For many people, listening to music is simply a way of life while for others, music is an inevitable part of their workout routine. Whatever is your reason for wearing headphones, if you will be anywhere near water, then you need the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones.

With this purpose in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best waterproof headphones the market offers after reading several waterproof headphone reviews and prepared a buying guide to make your decision much easier. Once you’ve read this guide, you’ll know how to get the best waterproof earbuds for yourself.

How To Choose Waterproof Headphones – Buying Guide



The first type of waterproof headphones has round-shaped earbuds. These fit every ear size and can be easily used while performing daily activities. The second type is fir tree-shaped and works perfect underwater as it manages to create a watertight seal. Also, these waterproof headphones for swimming block out every background noise, giving you the isolation you need. For huge ear sizes, the fin-shaped earbuds are ideal and will work well underwater. The ergo shaped earbuds are comfortable to put in and take out and are compatible to be used in all sports activities.

Cable and Length

If the cable is not tied correctly, then with the slightest movement it will move and the water will sweep in your ears. Attaching a pair of headphones with the help of a goggle strap is the easiest way to keep the headphones in place. Furthermore, be sure to buy headphones with short cable lengths, headphones with longer cable length will cause inconvenience as you move along. Many water resistant headphones with short cable lengths have the option to be extended as per need and thus these are perfect to buy.


The simplest way to judge the durability of a pair of waterproof headphones is through the IPX rating. IPX actually helps you determine the waterproof strength of your electronic device. There are different grades of IPX ratings. If you are planning to use the headphones for general workouts, then IPX7 headphones are a good choice. If you are looking for headphones to use underwater, then IPX8 headphones are exactly what you need. These water resistant headphones are designed specially keeping in mind the different factors that will affect your headphones underwater.


Batteries are vital for the working of any electronic device and they are no different in the case of headphones. Most waterproof headphones for swimming come with batteries that are chargeable. The waterproof headphones are designed keeping in mind the fact that they work for a long duration, thus they have a battery life of 6, 7, and a maximum of 10 hours.


For serious athletes and sportsmen, headphones with extra bass work wonder for allowing them to focus better. Headphones with higher bass will clear out every other noise. For most people, the tree-shaped headphones are perfect as they have higher bass. The shape of the earbuds plays a critical role in giving you high bass and better sound quality.



Q: Can you swim with waterproof headphones?


Not all waterproof headphones offer the functionality to swim underwater. IPX certification is necessary, along with water blocking earbuds. It is also essential that there is a connection between headphones and playing media, as Bluetooth doesn't work underwater.

Q: Are there waterproof Bluetooth headphones?


Yes, there are waterproof headphones. Such headphones have IPX8 certification along with earbuds that block the inflow of water.

Q: Is there a way to listen to music while swimming?


To be able to play music underwater you must use headphones with an MP3 player inside as Bluetooth does not work underwater. The headphones must also be waterproof. They should also fit inside the ear perfectly.

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A pair of waterproof headphones for swimming can be a brilliant addition to your water-based activities. Whether you are just popping them in your beach bag or placing a music player in your backpack, the most efficient waterproof headphones can make all the difference.

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