With summer approaching fast and a myriad of social events on the horizon, from backyard barbecues to river expeditions on a kayak, getting the best floating cooler and accessories to last the season can be challenging.

We have assembled a list of 8 best floating coolers, whether you’re searching for something dazzling and quirky, that will complement your party decor, or just an essential accessory to make your trip exciting on those fishing trips, our list of cooler options will give you the information you need to make the best buy. Browse our list, and you’ll be one step closer to choosing the best floating ice chest for your needs.

How To Choose A Floating Cooler – Buying Guide


When it comes to purchasing your cooler, our floating cooler buying guide gives you the right information, from a floating ice chest to a state-of-the-art lunch cooler. So when buying this fun-filled contraption, there is a ton of pointers you should bear in mind if you’re looking to make your summer vacation an unforgettable experience.

Carrying Capacity

When it comes to picking the right floating cooler for tough outdoor conditions, and when it comes to carrying capacity,  the picking process can be very hard.

There are a couple of features you need to bear in mind when making your floatable cooler purchase. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast searching for your first cooler, you need to ensure it takes into account these top features to get the most out of it. Think about the size of the cooler, how many people will be using it and what would you like to store. Make a list of all the desired sizes and shapes and then go and find your n.1.


If this is your first floating cooler purchase, it can be tricky knowing what materials to look out for. Vinyl or PVC tend to be durable and high quality as well as keeping the cooler afloat.

We can also suggest that you take the time to check out what previous customers have said about the material. Keep in mind that the market is awash with many types of floating coolers and manufacturers may opt to use thinner materials at a cheaper cost. This makes a huge difference when it comes to safety and comfort.


If you’re planning lots of pool parties this summer, then you know the bigger the float, the bigger the hold. This means you’ll need something larger that’ll cater to your friends and family.

However, you won’t need a large contraption likely to take up a sizeable area of your pool and distracts your visitors from swimming and having fun as they barbecue. When you go out to choose the cooler, ensure its the right size for your needs and keep in mind that it’ll need to be stored away once the partying is over.


Inflated floating items aren’t as durable as you probably think. Rips and tears are common in water, and this increases the chances of the cooler deteriorating over time. Before making the purchase, do a small research on the durability of float coolers in general as this will give you an idea about its longevity. Buying the best quality is essential to ensure your inflatable floating cooler lasts for a considerable period.


Whether you’re cruising on the lake, camping or beachfront, you need a floating cooler that you can quickly inflate and deflate whenever you want. The best quality floating coolers are also the best to inflate and deflate. Make sure you browse as many reviews as possible when it comes to portability and keep in mind how important portability is to you when buying a cooler.

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Make sure to inquire as much as possible about the stability of the floating cooler you intend to purchase. You need to have the confidence that you can leave your contents unattended without the floating cooler capsizing. If you’re looking to buy an inflatable floating cooler that can carry lots of weight, you don’t want the fun ruined when the cooler ends up capsizing.


Finally, you’ve bought a cooler that suits all your water sports needs, but does it suit your taste? The market is flooded with floating coolers of all sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and designs.

But if you need a more serious floating cooler that suits kayaking or fishing excursions, then an inflatable floating cooler might not be the right fit for you, however, if you need an entertaining accessory while in the water, an inflatable cooler is a right choice.

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But if you’re interested in design and style, choose a cooler that fits your needs, makes a statement and most importantly, keeps your drinks cold.


Q: Where Can I Use My Floating Cooler?


You may use your floating cooler in any water environment, river, lake, sea and ocean. Whether you’re having a summer party next to your house pool, going kayaking or boating on a river or lake, a floating cooler is a great compliment. If you plan on using a floating cooler on sea water, ensure to take care of it to reduce wear and tear.

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Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Floating Cooler?

  • You can grab a bite or drink without having to get out of the water
  • Owning a floating cooler is a great way to combat the heat while remaining hydrated
  • You can put almost anything into an inflatable cooler that you would put into a regular land cooler
  • It frees up space and weight on your watercraft, boat, kayak or tube

Q: Can A Floating Cooler Sink?

A: No. Many small floating coolers are constructed with airbags that prevent them from sinking.