When you return from your kayaking adventure, it’s important to store the kayak properly. This can greatly help extend the life of your kayak, by preventing the possible damage that can occur if you simply leave it on the ground. Not to mention the space it takes up, especially indoors.

This is why buying a kayak storage rack is a really good idea. It allows you to securely mount your kayak in a position that is good for the vessel. This equipment has a few different designs, and also the weight capacity is not always the same. So which is the best kayak storage rack for your vessel? Check out our kayak hanger reviews to find out more about the products we picked out for you.

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How To Choose The Best Kayak Wall Mount – Buying Guide


If you want to prevent potential damage to your kayak, you must think about storing it properly when not in use. It’s better if you store it inside, to avoid harmful weather conditions – sitting in the sun, extreme temperatures (cold or hot), and moisture. This is why buying the best kayak wall mount can make your life easier. Take a quick look at some of the main features.

Weight capacity

Not all kayak wall storage systems can handle the same weight, some are more heavy-duty than others. This is one of the main things to look for. If you have a small, lightweight kayak then most of the products will work just fine.

However, if that’s not the situation, you need to look for a stronger rack. Some of the storage racks we featured have up to 200lbs capacity. It all comes down to your needs, however, there is a slight price difference between products for this reason.


It’s good if the kayak storage system you buy can be easily installed. This means that the manufacturer has provided you with instructions on how to do that. Also, the best kayak hangers come with hardware to install it, including anchors, bolts, and screws. Installation is a very important step because if you don’t secure the rack properly, you risk damage to both your kayak and the wall.


Kayak storage racks are generally not expensive pieces of equipment. However, based on the sturdiness, quality of materials used, and additional features, some can cost almost three times as much compared to others. So, the best solution is to get the one that offers specific features you want, like strength, width, mounting system, and so on.

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The kayak wall hanger you buy should be padded, with foam or rubber. This is a problem many users have pointed out – their racks scratched their kayaks when they mounted them. If you want to avoid this, look for racks that have soft, padded surfaces on which you lay down your kayak.


There are two types of products we featured in our kayak storage rack reviews. They can be designed as hooks made from metals, which have a certain width and weight capacity. Or, they can be made as slings that are suspended from anchor points in the wall or ceiling, and you put your kayak through the loops. While sling straps take up less space, they also tend to have a smaller weight capacity. No matter the type, it’s nice if the design includes a place to store your kayak paddle.



Q: How to hang kayak in garage?


Whichever mount type you choose for your kayak, it’s important to place it properly. The hull of your boat is the most sensitive part, so you should avoid creating stress on it. For this reason, kayaks are placed on the side or at an angle, because sides are best at handling pressure. Usually there are two points on the rack on which you rest the kayak. Pay attention to weight distribution, because leaving your kayak in uneven positions can cause deformities on the body which will annoy you the next time you’re on water.

Q: What hooks to use for kayak storage rack?


The type of hooks you’ll use depends on the type and size of your kayak. As we mentioned earlier, they can have different weight capacity, and also some can be wider than others. The important things is that they are made from a strong material – stainless steel for example. This way you can be certain it won’t crack or bend. Stainless steel hooks can also be used outside.

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Investing some money in a wall rack for your kayak is a smart thing to do. Although they are pretty straightforward, you should pay a little attention when buying. We hope that you learned how to find the best kayak wall mount for your vessel, so you can store it adequately when you don’t need it, and use it again without trouble for many years to come.

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