It takes diligent testing and balancing of the water chemistry to maintain an inviting swimming pool whose water is sparkling clean, crystal clear and healthy to swim in. For everyday pool maintenance, whenever you’re having pool issues or to make sure the water is safe before diving in for a swim, test strips are the easiest and quickest way to check the levels of chemicals in your pool water. Using the best pool test strips that will make accurate readings every time is crucial. Below, we’ve reviewed ten top rated pool water test strips that many pool owners have confidence in.

How To Choose A Pool Test Strip – Buying Guide


When choosing pool testing strips, it is very important to go through pool test strips reviews by pool owners so you can choose reliable top rated pool water test strips that will give you accurate readings. Below are the essential features the best test strips should have and that you should have in mind when reading reviews and buying test strips for your pool:

Ease of Use

Pool test strips are inherently easy to use. Simply dip a strip in the pool, remove it from water, wait a couple of seconds for the color to change and match the results on the strip to the provided color scale. However, not all test strips results are easy to interpret. For ease of reading results, the colors on the strip should be bright and similar to the ones on the provided color chart. The bottle should be easy to open and close. Easy to understand and follow instructions should also be provided.


Accuracy is the most important quality swimming pool test strips should have. No matter how easy to use test strips are or what incredible value they offer, they are useless if they don’t deliver accurate results. You should be able to rely on the strips to keep your water well balanced and healthy to swim in.

To ensure that you get accurate test strips, buy top rated pool water test strips from a reputable brand. Check pool test strips reviews to find out whether the test strips you’re considering read pool water or hot tub chemistry correctly. Once you get the strips, use them to test the water and compare the readings to those of other pool test kits to test their accuracy and decide whether to keep or return them. 


As long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, pool chemical test strips should provide the same results if you test the pool multiple times and even if different people test the water. The results should also be consistent with those provided by other pool test kits or obtained in a pool store.


Test strips provide an easy and quick way to test pool water quality for everyday maintenance, when you want to dive in and swim some laps, and when you notice issues. Most pool testing strips test for the key chemicals in a pool: chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and total hardness. There are also test strips that check for just one aspect of water quality such as pool pH tests or calcium hardness strips. If you have a bromine pool system or want to check stabilizer/cyanuric acid level as well, there are pool chemical test strips that check for these too. Be sure to get test strips that check what you want to test and are compatible with your pool, whether you have saltwater, inground, or above ground pool


To ensure that you get high quality and easy to use test strips that will be useful, check how the product you’re considering is designed. The strips should be big enough to hold comfortably as you dip into the water and read the results. The pads shouldn’t bleed. The container should be watertight and desiccant lined to protect the test strips from degradation by moisture and UV rays. The bottle should also be easy to open and close. You shouldn’t have to fumble to remove one test strip without disturbing the others.

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Test strips are inexpensive and great value for money. Most products pack 50 strips in a bottle. There are also some generous packs of 100 strips offered at the same price level as the 50 count options. To obtain the best value for your money, consider both the quantity and quality of the strips. The test strips should remain in good condition and give accurate results so they are reliable for as long as they last. Test strips usually have a shelf life of 24-36 months.



Q: How Do I Use My Pool Test Strips?

A: Using pool test strips is as simple and straightforward as `dip and read’. Just dip a strip into your pool water for about two seconds. Remove it from the water and shake off the excess water. Wait 10-30 seconds for the colors to change. To determine the current water chemistry in your pool, match the resulting colors on the strip to the colors on the color chart provided. Your test strips will come with easy to follow directions of use. For accurate and consistent results, it is important to follow these instructions to a tee.

Q: How Regularly Should I Test My Swimming Pool?

A: You should test your swimming pool at least two times a week. You should also test it if you notice issues such as water turning green. With test strips, testing your pool water is easy and quick and you can even check your pool daily.

Q: How Accurate are Pool Test Strips?


High-quality pool test strips offered by reputable brands are accurate. They utilize the same technology medical strips use. To test the accuracy of your test strips, you can compare their readings against those of other pool test kits or take a sample of your pool water for testing in a pool store.

However, how accurate your test results will be will depend on a number of factors. To ensure you get accurate and consistent results, you should use and handle test strips correctly. You should store them in a tightly sealed container and in a cool and dry place away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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The best swimming pool test strips are a must have for every pool owner. They make it easy to maintain a healthy and balanced pool water chemistry. Regular pool testing is important and the simplicity of testing strips encourages frequent testings and makes it easy to stick to a pool maintenance schedule. The above top rated pool water test strips work very well for swimming pools and even for hot tubs. It is also important to have your pool’s water professionally tested in a pool store occasionally. 

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