There’s nothing like enjoying a nice sunny day on your patio, whether it’s alone or with some friends. If you truly want to relax and unravel, comfortable outdoor furniture is a must. Adding the perfect porch chairs to this mix will make every minute spent outdoors more enjoyable.

The best patio chair must be comfortable and durable enough to ensure that you can use it throughout the seasons. From rockers to recliners, deck chairs come in many different shapes and sizes. You have plenty of design options and materials to choose from, so finding your ideal chair shouldn’t be difficult.

To make your search easier, we have created a buying guide that gives you pointers on what to look for when shopping. But before we jump into that, take a look at the top-rated outdoor chairs we carefully picked out for you.

How To Choose A Patio Chair – Buying Guide



Two factors that greatly affect the comfort of your chair are materials used and design. Some chairs have a straight back that makes you sit upright, while others have an angled backrest that lets you lean back and relax. Other chairs, like lounge chairs, allow you to choose whether you want to lay down flat or sit thanks to their fully adjustable backrests.

You should also consider if your furniture comes with any padding or cushions for the seat of your chair. Adding a cushion can significantly increase comfort, even if the base of the chair is very hard. Whether you’re after lawn chairs, poolside chairs, lounge chairs, or even folding deck chairs, comfort is one of the main things to look for.

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Size greatly influences how enjoyable your chair is – no one can relax in a cramped seat. You want a chair that is large enough that you feel comfortable in but doesn’t take up all the space. The best porch chairs come in a variety of sizes (wide, narrow, short or tall), and finding the right one comes down to your preference.

Another important consideration is the actual size of your courtyard. It is rare that someone buys only one chair. Normally, they are purchased in pairs or sets. This means that you will have to fit at least 2 chairs. The furniture shouldn’t be too large to prevent you from moving around without a hassle.

If you are tight on space, consider folding deck chairs as an easy way to save space. On the other hand, lounge chairs require more space but they allow you to fully stretch out. Like we said, choosing the size comes down to what you need and how much space you have.


When buying a new set of porch chairs, we expect them to last at least a few years. Unfortunately, durability varies significantly between different chair models, and you might be disappointed. Your chairs will be exposed to rain, sun, or even pool chemicals, and all this can take a toll. This is why it’s worth paying a bit extra now than having to replace them in the near future.

The main factors that contribute to durability are materials used and construction quality. While you will likely use your chairs only during warmer seasons, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the weather conditions. Constant exposure to UV rays can and will, over time, break down the material. We put a lot of thought into this, and all the top rated outdoor chairs we picked tolerate these conditions really well. 

You should also consider that there are differences between water-resistant and waterproof materials. Chairs that are waterproof are more durable and longer-lasting than water-resistant. On top of this, proper maintenance can significantly prolong their lifespan.


The materials most commonly used are metal, plastic, and wood. All three have their upsides and downsides, and we’ll give a brief summary of each type so you can see which one works best for you.

Metal: Wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel are metals most commonly used for outdoor furniture. The advantage of metal is in its strength and durability. In addition, these chairs can have a great design and look fantastic. On the flip coin, metal chairs are going to be very heavy. Also, many metal chairs are prone to rust if you don’t maintain them.

Plastic: Plastic is lightweight but durable, easy to clean, and can withstand a rainstorm. However, it can break in hail-like conditions and its color can fade quickly under the harsh sun. However, if you plan to move them a lot, plastic would be the best option. While it doesn’t offer the most attractive look for your outdoor patio or garden, it’s very convenient and durable in wet conditions.

Wood: Wood offers a classic and clean look, perhaps the best of all materials. While it can be heavy, it’s normally lighter than metal. Wood that has been properly sealed, can be extremely durable to withstand the weather conditions, humidity, and salty air. However, the finish on the wood may fade quickly under the sun and requires new treatments to ensure it stays sealed, dry, and beautiful.

Sturdiness (Strength)

While durability talks about how summer chairs perform over time exposed to outdoor elements, sturdiness is more about how strong it is to hold the weight when you sit on the chair. Besides holding the weight, the deck chairs shouldn’t feel flimsy either.

A patio set that has a metal frame is generally much stronger than plastic. The top rated outdoor chairs have a weight capacity of over 250 pounds, so even heavier users can sit in them worry-free. If you choose to go with plastic, avoid chairs made of regular PVC and go with higher-quality plastic. 


Depending on the material used, chair weight can vary significantly. Stainless steel and wood are the heaviest materials, but aluminum can be as lightweight as plastic. If you plan on moving your patio sets a lot, you may want to consider the lightest material to make it easier for you.

However, if your garden chairs will stay in their place throughout the season, it may not be a hassle to move a heavier object fewer times. Heavier chairs tend to be sturdier and have a higher weight capacity.

You should also consider the location of your garden in regard to your safety. If you are facing windier weather elements, heavier chairs will be more secure. It would be dangerous to have the wind lift it and throw it around, and a heavier chair is less likely to be lifted or damaged by the wind.



Q: What Is The Most Comfortable Patio Chair?


The most comfortable porch chairs are designed to give you an ergonomic sitting position and have enough padding to feel soft and cozy. Of the models we listed, we would say that the Suncrown chair is probably the most comfortable.

Q: What Is The Best Quality Outdoor Furniture?


Powder-coated stainless steel, resin, and teak wood are three of the best materials. All three show exceptional strength and durability and make great choices. We would argue that teak wood chairs look best in every setting, even though wood requires care to look great. However, if you want something user-friendly, resin wicker requires the least maintenance.

Q: What Is The Best Time To Buy Outside Furniture?


It depends on what you want. Some people buy the top-rated outdoor furniture in spring before the season starts. While this may be convenient, it also means you’ll pay the highest prices. An alternative is to buy them between August and October when these items go on sale and you can save serious money. However, this also means finding a place to store them over the winter and not leave them in your garden.

Q: How Do You Store Outdoor Furniture For The Winter?


Top-rated outdoor furniture should be sheltered from outdoor conditions. This means you can put your chairs and table in a shed, under a tarp, or even indoors. Any covered and dry storage space will do. If you choose to leave it under a tarp outside, make sure the tarp it securely tied so it doesn’t move and leave the outdoor furniture exposed.

Q: Is It OK To Leave The Furniture Out In The Rain?


While getting a little wet from time to time won’t do much harm, you should avoid leaving your furniture in the rain constantly (especially metal and wood pieces). Constant exposure to water can damage these materials and significantly decrease their longevity. If your chairs are going to be wet often, plastic or wicker is the best choice.

Q: Do You Need To Cover Wicker Furniture?


Yes, you should cover wicker furniture when storing it. Even though the wicker is fairly resistant to water and low temperatures, covering it will keep it looking good for a longer time. Also, the furniture is protected against dust and mildew, so you’ll have less work cleaning it when it’s time to bring it back to the garden.

Q: What Is A Patio Chair?


Patio chairs are a piece of furniture designed for outdoor use. This means that they withstand outdoor conditions like rain, cold, or sun exposure. They are made for leisure and comfort, and you can get porch chairs in a large variety of styles and designs.

Q: How To Make My Chairs More Durable?


Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the durability of your chairs. Of course, you should invest in well-made furniture in the first place. After that, make sure to wipe your chairs regularly, keep them protected from the weather, and occasionally apply wood finish if you have wooden chairs. Even the best patio chair will deteriorate faster if you’re not taking care of it.

Q: How Do You Clean Patio Chairs?


All garden chairs, porch chairs, and poolside chairs are safe to clean with warm water and dishwashing liquid. This being said, the optimal method depends on the chair’s material. Besides cleaning with a moist cloth, wicker resin and plastic chairs are perfectly safe to hose down from time to time.

Wood, on the other hand, should not be hosed. In addition to wiping with a cloth, you can annually sand it and apply a fresh coat of wood finish to prolong its durability.

As for metal chairs, they are very easy to wipe down and won’t retain any stains. However, after a few seasons, they will probably start to rust (steel) or oxidize (aluminum), which you can remove with a sandpaper or polishing paste.

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The best porch chairs are a great addition to your backyard space – they can really make your patio stand out and give it a completely different feel. With a set of comfortable deck chairs, you can relax or entertain guests. The best patio chair will be functional, fashionable, and pair well with your existing furniture. Investing in a couple of top-rated outdoor chairs will boost your patio from boring to thriving!

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