Any water sport is more fun when you have essential accessories to protect your body from potential water abuse, and your feet are no exception. Whether you are going out for boating, jumping across rocks along a river, or simply lazing on the beach, the best water shoes fit all the occasions and give the support and protection you need.

Though it may sound easy, finding the best water shoes can be challenging as there are several attributes you need to consider. One can consider the best lightweight water shoes as the right pick but in reality, you need to check on comfort, support, drainage, and style. Plus, you need to check their efficiency against sharp rocks, burning hot sand, and pavement.

To help you in picking the best water shoe, we have gone through several water shoes, studied their design and performance, and listed down the 10 Best water Shoes in 2023. Further, we have prepared a buying guide to funnel down your choices.

How To Choose The Best Water Shoes For Men – Buying Guide


Fast Drying

One of the most important factors for water shoe men’s is its quick-drying ability as it directly affects the comfort and hygiene of the feet. Both materials and design affect the quick-drying ability of a water shoe. So it is always recommended to check the upper material and overall design.


There is no point in adding more than the required weight to your feet, especially when you need to be active. That is why you must pick a pair that weighs little as it will allow you to have a barefoot feel while providing your feet with added protection. 


A wet shoe, if comes with a tongue, can irritate your skin, especially when it is wet. For this reason, many water shoe designs do not have tongues and laces as this can cause pressure points in the shoe. Thus, there must be fewer seams and they run flat against the skin. 


Another important criterion for water shoes is having a reliable tread. As you will be using these water shoe men primarily in slippery conditions, they must carry an anti-slip design on the soles to ensure safety. This will help your shoe hug slimy rocks and slippery surfboards. 


A water shoe is much useful when it can be used for other outdoor activities along with water sports. For that, the shoes must offer a fair amount of cushioning and support. That is why you should study and pick a pair that is comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Further, keep an eye on the sole as a thick sole serves the purpose better.

Drainage Capability

The drainage capability directly relates to both the material used as well as the shoe design. Some shoes have better draining abilities than others. Sandals, for example, typically have the highest draining capabilities. Even for shoes, there are options available, which come with holes in the outsole to help to drain water. If you find a water shoe that is not highlighting the drainage capability such as holes on the sides or sole, it better to look for some more options. 


As you may have guessed, this area refers to how quickly water can escape your shoes. This is determined by the material used in the shoe as well as the size of the drainage holes. A shoe that drains well, dries quickly, and ultimately gives a comfortable feel to the feet. That is why your choice should be an option which has enough holes and should provide comfort even when wet. 


Fitting a water shoe is something that cannot be compromised. For at least, you want your shoes to fit snug while not be constricting. To avoid an inappropriate fit, make sure you pick the right size of the shoe as a tight one tight can cause blisters, or even give the feeling of falling off altogether. 


A water shoe must offer a high amount of protection against water bed elements such as sharps stones. To get a high amount of protection, check for the sole material, its thickness, and the type of fitting, a particular shoe is offering. Further, try to pick an option that comes with added toe protection. 


As many outdoor activities are getting popular, manufacturers are crafting shoes with innovative designs that can be used for more than one purpose. This can confuse your mind as you may end up picking a shoe, that is showcased to be good for water activity but is not. That is why study your choice well and ensure that it has all the required traits which a water shoe must-have.

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Aqua Shoes: With adequate drainage, these shoes are designed for performance and long-term wear for activities such as walking through the river. 

Wet Shoes: They are designed specifically for in-water use and do not serve well on land if used for a longer time. 

Water Sandals: They are designed very similar in style to the aqua shoe but with larger openings for better drainage and a more spacious feel.

Boat Shoes: They are designed with an anti-slip sole to offer a strong grip on wet surfaces. 

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Five-finger Shoes: They are designed with dedicated pockets for each toe to form a sock-like shell that has a hard bottom and serves good on the beach or poolside. 

Beach Shoes: They are designed as lightweight shoes, sandals, or slippers that are quick to wear. These can go into the water as well as be suitable for dry land, much like aqua shoes.

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Q: Why Use Water Shoes Instead Of Walking Barefoot Or Using Regular Shoes?


Water shoes hold two main advantages of being barefoot. They add a layer of protection and provide a firm grip to avoid slipping, thus keeping you safe from falling. Further, a water shoe is specifically designed for water activities so it drains water and dries quickly to avoid the discomfort of the regular shoe when wet.

Q: How Many Types Of Water Shoes are There?


Boat shoes, water sandals, wet shoes, and aqua shoes are the most common types of water shoes out there all with their distinguishable features.

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Q: Will Water Ruin My Regular Shoes?


Yes. That is why a water shoe is preferred for activities with water engagement. 

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Having the most efficient water shoes for men helps in enjoying water activities to a higher extent. Not only it provides protection but it also gives the required support to boost the confidence for stepping in water. Further, a water shoe dries quickly which adds more comfort and maintains hygiene. Hopefully, one of the shoes for water we have listed in our best water shoes men’s list is the right one for you.

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