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If you are anything like us the summer months are your favourite time of the whole year. There seems to be so much more to do to fill your long summer days. From boating, kayaking and surfing to relaxing on the beach and building a sandcastle, summer tugs at all of our heart strings. The hot summer pavement combined with the chilly alpine waters can pose shocks to our systems, especially our feet. This is why it is so important to protect them in the form of water shoes. Getting the best women’s water shoes will ensure that your feet are shielded from the extreme temperatures and of any sharp rocks.

Investing in the best water shoes for women doesn’t cost a lot of money but may just be the wisest investment you make all summer. Check out below where we list our top picks for this summer.

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Water Shoes for Women Reviews

How To Choose Water Shoes for Women – Buying Guide

When choosing your perfect pair of swim shoes for women we recommend looking for the following features. These are the things that will make or break your day at the beach. Having incapable shoes could actually become a danger.


Water shoes are most often made of a mesh material that provides a lot of breathability. This makes them a great option for summertime and allows your shoes to drain adequately. The mesh cover allows water to freely flow in and out of your shoe which makes them not retain water while kicking giving you the freedom to swim and stay in the water even longer even longer. This level of breathability will allow your shoes to be fast drying which means that they will air dry quickly.


As these shoes are meant to be used in the water, it is important to ensure that the grip will hold up in wet conditions. The best water shoe will be one that hugs the surface you walk on even when in wet conditions. With that being said, these shoes also need to be able to give you traction out of the water. Walking on the hot sand or rocky terrain should be effortless without slipping or sliding around.


Having water in your shoes will add a lot of weight to your stride and can make walking through water incredibly difficult. Having a lightweight shoe will help to combat this ensuring that you do not feel dragged down while in the water. Most of the water shoes will feel like your feet are naked in the water. Your kicking power won’t be reduced and you won’t feel like you’re being dragged down by anchors on your feet.


This is a removable liner that is featured in almost all water shoes. This liner adds comfort to your shoe by adding cushioning to your foot. This is removable to accommodate orthotics or to provide more room in your shoe. It also adds hygiene to your shoe by being breathable. Being able to walk on any terrain as if you were wearing regular shoes will give you the confidence to trek up steep, uneven terrain.


Water shoes, like other walking shoes, comes with a thick sole that provides a cushioned layer between your foot and the surface below you. This helps to absorb shock from your step and provide your foot with the comfort that you need. Due to the lightweight design most water shoes come with a removable ComforSock liner. This helps to add additional cushioning to your shoe that is removable to give you a perfect fit.

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When looking for a summertime shoe, we recommend opting for a shoe that can be used both on land and in the water. A good pair of water shoes can prove invaluable during the summertime whether you are paddleboarding, snorkeling or simply enjoying a day at the beach. A perfect shoe combines a blend of cushion, weight and breathability. The material should be tough enough to withstand rough coral and rocks while giving your feet enough air to breath without sweating.


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Did your water shoes make our cut? If so, tell us how they work for you in the comment section below.

Globo Surf Womens Water Shoes Review

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