Relaxing in a hot place is a great way to relieve stress and aching muscles. When discussing something like that, the first thing that comes to mind are home saunas. However, a steam sauna can be difficult to install, not to mention very expensive. A great alternative to a traditional sauna is a 3 person infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas are quickly becoming a popular choice in home spa treatments because they are easy to install and enjoy. Unlike a classic sauna that uses steam, an infrared sauna uses far infrared light to warm you up. Regular sessions in the best 3 person infrared saunas offer the same health benefits as a traditional sauna.

But these are not exactly cheap either, so how do you choose the right one? We have carefully picked out five infrared saunas that are very well-made and have plenty of satisfied customers that confirm their quality. On top of this, our buying guide below will help you find the best 3 person infrared sauna that you will enjoy using day after day.

How To Choose The Best 3 Person Infrared Sauna – Buying Guide


Heat Source

A 3-person infrared sauna uses electricity to warm up the heating panels that emit far infrared light. There are two types of heaters used in a 3 person infrared sauna – ceramic and carbon. Both have certain advantages and which one you should buy comes down to your personal preference.

Ceramic infrared heaters are basically hollow rods with a heating element inside. When you turn it on, the rod heats up and starts emitting infrared rays. They can create a lot of heat (up to 150°F) but these rays don’t penetrate the skin as deep compared to carbon heaters. Additionally, they have a shorter lifespan but are cheaper and simpler to replace.

Carbon infrared heaters are large panels with a carbon coating that warms up and emits FIR. Compared to ceramic heaters, they cover a much larger area. They use less energy and generate less heat, but the waves they create penetrate the skin deeper. They are more expensive to buy but also last longer and require less maintenance.


Most infrared saunas have the upper temperature limit somewhere between 140 and 150°F. You shouldn’t concern yourself too much about these numbers since the optimal temperature for these saunas is between 110 and 130°F

Usually the best 3 person sauna comes with a control panel so you can pre-set the desired temperature before you get in. Additionally, you can always get a sauna thermometer if you want to have full insight into the temperature of your 3 person sauna.

Types of Sauna Wood

In addition to looks, the type of wood determines temperature resistance, durability, and how the three person sauna smells and feels. The most popular choices of wood are cedar, hemlock, aspen, poplar, and basswood.

Cedar is the best option if you’re after elegance and durability, but it also costs more. Poplar is a good option if you have sensitive skin and want a neutral wood. Finally, hemlock is a great choice if you want a good home sauna quality without spending too much money.


Infrared saunas are highly energy-efficient and can be powered through a standard wall outlet. The majority of the best infrared saunas for 3 people use 110 or 120 volts, and won’t require any professional wiring or installation. However, be sure to check this before buying. Also, it’s a big plus if your three person sauna has an integrated circuit breaker for added protection.

Additional Features

The best infrared saunas will come packed with additional features that can elevate your spa experience. From ambient lights to towel racks, these can really improve the comfort level (although for an increase in price). Below we are going to mention some of the more common features you can come across.

  • LED lighting: Extra lighting is a great addition to improve visibility as well as give you soothing light therapy.
  • Music connection: Whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker, an AUX output or a radio, having some music in your sauna is great.
  • Vents and Ionizers: These great design additions allow fresh air inside and make you more comfortable.
  • Smart control panel: A user-friendly panel will make using your 3 person infrared sauna frustration-free. With a smart control panel, you can easily choose settings like temperature, time, and lighting.

If you are looking for even more features, look at the 3 person infrared sauna reviews. Other buyers will often write reviews about how well their 3 person sauna worked, including all its features, which can give you very useful information.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The big question many people have when purchasing a 3 person sauna is where to put it: inside or outside? Most three person saunas are built to be used as either an indoor or an outdoor sauna.

If you want to install a three person sauna outside, you have to consider getting the right power supply, how the weather is going to impact it, and whether this voids the warranty. We advise that you read the information about the specific product and see whether it’s safe to install outside.

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Even though no infrared sauna is exactly cheap, there are still significant differences in cost between certain models. Having the best 3 person infrared sauna doesn’t necessarily mean having the most expensive one. For example, opting for hemlock wood instead of cedar and ceramic heaters instead of carbon can save you a lot of money. Also, most extra features are optional, so you can skip on them to save some money too.



Q: What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?


Infrared saunas are easier to install, use, and maintain than a traditional sauna. They can be a great choice for someone who wishes to have a home sauna but doesn’t want all the complications of a professional installation. Unlike steam saunas, these saunas are simply plugged in and turned on.

Healthwise, infrared saunas have amazing health benefits. You can detox, ease muscles, clear your head, and promote weight loss, among other things. There are endless ways in which an infrared sauna can improve your wellbeing.

Q: What is the best place to place a sauna?


Both indoor and outdoor saunas exist, so this is really up to your personal preference and the space around your home. Regardless of where you plan to put it, you need to have adequate floor space. Putting it outside is better in terms of room, but might not be better for the home sauna itself. Because of this, there are even 3 person corner infrared sauna models that fit smaller areas better.

Q: Do infrared saunas really work?


Yes, they do. Several studies have shown that the body reacts very positively to a session in an infrared sauna. Like a regular sauna, these raise body temperature and induce sweating. They are proven to improve your mood, reduce stress, relieve pain in joints and muscles, and are beneficial to your cardiovascular system.

Q: Can infrared saunas cause cancer?


No, infrared saunas don’t cause cancer. While the Far Infrared does penetrate the skin, it doesn’t change its structure or do anything other than raise its temperature. In other words, you have nothing to be afraid of.

Q: What do you wear in an infrared sauna?


If you wear clothing to an infrared sauna, make sure it’s light and loose. A comfortable cotton t-shirt and shorts are a good option, or just a regular towel. FIR penetrates through clothing so this won’t be a problem. Of course, it’s also perfectly fine to wear nothing at all.

Q: How long should you stay in an infrared sauna?


After you get used to the heat and start sweating, the sauna session should last from 20 to 30 minutes. People who use the sauna often have sessions that go up to 45 minutes, but more than that is not recommended in a single session. Additionally, you can use the 3 person sauna every day.

Q: Should you shower after infrared sauna?


Yes. Because you will sweat a lot, getting a cold (or warm) shower will rinse the toxins and freshen you up. If it’s possible, don’t use soaps or lotions because the pores on your skin are wide open. Also, it's best to wait for at least a couple of minutes before you hit the shower (after exiting the sauna), so the body can cool down a bit.

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The best 3 person infrared sauna will make your home a 5-star spa experience. An infrared sauna offers relaxing heat and countless health benefits – all in the privacy of your home. On top of this, they are fairly affordable and very durable. With the best infrared sauna for 3 people, you will be able to share the joy of a sauna with your family and friends.

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