ISLE Airtech 12’6 Touring Inflatable SUP Review


ISLE-Airtech-12'6-Touring-Paddle-Board-FeaturesIsle Airtech Touring Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The Isle Airtech 12’6” is a showstopper — this is one of our favorite inflatables stand up paddle boards! The price tag may be a bit more than most other inflatable SUPs, but we think it’s actually a pretty great deal for this special “Touring” style board.

We consistently find the Isle boards to be among the best looking isup boards. Call us superficial, but we think it feels good to look good out on the water. And for those who are rightfully concerned with function over form, there may be even more to offer here in that department.

Again, many beginning riders may want to save a couple of hundred dollars and stick with a more traditional shape (try Isle’s Airtech 10’ or Tower’s Adventurer 2 10’4”, for example). But for the small price bump on the Airtech 12’6”, Isle has made available to beginning and intermediate riders a great design type that’s usually only attainable with much more expensive, rigid boards.

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This board is a Touring style design. That means it’s a longer board, ideal for building up speed over larger distances. For more novice users, the large board can be nice simply for the added stability and control — the narrow hull design nose makes a big difference with speed, while the thickness of the board keeps it very stable and comfortable. If you want an even bigger board to consider the Tower Explorer 14’. The quality of the craftsmanship on both of these boards is excellent, but that board will give you an extra foot and a half for super-stability and long-distance speed. Stick with the Isle Airtech 12’6” to maintain a bit more lightness (and save $150).

ISLE Airtech 12’6 iSUP Features:

As usual, Isle’s package for the Airtech 12’6” comes with everything you need to get started. The board comes with a paddle, pump, repair kit, and travel bag. The on-board EVA traction pad is high quality and comfortable for long rides.

  • Super-soft EVA diamond-groove 1 Piece traction pad
  • Comfort carry handle
  • High-pressure pump & gauge included
  • 3 Piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle included
  • Travel bag included
  • Repair kit included
  • 4 D-rings on the deck for attaching accessories, 1 on the tail for a leash
  • 9 inch Center Box Fin & 2 Side Fins

ISLE Airtech Specifications:

Size: 12’6” long x 30” wide x 6” thick

Weight: 32 pounds

Weight limit: 300 pounds

Material: Drop-Stitch PVC

Inflating: Inflates to 12-15 PSI

ISLE Airtech Inflatable SUP User Experience:

Set up: The set up is just what you’d expect from a high-quality inflatable SUP — just roll it out and pump it up, and attach the center fin. When you’re done, the board rolls up like a sleeping bag to 1 foot in diameter by 36 inches wide.

Isle-Touring-Airtech-Inflatable-SUP-RideThe Ride: The narrow hull design of the nose makes this board extra fast gliding through the choppy water. The Touring design was created for racing boards, but this board is a great balance for less serious riders who want a taste of that fun, swift ride. Isle has created a great design that’s easy to handle and fun to ride. We think this is where this board really shines.


  • Unique Touring-style design for beautifully smooth, fun riding.
  • The diamond-groove EVA deck pad is nice and cushy and grippy.
  • The board has very slick looks, in our opinion, as does the bag.


  • Not the highest quality paddle. This is true of most pre-packaged paddles. If you want a good paddle you’ll have to shell out an extra $40-$60.
  • Pumping can be difficult. Again, this is a problem common to all inflatable boards, and for those who get too tired out pumping, the solution is an automatic electric pump, also for around $40-$60.

Paddle Board Overall Rating:

Based on all the information we’ve gathered on this board, here’s our overall breakdown for the ISLE Airtech 12’6 Touring Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP):

  • Price: 95% – Sure, this is getting into the higher price range for inflatable stand up paddleboards, but we think that this is a really great deal for what you’re getting. The Airtech 12’6” performs nearly as well as much more expensive, much less convenient hard boards.
  • Material: 100% – Nothing to complain about. The drop-stitched PVC is heavy-duty.
  • Design: 100% – The unique shape of this board makes it a pleasure to ride and will surely make some other paddlers jealous. Not to mention the flashy good looks…
  • Overall: 96% – One of our highest-rated boards. While it’s moving toward the higher price range of inflatable SUPs, the speedy Touring design, beautiful style, and high-quality materials and accessories make the Airtech 12’6” a real winner.


Globo Surf Overview:

The Isle Airtech 12’6” is like a little slice of attainable luxury for the inflatable SUP market. This board is a real beauty and it has a quality ride to match. We think any beginning paddler should give this board a serious look as they shop around — for an extra $150 or so, you’ll be treating yourself to that extra-smooth and extra-fast Touring ride, as well as a beautiful board that will definitely catch eyes.

Again, we wouldn’t want to push this board on every beginning paddler looking to buy their first board. There are plenty of great budget boards out there! The Airtech 12’6” is one to consider for those who want something a little different — a little sleeker, a little quicker — and are willing to spend a bit more money to get it.

If you’re interested, head over to the Isle Airtech 12’6” page on Amazon to check out the rest of the customer reviews and get free shipping when you’re ready to buy.

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Isle Airtech Touring Stand Up Paddle Board Review