foundations are required.

Also, the circular shape is more efficient as it means that there is less interior space with the lack of corners and therefore quicker to heat. Due to the shape of these infrared saunas though, the need to be more out in the open and therefore take more space. If you want a more compact design, then the other shapes are going to be the best fit.


There are a few different wood types when it comes to the best outdoors sauna kits, with one of the best options being cedar. This not only has the advantage of being a durable material but it also gives off a lovely aroma and therefore it can increase the level of calm you feel when in a sauna.

Other woods such as hemlock and spruce will also do a great job at making sure that the heat stays in the sauna and the weather stays out. The materials also make easy construction materials too and therefore can ensure that installation is as easy as possible.


There are a few different heating options when it comes to this types of saunas, with one of them being an infrared sauna which will work via radiant heat. This will produce less steam but can be very easy to control and will also heat your sauna up very quickly.

There is also the more traditional methods such as heating via wood and also electric heaters can be used to heat up sauna stones. The more modern methods are easier to control but some people love the steam that you can get from a traditional sauna.


There are many great accessories that are going to be able to improve your sauna experience. One thing that many people love to do when they are in a sauna is listen to music, and you will be able to do that through a waterproof MP3 player and your waterproof headphones if the sauna doesn’t have an in-built sound system.

Checking your vitals with a waterproof fitness tracker of a waterproof Fitbit can also be a great idea, as the sauna is going to increase your heart rate and these will be able to keep a track of that. A waterproof watch would also be useful for timing how long you have been in the sauna.


The overall design of this types of saunas is going to play an important role in your buying decision as not only do you want a well-designed sauna that is going to be efficient, you also want your sauna to look great and there are many stylish designs that are out there.

This will often come down to personal preference, with features like the shape and the wood being important. There are other design options that you will care about too, such as whether the seating is on a long bench or if you will be facing each other.

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As with any roof, your outdoor sauna roof is going to be of high-quality for a few different reasons. Firstly, you want to make sure that it is able to keep the weather out and a crucial part of this is making sure that it has been installed correctly.

You also want a roof that is going to be able to give you a good level on insulation so that heat isn’t quickly lost through the roof. This is going to depend a lot on the shape of the sauna and what specific type you are buying.

Ease Of Set Up

If you are worried about installation, then getting a portable sauna could be a great option. Installation of these outdoors saunas though is relatively easy and it won’t be too long until you will be able to get them constructed and operational.

Some of these products come partially pre-assembled which can help with ensuring an easy set-up. If you are struggling through, then getting a professional or a handyman to help would be the next step but overall, it shouldn’t take too long.

Operation Cost

When getting such a product that is going to rely on electric, it’s important to have an idea of how much it’s going to add to your electricity bill. This will be determined by the power required to run the heater but there are also many other factors too.

If you would be planning to use the product once a week, for example, then the added cost is going to be minimal. Also it’s worth bearing in mind that larger models are going to take more effort to heat up and therefore are going to use more power and be more expensive.



Q: What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor units in terms of construction?


There isn’t going to be much difference in terms of indoor and outdoor units except for the fact that outdoor units tend to be larger and heavier. Also if you have an indoor model, it’s not going to have the more traditional methods of heating.

The reason for that is that you’re not going to have the ventilation required. Both types are very durable but outdoor models obviously have to take other factors into consideration too such as making sure that the roof of the sauna is going to be waterproof.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Sauna?


There are many health benefits of an infrared sauna and these same benefits apply to a traditional type of sauna too. You can also get a lot of these benefits from steam showers and that is another great option.

Infrared saunas are known to be able to get rid of toxins out of your system through sweat, and they can also help to clear your skin too. Added to that are other benefits such as relaxing muscles, easing joint pain, clearing stress and improving your circulation.

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Q: Do I Need A Changing Room?


This is going to be a matter of personal preference depending on where the sauna is going to be situated and how many people are going to be in your home but you are naturally going to have to get changed at some point.

Most people are going to head off to shower though in order to clear the sweat out of their skin and therefore would most likely have a changing room nearby. For most people a specific changing room isn’t required but this is ultimately down to you.

Q: What’s The Difference Between Electric Heating And Wood Burning For This Kind Of Sauna?


There is not going to be much difference in the two in types of the product you get while you are actually in the sauna. Both will be able to produce a good amount of steam and get the temperature up nice and quickly.

The advantage of an electric heater is that it can be more easily controlled and also doesn’t need any smoke to be ventilated. The advantage of a wood-heated sauna is that you don’t have to worry about an electric connection and this frees you up in terms of simplicity of construction and operating costs.

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There is a reason that saunas have remained extremely popular and that is due to those benefits that they are able to give. That makes it a wonderful thing to own and something that is going to keep you feeling healthy. Regular sauna treatments will help you to feel better and also look better too.

In order to choose the best outdoor sauna, there are a few key things to take into account such as the size and placement of the sauna. How you are going to heat it is important with the possibility of requiring an electric connection and there are other aspects to think of such as the costs, the design and any additional features.

Once you have settled on the best sauna for you, then you will be able to purchase one and enjoy all the advantages that it brings. Hopefully this guide has given you all the information that you need and you now have a clear idea of what you want and one that is going to give you many years of great benefits.

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