All year round, whether it’s during the scorching heat of the summer season or the bone piercing cold East coast winter, there is nothing as soothing as dipping into a warm hot tub at the end of a long day. The articulated balance between air and water created by the therapy jets delivers that soothing and relaxing feeling to your body.

Plug and play hot tubs offer this option and a more reasonable and doable deal. The best plug and play hot tubs deliver the same outstanding performance of the standard hot tub. However, they do this with perks – environmentally friendly energy-efficient management systems, cost-friendly price tags, and no installation fees. Plus, you can move them to whatever location you want.

Listed below are the 10 best plug and play hot tubs in 2022 – each offering their unique features and why they stand out. The choice is all yours to go for whichever meets your preferences the most.

How To Choose A Plug And Play Hot Tub – Buying Guide



When choosing the best plug and play hot tub, you must check the size to ensure the tub meets your preferences. The size of the hot tub is denoted by the capacity. Typically, the best plug and play hot tub will have a capacity to accommodate anywhere between two to six people.

If you have a large family or intend to accommodate guests, you probably want to invest in a 4 to 6 person hot tub. For a smaller family or a couple looking for a cost-effective option, a 2 person hot tub is an ideal choice.

Length Of The Cord

The best plug and play spa can either be used indoors or outdoors. This means that the hot tub should be designed to easily be functional and practical. One of the features that should be examined is the cord. The power cord of the best plug and play spa should be at least 50 feet.


The best plug and play hot tub should not be noisy. The main objective is hydrotherapy and relaxation. Thus, you certainly don’t want to do this deafening and annoying sounds of the pump or water bubbling from the jets. You can simply go through real customer reviews of the hot tub you wish to purchase. This helps you to understand exactly how it works.


Good quality hot tubs are made with inner liners as well as outer shells and framings. You want to go for an outer shell that is sturdy and protective enough such as fiberglass and ABS reinforced bottoms. And because you will be placing them in your patio or backyard, you want them to be attractive too without losing their function. Framings such as mahogany wood or composite materials are used for the framings.

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Jets are an important part of the hot tub. They are what provide hydrotherapy. However, a larger number of jets doesn’t necessarily mean higher function. Instead, look for features and designs such as jets that are adjustable. This allows you to easily customize the performance to your preferences.

You can even check out the positioning of the jets and ask yourself are plug and play hot tubs any good for you? Especially those with jets on the seats for example? This is because these designs allow for a full body massage. If that is what you are looking for.


Some of the best plug and play spa options will feature the waterfall design. Like an actual waterfall, they will feature the intricate waterfall effect of the water from the hot tub coupled with the soothing water flow sounds.


Because hot tubs use hot water, you want the material used to be sturdy and safe enough to accommodate this as well as the weight of its occupants. The majority of plug and play will feature a fiberglass construction with foam insulation to trap the heat. The fiberglass is also reinforced with other materials such as wood in the outer shell as well as stainless steel or graphite heaters and jets.


The majority of the best plug and play spas are fitted with LED lights. These lights are ideal for the night and make a great addition to your hot tub by setting that spa-like and relaxing mood.



Q: Can Plug And Play Hot Tubs Be Used In Winter?


Plug and play hot tubs can be used during winter. However, because of the limited strength of the heater, it is advised not to use them for prolonged periods or consistently. If you want a hot tub for heavy-duty use during winter, it is always best to go for standard hot tubs.

Q: How Long Does It Take For A Plug And Play Hot Tub To Heat Up?


Typically, a plug and play hot tub will take anywhere from 10 to 18 hours to heat up.

Q: Can You Use An Extension Cord For A Plug And Play Hot Tub?


The majority of plug and play hot tub models are not compatible with extension cables. However, you may find a few that are.

Q: What's A Plug And Play Hot Tub?


A plug and play hot tub works like a standard hot tub however, they avoid the high installation costs for you. They come with a 110V cord which you can simply plug to an outlet, fill the tub with water and start using it.

Q: Why Choose A Plug And Play Hot Tub?


A plug and play hot tub is  relatively cheaper than a standard hot tub. Because f its low energy consumption and high energy recovery, it is also cost-effective to maintain. Plus it plug and play design mean there are no added installation costs.

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The plug and play hot tub reviews outline their convenience as hot tub options. Their cost-friendly and time-saving design make them the best option for a conventional 21st century home, especially with our fast-paced lives. The buying guide above effectively details on what to look for when choosing the best plug and play hot tub to invest in. The list of the 10 best plug and play hot tubs above is an excellent platform to begin with.

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