Infrared saunas are personalized home spa treatments that allow you to bring a luxury experience into the privacy of your home. From foot spas to whirlpool tubs, there are a lot of different home spa products on the market. For the best sauna experience, a top rated sauna for 1 person is a great investment.

Infrared saunas are quickly becoming the most popular choice in home spa treatments because they are easy to use and effectively eliminate body stress. Saunas can come in a variety of styles, but the best way to get a personalized spa experience at home is to use a single person sauna. But a top rated infrared saunas 1 person design can be hard to find.

Our guide is designed to help you find the best 1 person infrared sauna that you will enjoy using to unwind after a hard day. Below we have some important features to consider, as well as a list of the eight best infrared saunas.

How To Choose The Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna – Buying Guide


Infrared saunas are quickly becoming the top choice of sauna designs because they are easy to install and cost less than a traditional sauna. The infrared technology is also a much more efficient way to heat your sauna, plus they have amazing benefits like helping you fight cancer. A personal sauna is perfect for a mini spa experience.

However, there are many different models available and lots of different brands, so you are faced with an overwhelming choice. Here are some features that will help you determine what makes a quality single person sauna. These tips will help make the buying process easier and faster, so you can spend more time relaxing.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

The first choice you will have to make is where to put your sauna, because you can find both indoor and outdoor sauna designs. The choice will be up to you and where you have the space in your home to place a sauna.

However, not all sauna designs are versatile to be used both indoors and outdoors. Most one person infrared saunas will be one or the other, so keep that in mind when you are shopping around.

Source of Heating

The one person sauna kits that made it onto our list all use infrared technology to heat your body and penetrate deeply into your core to give you the best relaxing feeling.

With a 1-person sauna with low EMF, you won’t feel as much change in the surrounding areas temperature as you will within your body. This is because the infrared wavelength targets your body directly and sends the heat your way. This is a much more convenient sauna technology because it is easier to use and faster to install.


The best infrared sauna for 1 person will use the standard 110 or 120 volts that are common in most homes. This means that most designs are plug and play; simply plug in your sauna into the outlet and turn it on.

Types of Sauna Wood

Wood is the best material for mini saunas because it is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. Wood will easily add style to your home and ensure that your sauna is an attractive addition to any space.

However, there are many different types of wood that are used, and each has its own visual appeal. The most common woods used for a mini sauna 1 person design is Cedar, Hemlock, and Aspen.

Other Features

A personal sauna may be packed with extra features to elevate your spa experience.

LED lighting is a great addition because it will give you the best visibility, so you can even read while you relax.

A music connection is an excellent way to relax and jam to your favorite tunes or zone out to ambient music.

Finally, having smart control panels can make using your single person sauna a breeze, so that you can control the light, temperature, and time setting of your mini sauna.

If you are curious about the features of your sauna or whether you need certain features, look at 1 person sauna reviews. Other buyers will often write reviews to comment on the design and features, which can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money by helping you determine which one person sauna is best for you.


As small as they are, top rated infrared saunas for 1 person are still expensive, but you should be able to set a budget for yourself and find a quality model that suits all your needs. One way to help determine a budget is to consider all the different features and what you would like your personal sauna to have. The more features the sauna has, the more expensive it will be. You can save money by choosing a one person sauna kit with less features.


With the infrared technology you won’t feel a change in the surrounding area, as much as you will within your own body, but you will still have a temperature control setting with your personal sauna. You should be careful of setting the temperature too high. If you ever experience difficulty breathing, you should immediately lower the temperature. Sauna thermometers can also help you determine the exact temperature inside.

Ease and Use of Maintenance

A top rated sauna for 1 person should be easy to use and maintain. You should be provided with clear directions on how to operate your sauna, as well as instructions on the best cleaning methods to reduce accidental damage. It’s best that you follow all instructions and guidelines that are provided to ensure you never damage or break your personal sauna. The warnings are also there for your personal safety too.



Q: What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?


Infrared saunas have a lot of benefits for both your home and your body. With both indoor and outdoor designs, infrared saunas can be quickly plugged in and turned on, which makes installation extremely easy. They can be a great home spa treatment for people who want a simple, but effective machine.

Saunas also have a lot of great health benefits and can even promote weight loss. With a mini sauna you can detox, relax muscles, and ease your mind. With weekly sessions in a personal sauna, you should be able to feel an amazing difference in your body.

Q: What is the best place to place a sauna?

A: This will depend on the space around your home; remember that saunas come in both indoor and outdoor designs. You will have to choose where you would like to place your sauna and measure the space to ensure there is enough room to place it there. You can’t cram a sauna into a space that is too small; you will risk damaging your home and the sauna.

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A top rated infrared sauna 1 person design is an excellent way to bring a 5-star spa experience into the privacy of your own home. A 1 person infrared sauna with low EMF is affordable, easy to use, and safe to use to relax and erase the stress of the day. With the best one person sauna you can relax in privacy and luxury.

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