If you’re going on a beautiful kayaking trip chances are you’re going to want to record it and make some lasting memories. Whether it’s in Washington state, Connecticut, Maryland, or any other incredible place, America is full of beautiful places to kayak. And when you’re gliding down beautiful serene rivers or plunging off roaring waterfalls, it’s understandable that you want to be able to share the unique experience with your friends and family.

With so many people recording sports footage through the use of GoPro’s, there are now loads of options on the market for different ways to mount your camera on your kayak. We’ve gone through the best ones available and can now present you with a full list of the best GoPro kayak mounts on the market in 2023, an accessory that has surely become kayaking essential.

How To Choose A GoPro Kayak Mount – Buying Guide


What should you be looking for when buying your GoPro Kayak mount? Read on to find out

Water Resistance

Any camera mount used on a kayak is going to need to be water-resistant. If the build quality of the amount is not up to scratch, then water damage will make it fail very quickly. If that happens, you risk losing not only your mount but also your camera. Always check to make sure that any mount you look for is water-resistant.

Gear Tracks/Mounting Points

Different mounts, of course, come in different shapes and sizes; they were not all created equal! Some mounts, like suction cups, do not require any pre-installed gear tracks or mounting points. Many other mounts, however, do require pre-installed gear tracks often drilled into the body of fishing kayaks.

Although this process can take longer and be more expensive, the gear track only needs to be installed once. Furthermore, mounts attached to gear tracks will often be more stable and secure, as they are attached to a base that is drilled into the kayak.


Gear tracks and mounts come in multiple shapes and sizes, and a mount for a kayak camera of one brand will most likely not fit in a gear track or mounting point for another brand. Some of the most common and which a lot of camera mounts are designed to fit onto are RAILBLAZA and Scotty. Camera mounts will most likely state which gear tracks and mounting points they are compatible with.

A final point to consider is how the camera itself mounts to the camera mount. Again, mount manufacturers want to direct you to make the right choice, therefore any mount that connects to a GoPro will most likely tell you in the description if not the title. If the camera mount doesn’t have any specifications on how it mounts to your camera, the chances are it’s a standard tripod mount, which is a thread that screws into the base of your camera.

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Q: How sturdy are Kayak Camera Mounts?


Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The best kayak GoPro mounts are sturdy enough to be put through their paces by professional kayakers going over huge waterfalls, however not all will be up to the task. Luckily enough, the average kayaker does not need their kayak camera mounting to go through such stress.

The sturdiness of a top-rated kayak camera mount is determined by its size, shape, and mounting system. Some of the best Kayak GoPro mounts may compromise sturdiness for a better camera angle. For example, mounts with extendable poles will be less sturdy, and may not be capable of handling an Eskimo roll. There will always be a compromise between the length of the camera mount and the sturdiness.

If you expect to be paddling in rougher waters, it is best to look for a camera mount that attaches to a gear track or mount that screws into a boat. This will always provide the sturdiest and securest mount for your boat.

As long as you know the compromises that different sizes and shapes of mounts make on a boat, you will be able to pick the top-rated kayak camera mount for you.

Q: Are Camera Mounts Safe?


Camera mounts are as safe as your kayak is! It all depends on how you use it. If you're paddling and looking to film a scenic journey, any mount for your kayak camera is safe. If paddling in rougher water, however, it is important to know that long poles will probably not be able to cope with larger amounts of stress.

If a long pole hits a rock or the river bottom as you are going fast along the water, it will likely break. Despite this, there is no risk of injury to a person. Kayak cameras are regularly used for all sorts of activities, and they pose no risk to the safety of the paddler if used correctly.

Q: Do I Need Any Preparation Before I Put In The Camera Mount?


Some camera mounts need more preparation than others before attaching them to your kayak. It is always best to try out attaching your camera to your boat before heading out on a journey or excursion. This saves time and ensures that you don’t arrive at the start of your kayak trip and either doesn’t know how to attach the camera or attach it so badly that it falls off.

A helpful way to learn how to attach your camera is to read kayak GoPro mount reviews. These reviews will help you to understand what tools you need and how difficult it is to attach a camera mount to your boat.

Another useful tip is to assess what kind of kayak you own. Certain types of fishing kayaks may come with attachments built-in. Sit top kayaks, on the other hand, may have holders positioned in other places.

So take our advice and prepare before you attach your camera mount to your boat. Mounts that require gear tracks require more time to be properly installed, but they will more than pay you back as far as stability and reliability.

Globo surf Overview

With personal adventure footage becoming more and more popular, the number of different GoPro mounts for kayaks on the market has increased enormously. There are mounts for all types of different experiences and styles of paddling, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking to use the mount for before you buy. Longer poles are perfect for more casual videos. Maybe you want to make a time-lapse as you glide down a calm and peaceful river or point at sunset as you sit and enjoy from your kayak. The longer mounts are perfect for jobs like this but aren’t going to be the weapon of choice for the rough-water kayaker.

If you’re looking to go through some white water, or maybe review your technique, then there are several smaller, GoPro mount alternatives to suit your needs. Whatever the case, in this review we cover all the different kinds of mounts that are sure to be one of your best kayaking accessories.

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