Gili 11′ / 12′ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board Review


lifestyleThe Gili 11’ 12’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board features the design of a true adventure touring board. Whether a beginner or seasoned rider, the inflatable paddle board works just great on the water. Its hybrid and premium construction allows you to use the bard in all water conditions, whether exploring hard-to-reach lakes or exploring the wilderness for camping. 

While it offers unmatched performance on the water, the paddleboard also comes with generous onboard space. You can bring it with your pet dog or take advantage of the multiple storage options for your fishing gear, camping equipment, or picnic items. 

You can choose between the 11-foot or 12-foot Adventure board, based on your needs and skill set. You can also choose between the three paddle options. You can opt for a basic midweight fiberglass paddle with a nylon blade. Alternatively, you can go for a lightweight and stiff carbon paddle with a nylon blade. If you have the cash to splurge, you can choose the premium carbon paddle with a premium carbon shaft and blade. 

The inflatable touring paddle board is made from polyvinyl chloride material and integrates a Fusion Dual Layer technology. This, in turn, makes the Gili Adventure amongst the strongest and lightest iSUP on the market. Yet, the PVC material and fusion tech still account for the board’s ultra rugged finish, allowing it to survive dents, tears, and other damages. 

Nonetheless, while maintaining its ultra rugged and high tensile finish, the iSUP is ultra portable. It only weighs around 22 and 23 lbs respectively, when inflated. In fact, the included dual stage hand pump inflates and deflates the paddleboard in just a few seconds. When inflated, the paddleboard feels as hard as a hard shell board. 

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On the other hand, the paddle board’s shape and design survive a variety of water conditions while accommodating riders of all levels. The paddleboard is complemented further by a 9-inch snap-in main fin you can install in seconds. 

On the deck, you will notice a grooved diamond traction pad that increases your grip on the board.  In particular, the board has a center grooved EVA pad with rear diamond patterns and a raised rear tail pad for continual underfoot comfort. Four removable side handles you can mount and the front and rear bungee systems make it easier to move the paddleboard. 

You will also notice an integrated paddle holder for easy access to your paddle and to rest hands-free when not paddling. Front and rear bungees come with the board, allowing you to attach additional gear like your camping cooler or fishing tackle box

The Adventure series features a newly improved front 4-point removable rear bungee and a rear 6-point oversized bungee. The inflatable paddle board also comes with additional storage features, such as 20 D-rings, 3 action mounts, Scotty mounts, and a paddle holder. 

The action mounts include a nose action mount for your camera while the two allow you to add cup holders, fishing rod holders, and many more. On the other hand, the two rear Scotty mounts offer extra storage for fishing rod holders, anchor mounts, and even an exclusive Gili tackle rack. 

Here are other essential Adventure iSUP features:

  • PVC construction with light and strong Fusion dual Layer Technology 
  • Hybrid shape and design to survive different conditions and to cater to different skills
  • Extra large grooved diamond traction pad with rear kick pad
  • Four front and rear removable side handle and a paddle holder
  • Front and rear point bungee system
  • 20 D-rings to stow away gear
  • Newly designed nose action mount and dual action mounts
  • Dual rear Scotty mounts


specificationsDimensions (LxWxH) : 11’ x 32’’x 6’’/ 12’ x 32’’x 6’’ 

Volume: 238 / 272L

Weight: 22 lbs. /23 lbs.

Color options: Blue, teal, yellow, orange, and camo finishes

Paddle: Fiberglass, carbon/nylon, or full carbon 

Accessories: Adjustable travel paddle, dual-stage hand pump, backpack, 8-inch coiled ankle leash, 9-inch snap-in center fin, and repair kit

User Experience

user_experienceUsability: 98% – A true touring inflatable paddleboard, the Gili Adventure offers an impressive size to accommodate the rider, companion pet, and sufficient gear you’ll need. The board’s hybrid shape and lightweight profile improve its maneuverability on the water. Its high tensile construction allows it to survive different conditions without suffering damage. When you are on board, you will also be impressed with how it inflates and feels like a hard shell paddleboard. The stability it offers makes the touring SUP pretty versatile, whether cruising, fishing, or SUP camping. 

Durability: 97% – The Gili Adventure series paddleboard certainly leaves a mark when it comes to durability. Its construction design stands among the best on the market. Its Fusion technology creates one of the lightest yet, strongest materials on the Gili iSUP fleet. In turn, the paddleboard can tread waters in different conditions, without the worry of any possible significant damage. Additionally, while weighing a meager 22 to 23 lbs when inflated, the paddleboard can support a high load capacity of up to 330 lbs. 


  • Ultra light and strong body
  • Very fast and highly maneuverable
  • Great quality and generous features – including storage space
  • A good selection of paddles


  • You may experience some issues fitting the fin
  • Not a budget-friendly iSUP

Overall Rating

Usability: 98% – The Gili Adventure series offers incredible usability. From its high tensile construction to impressive maneuverability and unmatched storage capacity, the paddleboard doesn’t disappoint. You will even have the choice between two paddle board lengths to cater to your needs and skill set. 

Durability: 97% – One of the best selling points for the Gili Adventure iSUP is its durable construction. The combination of the PVC material and dual layer Fusion technology ensures its high tensile performance. It doesn’t only support a high load capacity. It also protects the inflatable stand up paddleboard from damages, like dings, dents, and tears.

Price: 97% – The paddleboard is not your typical budget-friendly option. Yet, it’s worth the price. Combining its durable construction and variety of premium features, the inflatable paddle board offers more than a basic board. So, if you want to splurge a little on a good quality, premium board, the Gili Adventure is worth the splurge.

Overall: 98% – The Gili Adventure board brings incredible value for your money. But, for its slightly high price tag, the touring inflatable paddle board is short of being perfect. Whether it’s the durable construction, myriad storage features, spacious deck, or smooth maneuverability, you can never get enough of its adventure piece.

Globo Surf Overview

The Gili 11’ 12’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board is what you need if you have an adventure on your mind. The touring inflatable paddle board takes your paddling to a whole new level, whether cruising untapped territories, fishing, or camping. The best part about the paddleboard is it works for paddlers of all levels. So, if you are ready to splurge, this is the board to go for.

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