No matter where in the world you dive the best lens for underwater photography will make your experience last forever. It is hard to describe to someone who has never been diving before all the beauty and life below the ocean’s surface. That is why so many divers enjoy this sport with an underwater camera. Since so many colors are lost the deeper you go it is important to get the best setup you can to fully capture the beauty. In an effort to still focus on your dive it is important to bring a lens with enough zoom so you don’t have to disrupt your subject to get the perfect shot.

The perfect dive lens will combine the perfect focal length, aperture, and of course be waterproof. A focal length refers to the amount of millimeters the lens is capable of. For example a standard lens is 18 mm – 55 mm. This means that the lens can zoom between 18 and 55 millimeters away from the actual image sensor. A higher millimeter rating means the lens is capable of a more zoomed photograph. Aperture is the amount of light the lens lets in. The range of aperture is usually between f/1.8 to f/22. A smaller number means that there will be more light let in for the sensor to detect. This creates a faded or blurred area around the subject a feature that can give you amazing, professional looking photos. Finally, a dive lens needs to be waterproof. This is done by a nano coating which seals the lens from the water. All of these features combine to give you the best dive lens.

We have put together a guide to find the best photography underwater camera lens for your next dive.


Lense For Underwater Photography Reviews

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It only takes one trip underwater to appreciate all the beauty and life below the sea. Once you begin your journey into underwater photography it is easy to become addicted. With vibrant full bodied photos this can quickly become a favorite hobby or even part of your career. Many professionals prefer the use of a fisheye lens for underwater photography as it provides a wide view allowing more sights to be captured with every photo. Regardless of your preference, when looking for your next lens be sure to read through the many underwater camera lens reviews before deciding on the best one for you. This will help to ensure that you get the best lens for your needs. Any of the five top sellers on our list are sure to leave you with excellent photos to be looked at for years to come.

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