If you are anything like us, you love building up your fitness in the great outdoors. The equipment in an indoor gym often works to track your workout. With the help of machines, everything from calories burned and distance traveled all get effortlessly tracked. When you take your workout to the outdoors, it is nice to get that same information. With the help of the most efficient waterproof fitness tracker, you can now measure your activity levels no matter what activity you are doing.

The technology in these devices has become of such high quality, you can even take the best swimming fitness trackers with you into the water. This broadens your fitness abilities and allows you to get the most accurate reading during your day.

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How To Choose The Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers – Buying Guide

Fitness trackers are a fair investment. While there is no better investment than your health, it is important that you get the best on the market. Knowing the different features that are available to you will help to ensure that you get the most from your purchase. You will then be able to get the best one for your workout type and plans. The best wearable fitness tracker will give you the data you need to show you how to create the best fitness routine.

Things You Must Know Before Buying A Waterproof Fitness Tracker


As more and more companies begin to develop their own version of the waterproof fitness tracker, you may struggle more with making your decision on the right one for you. It helps to have all the facts about what is available before you start your search. Before you make your purchase, it is important to know the market. Knowing the different features that are available will help you to decide which are important to you and what you can live without. This will help you to determine what a good budget is for you to stick with. Most often, your decision will be determined by what you intend to use your watch for.

Waterproofing – IP Rating And ATM

Being waterproof is one of the most important aspects of your fitness tracker. You will want to be able to take this device with you in rain or shine. The waterproof rating will be indicated by an IP rating. A higher rating will indicate a higher quality device. It will also be able to last much longer than one that has a lower number.

We strongly suggest getting the highest rating you can afford. Even simple exercises will cause your body to sweat which can affect lower rated devices. You won’t want to have to worry about keeping your device dry especially when you’re in the middle of lifting weights. If you cheap out on your device you may find yourself spending more money on replacing it down the road.

A good waterproof fitness tracker will be able to measure the atmospheric pressure (ATM). This will have a rating that can withstand the pressure and depth. A watch that has a rating of 1 ATM will maintain it’s waterproofing to 10 meters deep (31 feet).

Heart Rate Monitor

Many fitness trackers available will even incorporate a heart rate monitor. While you may not think you will use this, it can be an incredibly beneficial and popular feature for those serious about fitness. You can use this to compare your heart rate at multiple different levels, such as before, mid and post workout.  This information can be incredibly useful in determining your stress index.

This will help you in a number of different ways throughout your workout. Monitoring your heart rate during your workout will help you determine what state your workout is. Different heart rates will help determine whether your body is in optimal fat burning or muscle building levels. It will also work to monitor your recovery rate when you are in between exercises. This will work to ensure that you are making the most of your workouts making your exercises go even further.

The heart rate feature has endless benefits. It can even work to help ensure that you are not over-training. This can work towards avoiding many injuries including dehydration. Additionally, it will also prevent you from under training. This will work to avoid loss of time, wasted workouts and a lot of frustration.

It is important to note the variations between the different types of devices on the market. Some track your heart rate 24/7 while others need to be activated. Some only monitor while you are awake while others work through timed sessions. Some even monitor your exercises in real-time so that you can have a full picture.

What Activities Can A Fitness Tracker Track?

Every fitness tracker will be slightly different with what they can track. With that being said, there is some basic aspects all should track. This includes your steps, calories burned and distance you’ve traveled. Some trackers will be able to do more than this. If you are a fan of things like swimming and even golfing you should make sure your watch is compatible with these sports.

More advanced fitness trackers will also be able to give you additional information about the activities you take part in. For example, if you are a fan of golfing some trackers will be able to tell you the distance from the tee to the pin on every golf course in North America. They will also be able to keep track of your strokes for a full 18 holes.

If you routinely bicycle or hike you may want to look into a tracker that has a GPS system. This will give you the ability to see the route you take and allow you to compare it to your workout yesterday. Being able to see how you’re improving will not only keep you motivated but show you how you can continue to progress through your workouts.

What Performance Functions Does It Provide?

The tracking system of your fitness watch will need to give you data on a wide variety of aspects of your workout. This can include the distance you walk, calories you burn and even stroke rate (for swimming). It should also be able to simply display the time and date. Some fitness trackers will also be able to tailor their information and statistics depending on your personal information like height, weight and fitness level. This will give you a personalized plan of attack for the best workout regiment possible.

All of this should be easy to read even in direct sunlight. This will ensure that you are able to stay updated on your workout. After all, if you can’t read the screen is the device actually worthwhile?

Compatibility, Apps, And Bluetooth

These devices need to be able to connect with a wide variety of devices. You need to make sure that your tracker will be able to work with your device. If you have an older smartphone it may not be compatible with the tracker’s operating system. This also goes for the application. Nearly every single fitness watch will come with its very own application. This is where all your data is able to be viewed and downloaded. The application will also be able to motivate you by connecting you with workout plans and allow you to create goals.

Fitness trackers are much like smartphones. They have bright colorful screens and have app stores that make them better at what they do. This also allows them to be updated regularly and easily. If they don’t come with applications that you like out of the box you are also able to download more that offer more. You will not be stuck with what you have out of the box with most of these devices.

The version of Bluetooth will affect everything from the connection to battery life. Every version makes the transfer of files more efficient and thus better for the battery life. The newest version is Bluetooth 4.0 which will give you the most seamless connection to your smartphone.


Recent technology makes the readings on your tracker more accurate than ever before. While wrist watch style trackers are the most popular option, they don’t always provide the most accurate reading. Instead, high end expensive GPS systems work to provide superior accuracy. Likewise heart rate monitors that are attached directly around your chest work to give you the best reading. This is because it takes the reading from your chest rather than from your distal pulse.

With that being said, the information received from any tracker on our list is more accurate than ever before delivering near perfect readings. In addition, these devices are sure to encourage your workouts and help to build your performance. Generally speaking, with each advancement that comes out in these trackers more technology is getting added to provide even more precise readings.

This is especially true with the step counters. As this technology is found in things like cell phones, the technology is becoming more advanced and providing a clearer reading. As well as this, the technology for heart rate monitors is incredibly accurate as well becoming even more advanced with newer models. With more and more fitness buffs paying attention to this feature, many companies are focusing their efforts to make these more advanced than ever before.

Select The Right Design

When you start your search for the best tracker for you, you may notice that there are a number of different styles on the market. While some have quite a sleek sporty design, some can be quite big and bulky in appearance. Commonly you will find these trackers to be in wristband form and worn as a watch. If you are interested, there are a few companies that make dongle trackers that can be clipped to your clothing. These are far less common as they can be quite a bit less comfortable and secure.

Additionally, you can get trackers that do not attach directly to you and can instead be stuffed inside of pockets. These are often the least desirable in design as many fitness clothes do not have pockets. For those interested, some trackers will have accessories that include clips and necklaces that allow you to wear your tracker a variety of different ways.

Beyond the style of tracker that you choose, there are a number of different designs you can choose from to help you get a personalized look. To help narrow down your decision, you may want to take into account the size of the tracker as well as how the screen looks. From here, you can also decide on the color that you would prefer for your unit.

Watch style trackers are so desirable as they are the easiest to transfer into everyday life. Typically speaking, opting for a tracker that can be worn full time will help you to get the most out of your purchase. This will allow you the most well rounded picture of your daily activity.  If you plan to wear your device full time, you will want to get one that can easily blend with your everyday life.

Fitness trackers use color or monochrome LED’s in order to track your days progress. If you are looking at a more expensive high end tracker then you can expect more technology. This is typically seen through OLED or touchscreen displays. These display an incredibly wide range of information making the extra money spent well worth it. This allows you a better opportunity to program and personalize your data giving you even more control.

Battery Life And Charging

The battery life of fitness trackers can vary significantly. Some can last for a couple days while others can stay on upwards of a month. This is a stark contrast to other devices like smartphones or smart watches that can barely last a single day. Not having to charge your tracker every night will make it easier to use it on a regular basis. You can even charge it when you’re sitting at your office.

A fitness tracker will either use a similar battery to a smartphone or a cell battery. These are very different types of batteries. The first one will last only up to 5 or 6 days while a cell battery can last up to 6 months on a single charge. You will want the most battery life you can get on your fitness tracker.

The charging cable will be a type of USB. This can either be a micro USB or a USB type C. The later will charge your fitness tracker much faster and more efficiently. Most fitness trackers will be able to be fully charged in under a few hours. Since these devices don’t have the largest capacity batteries a short charge will give you days of battery life.


You will want to look into the different warranties that the fitness trackers come with. Most typically you will find that these trackers come with a one year warranty. This is a great feature as you will be able to have a full 12 months of protection. During this time is when you are most likely to encounter issues with your watch. Having a warranty will give you peace of mind that you have made the right purchase.



Q: Do I Need A Waterproof Fitness Tracker?


In short, even if you do not need a waterproof tracker, it sure is nice to have. No matter what activity you do with your waterproof fitness tracker it should have some type of waterproofing. You will sweat even during a regular day at work. A waterproof rating will ensure the insides of your fitness tracker stay dry. It will also give you the ability to use the device in rain or even in pools to track your laps and workout.

You never know when you will want to track your fitness levels. You may take up swimming or simply jump in a lake post workout to cool off. Having a waterproof tracker will allow you to get the most use out your tracker. This will greatly increase your trackers lifespan as you will have a far less risk of breaking or harming your device. This will provide you with a beautiful peace of mind for your purchase.

People who love sports will need a higher rated waterproofing. This can be indicated by an IP or an ATM rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection and is essentially an international rating for waterproofing. The rating will be shown as IP57, for example. The first number is related to the dustproofing of the device with a highest rating of a 7. The next number is the moisture rating which has a top rating of a 9. This means the device can be completely submerged and can be brought to depths.

Q: How Does A Fitness Tracker Work?


Fitness trackers have many sensors that work together to give you a well rounded look into your workout regiment. Accelerometers measure your steps and help to track your distance. It uses this data along with your personal information, like height and weight, to calculate how many calories you burn during your workout.

Your heart rate is also another important aspect of your workout. Keeping your heart rate above a certain beat will ensure your muscles are working at their maximum and burning through your fat. Most of the waterproof fitness trackers these days will keep track of your heart rate without the need for a strap or additional hardware. All of this would be mute if the fitness tracker didn’t have some waterproofing as well.

Q: How Reliable Is A Waterproof Fitness Tracker?


Having a waterproof fitness tracker is quite reliable. It will not only track your steps and activity but also other aspects like calories. Of course, this largely depends on the type of tracker that you choose to opt for. The accuracy delivered often varies by manufacturer as well as models. Incorporating different levels of technology these trackers work to give you the most accurate reading possible.

They do this by using an accelerometer sensor to detect your movement. They then use this information to monitor and track your progress. When this is coupled with a GPS you can see where you did all your activity and when you increase your effort.

While this does vary quite widely, you should rest assured that the technology found in your tracker far surpasses any before. This delivers the most accurate readings possible and helps you to get the best picture of your workout possible. More and more companies are investing time and money into keeping ahead of the market which makes getting a watch now the best time.

Q: How Long Does The Battery Last?


Truthfully, this varies not only from manufacturer to manufacturer but also user to user. The battery will be affected by a few aspects. The size of the battery will be the biggest one. Most often, a larger battery will give you a longer battery life. On the other hand, even though a larger screen is ideal as it can show you more information at once, it will use more battery life.

A typical fitness tracker will last anywhere from 5 days to upwards of 3 weeks. If you use the GPS function you can expect a significant decrease in battery life. A smartwatch that lasts around 5 days will only last around 10 hours if the GPS is constantly on. We suggest that you only turn the GPS on when you’re wanting to track a run or bike ride or any other activity. You don’t need the GPS on when you’re walking around the mall or when you’re at work.

How you use your watch will play an important role in battery life. If you are consistently turning the backlight on, flipping through the functions and monitoring your heart rate repeatedly, you can expect a less impressive battery life. Even with frequent use, you can still expect a healthy lifespan.

Additionally, the amount of time it takes to charge your tracker will vary. Most often it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to recharge your battery from dead. Keep in mind that it is best for your battery’s life to not let it repeatedly drop to a completely dead state. Instead, try to charge your battery up before it gets to this state.

Globo Surf Overview

Having the best waterproof smart watch will ensure that you can make the most out of your exercise routine. While you may not specifically use your tracker for swimming, having one that is waterproof will help to expand the use you get out of your tracker. Being weatherproof and sweatproof one step further to allowing you to jump into a lake after your workout, having a waterproof watch will make it so you can wear it just about anywhere. Find out more water gears in out articles such as shark repellents, Island Raft, Portable Showers and a lot more.

Reading through the many best waterproof fitness trackers review will help you to narrow down your view. All of the trackers that made it onto our list have been tried and tested by consumers to be superior options on the market. These are sure to help you get the most out of your fitness routine. Knowing what to look for in your device will make the shopping part of your journey a lot more fun and enjoyable. It will also help to ensure that you get the best deal possible without spending endless time and money trying to find it.

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