If you are thinking about kayaks, engaging in water would be the next thought in your mind. But those who are experienced in this water sport can tell you that planning a kayaking session is more than just rowing the kayak in the water. For having a perfect kayaking experience, you need to have several accessories and a kayak bilge pump is one of them.

A bilge pump is a small and compact water evacuating equipment that helps you in removing water from your kayak’s cockpit. As water enters the cockpit quite often, you need to have the best bilge pump for a kayak that is not only durable but also efficient. With that, the best kayak bilge pump should be the one that you can handle and stow easily.

Making a choice considering all such features can be difficult and takes your valuable time and effort. To make things easy for you, we have gone through several kayak bilge pump reviews and come up with a list of the 10 best kayak bilge pump in 2023 with a comprehensive guide to compare them.

How To Choose A Kayak Bilge Pump – Buying Guide


The best kayak bilge pump for kayak depends on the size of your kayak and the type of waters you kayak in.


If you are looking for bilge pumps that are suitable for a small kayak or flatwater paddling, a capacity of 8 gallons per minute is the minimum number to look for.


The best kayak bilge pumps would be made of high-quality grade plastic with stainless steel parts that offer resistance to corrosion and shocks.


Considering the size of a hand pump is vital as there is limited storage space on a kayak. That is why you must select a small bilge that can fit in your kayak.


The handle should offer a secure, non-slip grip so you will be able to pump without it slipping, even if your hands are wet and slippery.


In rough water conditions, in the event of a capsize, chances are high that your bilge pump will fall on the water. That is why manual bilge pumps are covered with foam to give them buoyancy.

Power Source

If you paddle a small kayak or are kayaking on flat water, a hand bilge pump that is manually powered will be sufficient. In rough waters, whitewater, or in the surf where a lot of water get into your kayak and sloshes in continuously, you need an automatic electric bilge pump that is battery powered. In any case, it is a wise choice to have a manual pump for backup.



Q: Why Do I Need A Bilge Pump for My Kayak?


While kayaking, there are high chances that water will get into your kayak. Even if you have a scupper plug to stop water from getting in from below, water can still get in from waves and drip in from the paddle. Without kayak bilge pumps, removing extra water from the cockpit is a really hard job.

Q: Can I Use My Boat Bilge Pump?


If you have a compact boat bilge pump that will fit easily in your kayak, you can use it as a kayak manual pump. If you have an automatic boat bilge pump, you will have to uninstall it from your boat and install it in your kayak. Also, battery-powered bilge pumps may not be able to expel small amounts of water from your kayak.

Q: How to Use Manual Bilge Pumps ?


With the handle at the top and the intake in the water, point the outlet of the manual pump over the side of the kayak. Lift the handle up and down to draw the water up through the pump and out through the spout or a hose if you have attached one.

Globo Surf Overview

A bilge pump, whether an electric kayak bilge pump or a kayak manual bilge pump, is an essential kayaking accessory and it is important to have the best kayak bilge pump stowed in an easily accessible place near your kayak seat. If you have a kayak electric bilge pump, follow the included instructions to ensure that you install it correctly so it works properly.

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