All of us here really enjoy getting our kayak out on the water – it really does wonders for the mind and body. If you’re a kayak owner, you know that you also have to think about storing it (for shorter or longer time periods). One of the things we shouldn’t forget when doing this is covering the cockpit of our kayak. It can be really beneficial, since it blocks out water, dust, dirt, debris and also prevent insects and critters from getting inside. This makes things more convenient because you save time you would otherwise spend cleaning the cockpit.

Since many types of kayaks exist, you will come across many different cockpit covers too. It’s important that you get a well-made product that protects the cockpit, stays in place, and shows durability. In our product selection, we tried to pick out different styles of covers so you will be able to find which is the best kayak cockpit cover. In addition, don’t miss out on the buying guide if you want to learn more about the features you should look for.

How To Choose The Best Kayak Cockpit Cover – Buying Guide


When shopping for a fit kayak cover, getting one that gives you proper protection is the most important thing. It should fit your kayak well, should be made of strong materials, and also be fairly easy to put in place. That way the cockpit will always be clean so you can go out and enjoy your kayak adventure.


The most common choices are nylon, neoprene, and polyester (or a combination of these). Nylon is lightweight, easy to adjust, and resists water well. It’s also budget-friendly. On the other hand, neoprene cockpit covers are heavier and not completely waterproof, but make a great seal around the edges so nothing gets in. Every material has its ups and downs, and you need to find what works best for you.


Some products are fully waterproof, while others can leak (depends on the material and how it fits). If you need a waterproof kayak cover, nylon is your safest bet – it will protect the cockpit from rain and snow. However, if you’re keeping the kayak on a wall mount in your garage, then you don’t have to worry too much about this.

Size And Fit

This is perhaps the most important thing – you need to get the right size for it to work well. You should measure the cockpit before buying (width and length) and compare with the sizing charts manufacturers provide. Additionally, it’s a good idea to see what others had to say, especially if they own the same kayak model as you. Some cockpit covers are universal and can be placed on a large number of kayaks. Top-rated kayak cockpit covers will have a snug fit over the opening, with straps that are easy to adjust and firmly hold it in place so nothing can find its way in.

Clip Or Cord

Every cockpit cover will come with a set of cords to prevent movement. Your job putting it on is much easier with bungee cords because is easy to tighten. Some cords are long and go around the hull, which gives extra stability to the cover. In addition, a cockpit cover for traveling can have a clip that you use to attach it to the shock cords on your kayak. That way it won’t accidentally fall off and get lost while driving. In relation to this, you can read more on how to strap a kayak to your roof rack, so you get it safely to your destination.

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Q: What Are The Benefits Of Using A Cover For Your Kayak's Cockpit?


First and foremost, it keeps your cockpit clean and free from unexpected visitors (spiders, insects or mice). In addition, it’s useful when storing the kayak outside, because it prevents water from flooding the cockpit. It can also reduce fuel consumption because the kayak creates less drag when driving. Finally, it’s convenient having it on while your vessel is on the kayak cart, because no dirt is going to get on the road between your car and the water.

Q: Where And How Do I Store The Cover When Not In Use?


Most products come in their own bags, making them very compact. They won’t take up much space at home or in your car when you take them off. Furthermore, you can take it with you inside the cockpit, or put it in the storage compartment. If you’re going to keep it packed for a long time we suggest you dry it off first, to avoid the unpleasant smell. Of course, it’s best that you put it to use and cover the kayak when home. The cockpit becomes a large storage compartment and a good place to keep your kayak helmet, shoes or gloves until the next time you go out.

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Cockpit covers for kayaks are really useful equipment. A cover may not be on top of the list when thinking about kayak accessories, but it will certainly make everything easier and more comfortable.

It also makes a nice gift for kayak enthusiasts. As you had the chance to see, choosing one is not that difficult. Just pay attention to the size and overall quality and you’re good to go!

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