The Top 5 Kayak Outriggers And Stabilizers In 2023

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or just getting into kayaking, a stabilizer system is one of the best accessories you can add to your kayak. It will make your kayak a much more stable platform and allow you to sail easily, take pictures, and even stand up and fish without your kayak flipping over.

A kayak outrigger kit should add buoyancy and provide stability without interfering with your activities. To help you find the best kayak stabilizer, our kayak stabilizer reviews take a look at the best kayak outriggers on the market, while the buying guide discusses the important features to look for so you can find the perfect kayak outrigger kit for your needs.

How To Choose A Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer  – Buying Guide


Choosing the right kayak stabilizer kit for your kayak isn’t too difficult if you pay attention to the most important things. First and foremost, you should make sure the outrigger you buy is the right fit for your kayak. This will enable you to mount it properly on your vessel. Other factors to consider include:


The whole point of adding a stabilizer system is to increase the overall stability of your kayak. Because kayak stabilizers come in different sizes, the level of buoyancy and stability provided differs from one outrigger to another. The best kayak stabilizer to go for will depend on the kayaking adventures you enjoy. Kayak fishing, for example, requires the most buoyant outriggers. 


Kayak outrigger prices differ depending on the quality of materials used and the accessories included in the kit. You don’t always have to opt for the most expensive outrigger system, but some of the best stabilizer systems in terms of reliability and durability require you to spend a little more money than the average stabilizer does. 

Additional Accessories

Some kayak stabilizer kits are all-inclusive and come with everything you need to stabilize your kayak – the floats, connecting arms, nuts, and bolts. Some outriggers, on the other hand, only include the floats and require you to buy the arms and mounting hardware separately. Knowing which accessories are included will help you make the right choice and also procure any additional accessories you will need.

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Q: How To Mount A Stabilizer Kit On A Kayak?


The first step is to install the outrigger arms onto your kayak. To do this, place the holders on the intended spot, mark the positions of the mounting holes, and then drill the holes. Next, attach the holders with the appropriate nuts and bolts. Finally, attach the floats to the arms of the outrigger and adjust the height of the outrigger arms.

Q: Where Should A Stabilizer For A Kayak Be Placed?


The ideal placement position for a kayak stabilizer is just behind the seat, but far enough towards the back to not get in the way of paddling or fishing. If your fishing kayak has spots for installing rod holders, you can use them for your kayak outrigger system.

Q: How To Align Outrigger On A Kayak?


When a kayak outrigger is properly aligned, the pontoons should be in the same position and running parallel to the kayak. To ensure this is the case, it's important to align the stabilizer system in order to determine the right position to drill the holes. Once you’ve installed your outriggers and stabilizers kit, adjust the arms and make sure they're aligned correctly.

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Whether you use your kayak for sailing, diving, filming, cruising around, or fishing, adding a kayak stabilizer kit can help you make the most of every adventure.  Now that you’ve seen the top rated stabilizers and know what to look for when choosing one, it should be easy to pick the best kayak outriggers for your kayak.

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