There are a lot of health benefits to kayaking and it’s a great way to exercise. You can spend a day on the water. Your idea of kayaking may be to hop in and paddle away, but there are a few things that should be on your kayaking checklist. One of those is a kayak water skirt.

A kayaking adventure may not always take place in perfect weather or calm waters. If you like to kayak in rugged adventures, a kayak splash skirt is a great way to keep yourself dry and seated in your kayak. No, this isn’t a skirt to wear when kayaking.

A kayak water skirt is a piece of fabric that goes around the opening of your kayak and cinches to secure itself around you. The kayak splash skirt will keep your kayak from filling with water and keep you dry, which can be extremely important in cold weather conditions.

We have the top choices of the best kayak skirt designs, which will have you safely kayaking in the water.

How To Choose A Kayak Spray Skirt – Buying Guide


Whether you are trying to learn how to kayak or are a pro, a neoprene spray skirt is a great accessory to keep you dry in your kayak. There are all types of kayaks and this means that there are a lot of kayaking skirt designs too. It can be overwhelming having to choose which design to choose or even what makes a top rated spray skirt.

Here, we have all the information on what makes the perfect kayak spray skirt and the features you should be aware of in each design. You can also look at spray skirt reviews to see how well a design has performed and lasted for other kayakers.


The two most popular materials for a spray skirt are neoprene and nylon. Neoprene is famous for being the materials that kayak wetsuits, or any wetsuits, are made out of. A neoprene spray skirt will likely be tight and snug to the body in order to preserve warmth. They are great for use when you are tumbling, eskimo rolling, and bracing for rough waters. A neoprene spray skirt would be a great addition to your winter kayaking gear.

Nylon is a lighter material that is best for recreational kayaking. It won’t have as snug a fit as a neoprene spray skirt, but it will still cinch around the waist. Nylon can still be waterproof and would be best to keep out a few splashes. However, a full submersion will likely still soak through the fabric.

You may also find a blend of the two fabrics. This can be great if you are looking to kayak throughout the day as the waves change.


Your whitewater spray skirt may have the option to add a few attachments. Different attachments can be items like shoulder straps, a tensioned deck stay, and pockets.

Shoulder straps can help to fully extend the material of the spray skirt, which means that the water won’t pool or build up around you. A tensioned deck stay is another design that will keep water from pooling around you, while pockets are great to stash your small gear items in an accessible spot on your body.

It will be your personal choice whether you want to add any extra attachments.


There are two areas where size is important: the cockpit and the torso. The cockpit rim size and fit will vary based on the design of your kayak. There are a lot of different kayaks, so a one-size-fits-all isn’t the best choice.

Companies should provide a detailed sizing chart that will help you fit your kayak water skirt to the size of your kayak cockpit rim or seat opening. You shouldn’t have to measure your kayak, as long as you know the brand and model of your kayak.

On the other hand, the kayaking skirt also needs to fit around your torso comfortably. If you are using a neoprene spray skirt, you will need to have a precise measurement of your torso or midriff because they are meant to fit snug to the body. Again, companies should provide a detailed sizing chart, so that you can match your measurements to find the correct size.

A nylon spray skirt will likely have a one-size-fits-all design, which means that you can simply cinch the material around you and the opening should be large enough to accommodate different users.


There are a lot of different spray skirt designs. There are half spray skirts and tandem spray skirts.

Half spray skirts: Also called mini-skirts or splash decks, these are designed with warm weather in mind and calm water conditions. These will fit over the upper half of the cockpit rim and attach themselves only to the front side to keep water out but allow for fresh air to enter and circulate.

Tandem spray skirts: These are designed to be used with two people. These are made from two separate pieces that attach together to cover the entire cockpit. It can be used in more turbulent waters too.


Any design of a spray skirt should be well sealed. The fabric should seal around the edge of the cockpit rim and around your torso. The best kayak skirt will have a strong seal, where it’s needed, to ensure it does its job properly.



Q: Why do I need a spray skirt?


A kayaking skirt is best used in cold weather or rough waters. When you are kayaking on a warm day in calm waters, a kayaking skirt can actually make you feel stuffy and may not be needed. However, when you are kayaking in winter or in big waves, a skirt would be a great addition.

A whitewater skirt will keep water out of your kayak, so it doesn’t fill up. It will also keep you warm, which can be extremely important for your safety.

Q: How to properly use a skirt?


To properly use the skirt you will need to know how to get in and out of a kayak, as well as how and where to sit in a kayak. Once you are comfortably seated in your kayak, you can attach your kayaking skirt design. You want to ensure that your kayak water skirt is attached properly where it needs to be and that you are cinching or closing it around your body correctly.

The best way to properly use your skirt is to follow the instructions. Due to all the different designs and types, you will want to ensure that you are properly using your skirt based on the design. You should be able to find information provided by the brand of your kayaking skirt.

Q: How to clean a skirt?


The best you can do is to actually clean your skirt after every use. You can do this by rinsing it with freshwater and allowing it to fully dry before it is stored away. This will prevent any mold, rot, or mildew.

You shouldn’t have to really clean your skirt, but they may be able to be spot cleaned with water. If you need more instructions, there should be information provided with your skirt. This would be best because it will be specific to your brand and design.

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Using one of the best kayak spray skirts will keep kayakers dry and secure in their kayaks. From single kayaks to double, there should be a top rated kayak water skirt design for everyone. Spray skirts are easy to use and a great addition to any kayaking trip. If you know exactly what you need you can save time and money by investing in the best kayak skirt.

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