Whenever you have an inflatable object, the idea of having to blow it up by mouth or hand is simply exhausting. The best air pump for inflatables will eliminate stress and do the hard work for you. With an electric air pump, you can easily inflate everything you need for a great time outdoors. Whether you’re looking to inflate pool floats, an air mattress or even a boat, a pump for inflatables will have you set up in no time. 

But finding the right type of inflatable pump and a quality design can be difficult. With plenty of options on the market, we narrowed down the ten best products and provided a brief review of each air pump. With our help, you’ll find the top rated electric air pump for inflatables that guarantees that you aren’t wasting energy or breaths.

How To Choose An Air Pump For Inflatable – Buying Guide



When you are looking at a top rated electric air pump for inflatables, you want to be sure that you’ve chosen the correct model to suit your needs. The best air pump for inflatables will do everything you need it to and have the versatility to blow up various items. You should look at the pump’s overall design and adapters to determine if it will be the right choice for your home. 

Intended Use

All 12v air pump for inflatables are intended to be used for moderate sized items like pool floats or small mattresses. If you are inflating larger objects, you may want to look at a design that is used in your home and connects to a standard outlet. The intended use is important because you do not want to try to inflate an object with a pump that lacks power. 


The best electric air pump for inflatables will have a universal compatibility, which means that the pump can be used with valves that are large or small in size. A portable air pump for inflatables should come with a few accessories, like various sized nozzles, that ensure you have a wider range of compatibility. 


When you’re using a pump in the home, portability is not as important. But if you’re looking for an air pump for inflatable boats or other outdoor gear items, portability is very important. However, the best air pump for inflatables should be portable no matter where it is used. 

Features that increase the portability of a design include a compact body and carrying handle, which makes it easier to manage your inflatable pump and take it anywhere you want to go. 

Power Source

The best electric air pump for inflatables will use a standard power source that is suited for use in the car or home. A 12v air pump for inflatables should have a DC adapter, which can be used with your car if you’re on the road. But a pump to blow up inflatables in the home will use a standard outlet with 110-120 volts. 

Finally, you may have a pump for inflatables that is manual. This means that no power source is required to operate the pump and you will be providing all the power with your arms or hands. 

Cord Length

But no matter where you use your air pump, you want it to have a long cord length. Longer cords are easier to use because it gives you more space to inflate your items. With more space, you won’t have to cram into odd spaces when pumping air into your inflatables. 



Q: Can I Use One Pump For All Inflatables?


The two most common types of air pumps are an electric air pump or manual air pump. An electric inflatable pump uses a power source like a standard wall outlet or DC adapter to force air in and out of a chamber. These pumps are the easiest to use because they do the hard work for you. But other designs like a rechargeable air pump for inflatables will use batteries and an outlet to function. 

But some designs are manual, which means that you do the hard work. For people who don’t want to rely on a source of electricity, these pumps are great for when you’re on an adventure or need a portable air pump for inflatables.

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Q: How Much PSI Do I Need?


Yes because the best air pumps for inflatables will include various nozzles, which adapt the size of the pump to fit different valves. So, you should be able to use one pump for all inflatables. But air pump for inflatables reviews can give you a good idea of what types of products the pump is best used with in terms of compatibility.

Q: How Much PSI Do I Need?

A: The PSI really just refers to how fast the pump will inflate items. A higher PSI means that it is pushing out more air, so the pump will inflate items quickly. There is no set PSI, but most pumps will push out at least 300 liters of air per minute.

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Many people use inflatable products around the home or outside and almost everyone knows what a pain it can be to inflate items without the proper tools. With a quality inflatable pump, you will have exactly what you need to quickly and efficiently inflate all your toys, balls, beds, boats, and more. 

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