Loading your kayak on the roof of your SUV or vehicle can be difficult if you’re alone and especially when the kayak is heavy. However, you can use kayak loaders to make the loading process easier for you.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to choose the best kayak loader and let you know how they can help you on your next kayak camping trip.

We’ve compiled a list of the top rated kayak lift assist to help you choose the best kayak lift assist. Here’s is our list:


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How To Choose A Kayak Loader – Buying Guide


Before you buy a kayak loader, think about your own strength and how often you’ll be using your loader. Here are factors to help you purchase the best kayak loader:

Gas Assisted Lift

Gas lift technology will make it easier to load heavier kayaks on the roof of your vehicle. If you’ve a SUV, a taller vehicle or struggle lifting your craft above your head, gas assisted kayak loaders will take some of the weight off the craft as you lift it up to the roof.

Side Loading

A side loading is easier when loading a kayak onto your roof because it lets you stand close to your car.

Rear Loading

A self kayak loader rack for sedan is the best when loading from the rear because mounting is more difficult due to an extended trunk. You’ll need a kayak loader rack for sedan and rollers because you’ll be forced to stand at a greater distance from your roof rack when loading.

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Q: What Is A Kayak Loader?


A kayak loader is an important tool when it comes to kayak transportation. It’s designed to help you load your craft on the roof rack on top of your car and lift load without lifting the entire weight of the kayak.

Car loaders aren’t roof racks but work in conjunction with kayak roof racks. They help take the weight of the craft while you lift it up car’s roof.

There are different types depending on your loading preferences. Some provide a load support allowing you to load one side of the craft while others are gas assisted which take the weigh off usually from your vehicle’s side.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Kayak Loader?


Kayak weight is around 100 pounds, having this in mind you’ll need a kayak loader to help you mount it on top of your car without lifting the full weight of the craft.

It will also help you get your kayak to the height of your roof and load it easily if you’ve a tall vehicle such as a SUV.

Globo Surf Overview

Kayak loaders are essential for loading your vessel on your roof rack if you’re alone no matter the type of car you drive.  They can also help you load fishing kayaks or canoes that are heavier and make your kayak adventure enjoyable.

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