Whether you are an experienced kayaker or just beginning to explore kayaking, adding a stabilizer to your vessel can benefit you greatly. It improves safety by increasing stability, reducing the chance of flipping over. This is very useful for kayak anglers for example, because it makes it possible for them to stand without losing balance.

Outriggers you install on your kayak should be stable and buoyant, but at the same time the best kayak stabilizer shouldn’t interfere with your activities. Check out our kayak stabilizer reviews to find out more about the best kayak outriggers we chose for you, and be sure to look closely into the buying guide below to learn more about certain features.

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How To Choose A Kayak Outrigger And Stabilizer   – Buying Guide


Choosing kayak outriggers isn’t too difficult if you pay attention to a few things. Firstly, you should make sure the gear you buy fits your kayak. There are different types of products out there so check if you can mount it properly on your vessel.


Adding a kayak stabilizer increases the overall buoyancy of your kayak. Because they aren’t all the same size, the amount added buoyancy differs from one product to another. As mentioned, the best kayak stabilizer increases the overall safety of your kayak but it enables you to pack more gear in your kayak or store more fish for example.


The differences in price are determined by the materials and design used in making best kayak outriggers, increasing their durability and reliability. You don’t always have to opt for the most expensive product, but giving a little more money is often recommended if it means your gear will last longer.

Additional accessories

It’s certainly a better option to buy kayak outriggers which include the mounting system and all the nuts and bolts in the package. However, for some product you will have to buy these separately. If something is missing you can go to the nearby hardware store and pick it up.



Q: How to mount a kayak stabilizer?

A: First, you have to install the mounting system to your kayak. This means you have to place the holders in the intended place, mark the future holes on your kayak and then use a drill to create them. Then use the nuts and bolts you received to securely attach the holders. Afterwards you attach the poles and you’re ready to go.

Q: Where should a stabilizer for a kayak be placed?

A: It’s annoying if you hit the stabilizer with your paddle or have your fishing line tangled around it. For this reason you should find the optimal position. Some fishing kayaks have spots for installing rod holders which can also be used for kayak stabilizers outriggers. Before doing anything permanent you can try out the position in your yard to see if you have unobstructed movement.

Q: How to align outrigger on a kayak?

A: This is a very important step when installing your kayak outrigger kit. The pontoons should be in the same position and run parallel to the kayak. If not, your balance in the water may be compromised. So, when installing the mounts on your kayak, attach the stabilizer poles to the mounts, and align the stabilizer pontoons properly. When you find the right position, mark the holes and continue the installation like previously explained.

Globo Surf Overview

Adding a kayak stabilizer system can prove to be a very good decision. It’s obvious that preventing your kayak from flipping is a useful thing – you are safe onboard and so is your equipment. Now that you have some knowledge about the matter you can choose a top rated kayak stabilizer from our kayak stabilizer reviews, making sure you pick out the best one for your kayaking adventures.

Have you tried a kayak stabilizer kit that made it onto our list? How much did it improve your stability and safety? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Globo Surf Kayak Stabilizer And Outriggers Review

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