From kayaking and scuba diving to relaxing on the beach, a good water shoe provides the comfort, breathability, and protection that your foot needs. The most efficient water shoes for women allow air to circulate and water to drain freely while preventing any nasty injuries.

Besides protection and comfort, a ladies’ water shoe should also be stylish and look good. With all this in mind, we’ve selected the best women’s water shoes for any type of water activity. In addition, our buying guide will discuss all the features and properties of a good water shoe and hopefully make your decision even easier.

How To Choose The Best Water Shoes For Women – Buying Guide


When choosing a water shoe, performance is a lot more important than looks. Unlike boat shoes, they need to stay comfortable when completely wet and protect your soles from jagged and uneven surfaces.

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The upper of a good water shoe should be made from a mesh material that provides breathability. Not only does this make your women water shoes a great option for summertime, but it also allows them to drain adequately. In addition, the breathable mesh also means faster drying once you get out.

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We all know that wet surfaces can be slippery, which is why the best water shoe needs to have a solid and reliable grip. This is best ensured with rubber outsoles that have deep multi-direction lugs, so we advise that you look for these.

Liner and Cushioning

To improve the comfort level, many aqua water shoes feature soft and removable liners. Besides the liner, a lot of products feature a molded EVA foam midsole that gives your foot more natural support when walking.

Slip-On Design

Many womens shoes for water use a simple slip-on design instead of traditional laces. In addition to allowing you to put on and take off the shoes quickly, a slip-on shoe can also easily be transformed into a water slipper by bending the heel.

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Like with any other type of shoe you buy, comfort is essential. Shoes for the water need to remain comfortable whether they are completely soaked or you’re walking on sharp rocks underwater. Because of this, make sure the shoes fit well in all areas and have a soft but supportive liner and midsole.

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High-quality materials are essential for any shoe, especially those that come in contact with water. Because of this, always look for materials that won’t break down or get damaged from fresh or salt water.



Q: What is a Water Shoe?


Water shoes are a type of shoes that can be worn in the water. The main difference between water shoes and regular shoes is that water shoes withstand water better and often feature a harder sole so you can thread on rocky terrain and jagged surfaces.

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Q: Are Water Shoes Necessary?


Water shoes are not necessary, but they do make your life a lot easier when you are in and around the water. They protect your feet from jagged rocks, shells, and sea life.

Q: Are Water Shoes Water-Resistant?


No, they are not. Water shoes are not designed to keep your feet dry, but instead keep them protected and comfortable in a wet environment.

Q: How Should Water Shoes Fit?


Since they are worn on bare feet and usually don’t have shoelaces, aqua shoes fit a bit differently. We recommend going with half or even a full size larger so the shoe isn’t too tight when you get in the water.

Q: How To Clean A Water Shoe?


For most shoes, it will be enough to soak them in warm water for a few minutes and then rinse them off thoroughly to remove the remaining salt and sand. However, if they have hardcore stains, you can use a sponge and mild soap.

Globo Surf Overview

When looking for a summertime shoe, we recommend opting for something versatile like a water shoe. Whether you are paddleboarding, snorkeling, going on a family vacation, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, good water shoes can stand up to the task. We hope that our reviews and guide helped you find the right shoe that will allow you to enjoy any type of water activity.

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