Having cup holders on your canoe or kayak is essential for convenience and comfort especially when you’re on the water. You can enjoy your favourite beverage where you want it and close at hand. They’re also very useful for storing small tackle boxes and gear in convenient places.

This guide will help you choose the best kayak cup holder and take you through the steps that will help you attach your own.

Here’s our list of cup holders that will help you pick the best kayak cup holder for your vessel when planning your next kayaking adventure.

How To Choose A Kayak Cup Holder – Buying Guide


There are things you should consider when thinking about buying a kayak cup holder. Here are factors that will help you purchase the best canoe cup holder.

Ease Of Mount

You should be able to tilt or adjust your cup holder to your vessel easily without experiencing problems.

Ease Of Use

Cup holders that are easy to use are the best. Look for those that do not require assembling, drilling and with no moving parts.


The material used in designing the cup holder you choose will determine how long you’ll use it. Always check the material used to avoid being disappointed later on.


Cup holders that hold your drinks securely will prevent accidental spilling and enable you to enjoy fishing kayak or reading.


Cup holders that are durable will save you money that you’ll have spent on maintenance costs or even purchasing a new one.



Q: Why Do I Need A Kayak Cup Holder?


A kayak cup holder will help you have you favourite beverage close to your hand and free your hands for fishing or paddling.

Q: How To Mount A Kayak Cup Holder?


Choose the right mounting accessories both for your gear track system and cup holder. Find the right spot for your cup holder, somewhere you can reach it easily while sitting in your kayak.

Attach the cup holder to your mounting point or slide it into the gear track. Ensure it’s in the correct position before tightening it.

If you’re mounting the cup holder to the side of your craft, such as with a clip-on holder or clamp, attach it to the gunwales of your vessel or the rim of your sit-inside kayak.

Q: Do I Need Any Special Tools Or Preparation To Mount A Cup Holder?


Yes. You need a kayak drink holder kit which includes a cup holder, mounting point on your watercraft/gear track system and mounting adapter/accessories for your mounting point or gear track.

Globo Surf Overview

Having a cup holder will help you stay out of the water longer. You’ll also have the added convenience of having the drink you love close to hand during your next kayak camping trip. However, find out if you’ll need additional attachments for mounting your watercraft.

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