Chlorine is a necessity for a clean, hygienic, and healthy pool, maintained with a simple use of the best pool chlorine dispenser. It is a staple part of a pool maintenance schedule because it is a powerful chemical that sanitizes and maintains a pristine swimming pool. However, chlorine can be a tricky chemical to add. You want to ensure it is evenly spread throughout the water, while also limiting the contact with your skin.

A top-rated dispenser for pool water can do the hard work for you. Plus, it is an easy and safe way to integrate the chemical into your water. An automatic pool chemical dispenser will float in the water and use sticks or tablets of chlorine, but since there is a wide palette of options, we’ve made a research and collected the best floating chlorine dispenser for pool available on the market. 

Our guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the best pool chlorine dispenser that will make pool maintenance a breeze, and by following the review for each one, you can make sure that your pool will remain clean and ready for the summer days.

How To Choose A Pool Chlorine Dispenser – Buying Guide


Pool Size

The size of your pool will determine how much chlorine you need to add to ensure it stays clean. Larger pools have more gallons of water and will need more chlorine, whereas smaller pools will require less.

Depending on the size of your pool, you may want to add more than one dispenser. But you should be cautious because you can place a couple of chlorine sticks or tabs into one dispenser, so you don’t want to put too many dispensers in a small pool and create an imbalance in chlorine, as mentioned in all the pool chlorine dispenser reviews.


Swimming pool chlorine dispensers are made of durable plastic. You will not often see a chlorine floater that is not made of plastic. Plastic is a great material because it is lightweight, clean, and strong.

Plastic is a lightweight material, which is good because an automatic pool chemical dispenser needs to float on the surface and not sink to the bottom. It is also a material that will resist getting dirty. It won’t collect bacteria or other contaminants and it is also strong and will not be harmed by the chlorine.


There are different types available in chlorine floater designs. Some designs are a liquid chlorine pool dispenser, which takes the chemical in liquid form. However, most designs on our list take a solid form of chlorine.

These pool chlorine dispenser floaters will have a part that holds the chlorine and have small slits that allow it to dissolve and disperse. Some designs have a way that you can time or determine the rate at which the chlorine is released. These are the best chlorine dispenser for pool water designs because they allow you to use less chlorine.

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A floating chlorine tablet dispenser needs to be durable. It will be constantly in contact with water and chlorine, so it needs to resist breaking down. A top rated dispenser for pool water should be made of a durable plastic, which is strong and resistant to pool chemical damage.

However, a pool chlorine dispenser floater should be able to withstand a few knocks. If you are swimming around the pool and accidentally kick your chlorine floater, it shouldn’t be damaged or break into pieces. It should be resilient enough to take a few bumps and hits too.


There are a lot of different prices for floating pool chlorine dispensers. You can find expensive models and inexpensive models. The brand and where you purchase them may affect the price.

However, you should always be able to find a swimming pool chlorine dispenser for your budget, no matter how high or low it is.



Q: Why use a chlorine dispenser?


A dispenser makes adding chlorine to your water effortless and simple. The best chlorine dispenser will allow you to integrate the chemical into your pool over a period of time, which means you can use less chlorine. Less chlorine means you can protect your hair, clothes, and skin from the chemical, but still, have clean water inside the pool.

A top-rated dispenser for pool water a work alongside other chemicals in your water like pool algaecides to rid your water of algae and keep it clean. This will ultimately allow you to better balance all the chemicals of your pool, including the pH level. With an automatic pool chemical dispenser, you’ll have a clean and stunning swimming pool with less effort.

Q: How many chlorine dispensers do I need?


This will depend on the size of your pool and how much chlorine it needs. You don’t have to use just one chlorine floater; you can use as many as you need. You should be certain that you keep the chlorine in balance and add the proper amount.

If you need a handful of chlorine tablets for a larger sized pool, you can split up those tablets into a couple of different dispensers to a more even integration into your pool.

Q: When should I use a chlorine dispenser?


Always. Once you make the change to using an automatic pool chemical dispenser, pool maintenance will be easier and safer. Instead of having to distribute chlorine throughout your pool, you can leave tablets inside a chlorine floater and allow it to dispense the chemical for you. This means less contact with the strong and undiluted chemical. You just have to remember to check the level of chlorine in your dispenser.

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Pool maintenance is extremely important. No one wants to dive into unclean water. One of the popular swimming pool tips that pool owners use is to integrate a floating chlorine tablet dispenser into their pool.

With a top rated dispenser for pool water, your work becomes obsolete. Instead of worrying about constantly adding chlorine into your pool, it can be done automatically for you. The best pool chlorine dispenser will easily maintain clear and clean water. If you know exactly what you need, you can save time and money. Relax faster and invest in a chlorine floater if you are willing to make sure that no additional problems will occur.

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