We all know how a fun day in the outdoors, especially over summer, can’t go right without a cool drink and a well-grilled piece of meat! Picture yourself out at the beach, on a camping trip, at Coachella, all these activities will definitely go well with a water cooler – to store all of your needs especially food.

Now, imagine a cooler that’s easier to move, lightweight but with enough storage space for all your needs. A cooler with wheels is your friend when it comes to a movable, lightweight, and spacious, cool storage place for your sustenance. Listed below are the 10 best coolers with heavy duty wheels of 2023.

How To Choose A Wheeled Coolers – Buying Guide



Coolers with wheels come in different designs mainly hard, typically made of hard plastic and foam as well as soft made of soft plastic and nylon fabrics. The make does not affect size although it may affect capacity. Capacity is not necessarily affected by size. You may come across a large hard plastic cooler with a smaller capacity whilst a soft cooler may slightly expand to increase capacity.

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The two main handles are the retractable or telescopic handles whose main function is to assist to pull or push the cooler. These handles especially come in handy when coolers are heavy or when moving coolers to a longer distance say from your vehicle to the beach.

The other handles are sided handles which are mainly used to lift the coolers from your vehicle or they come in very handy when the wheels of the cooler are not ideally made for rough or sandy terrains.


The capacity of coolers varies however, capacity does not affect the performance of the coolers. Just because a cooler is too large capacity and can store more items, this does not mean that its effectiveness will last in a short time compared to a smaller capacity cooler.

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Coolers with wheels are double wheeled and wheel design determines if they all suitable for all terrains or not. Basically, large wills with wide ridges such as the toy truck-like wheels we’ve seen above are ideal for all terrains; lighter, softer, and narrower wheels tend to be unsuitable for sandy and rough terrain. These wheels only work best on flat or grassy terrains.


Insulation highly affects performance. Wheel coolers with insulated lids tend to have a loner cooling time compared to those that don’t. Moreover, wheel coolers without insulated lids tend to be dependent on the air circulating inside the cooler thus, if a cooler without an insulated lid is constantly opened, it will definitely lose its cool air and performance will be weakened.

Deep foam and Ultratherm plastic such as polystyrene have effective thermal repelling properties thus making them ideal for insulation. These materials are cost-effective, highly durable, lightweight, and do an excellent job in trapping cool air.



Q: How Should I Store My Cooler When Not In Use?

A: Wheeled coolers can be stored anywhere in the house preferably away from the floor however due to the material used and to maintain the integrity of material; do not store your cooler in warm or hot places such as the kitchen or the trunk of your car. Reserve a nice easily accessible and cool place in your house to store your cooler.

Q: Are The Wheels Strong Enough To Hold The Weight Of The Cooler?

A: It all depends on the design of the wheels. Most large capacity or large-sized wheeled coolers tend to have thicker, ridged and wider wheels that are designed withstand heavyweight and be able to move. Think of it, you will not be able to lift a 250 can capacity wheel cooler when filled to its full capacity!

Q: How To Clean My Cooler?

A: Most wheeled coolers are made with an easy wipe and clean plastic. So what you need is simply a cloth, water, or a plastic cleaning spray to clean your cooler.

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It is absolutely exciting choosing the right wheeled color for your outdoor experience. Like with most items, it is important to use your instincts and identifies the right features for your needs. If you and your family are going on a weekend camping trip, then you would definitely go for a cooler with a longer cooling time and ideal wheels. And all the best coolers with wheels of 2023 have all passed our scrutiny and are totally worth the time and investment.

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