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In the summertime, if you’re anything like us, you spend as much time as possible in or near the water. Going out boating, climbing to find the best spot for cliff jumping, jumping across rocks along a river or simply lazing on the beach with your family the summer months offer something for everyone. Just as you protect your feet from all the harsh weather in all the other months, it is important to protect them in the summer as well. Sharp rocks, burning hot sand and pavement, summer has its fair share of hazards as well.  That is why it is so important to get adequate foot protection.

We worked hard to find the best water shoes for men on the market to have you enjoying your summer months to the fullest. Take a look at what we found below.


Water Shoes for Men Reviews

How To Choose Water Shoes For Men – Buying Guide

When shopping for your next pair of men’s water shoes it is important to get a top quality pair. These are typically much more affordable than your everyday shoes so it is important to get the best on the market.

Fast Drying

The most important factor for mens water shoes is for them to be quick drying. This feature is as much for comfort as it is for hygiene. Men’s water shoes are typically seen having mesh tops to give your feet breathability and allow them to dry quickly. This is also an important feature for hygiene reasons as it will drastically reduce the chances of mildew growing in your shoes from prolonged dampness. Being able to remove the sock is an important feature that will drastically reduce the shoes drying time. Having shoes that can air dry will allow for more summertime use.


It is important to not be weighed down by the shoes on your feet as typically they will increase in weight even more once wet. A lightweight shoe will allow you to have a barefoot feel while providing your feet with added protection. This is often accomplished by designing a shoe with a lot of mesh. This works as both an effective lightweight layer that is comfortable for prolonged wear. This is also achieved by having a slip on design that doesn’t require laces or any other bulk. This will prove immensely valuable when traveling with your mens shoes.


When wearing wet clothes, it tends to chafe and rub a lot more than when dry. The same is true for mens shoes. This is why it especially important that your pair of water shoes have as little irritants as possible. For this reason many water shoe designs do not have tongues and laces as this can cause pressure points in the shoe. While it isn’t likely they carry a seamless design, it is important that there are less seams and the the seams run flat against the skin. This will allow you added comfort when the shoes are wet.


As it is for many other activity shoes it is incredibly important for water shoes to have a reliable tread. As you will be using these shoes primarily in slippery conditions it is important that they carry an anti slip design on the soles. This is common and most all water shoes will have a tread that will help your shoe hug slimy rocks and slippery surfboards. This will help to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable.


When on the hunt for your next pair of men’s water shoes we recommend looking for a pair that can seamlessly go from swimming in the ocean to camping in the mountains. This means shoes that offer a fair amount of cushioning and support. You will also want to look for a pair that is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time as well as those that have a thick enough sole to be worn out of water. This will prove incredibly valuable in the summer months when trips to the beach often start at the grocery store.

Globo Surf Overview

Many people spend a great deal of time either in or around the water year round, but especially in the summer months. This is a time where many foot injuries occur from hot sand, hot pavement, rolled ankles or stepping on sharp rocks. This is all preventable with a lightweight and high quality water shoe. The shoes on our list vary in weight and size as well as functionality to allow you to get exactly what you are looking for. Getting a pair of cool water shoes for men will allow you to take your shoes with you from dry land to water sports in the water such as paddleboarding and snorkeling. These shoes will have a snug feel as you will want to ensure they stay on even when in the water. Possibly your best summertime purchase, men’s water shoes should be at the top of your list for this summers must haves.


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Globo Surf Mens Water Shoes Review

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