17 Essential Beach Items to Put On Your Beach Day Checklist


There is nothing more exciting than going to the beach and spending endless moments of laughs, wave riding, and sunbathing with your family. Getting away, setting up a beach camp, and making memories with your loved ones is just so much fun!

While on the surface this may seem like just grabbing your swimwear and heading to the beach, a beach day needs more planning than most people would think. You should spend as much effort organizing and packing everything you need for the day, just as you would for a major trip. And of course, if you will be going with your entire family, you need to prepare thoroughly for the day so that you can have a stress-free beach getaway.

Nothing can ruin a day by the ocean quite like discovering that you forgot the most important items upon arrival. Make sure to stash your beach bag with all the little basics so that you won’t have to run back home to pick up anything.

The Beach Day Checklist

So to help you have an enjoyable and comfortable day with the waters, we have composed a comprehensive list of beach day essentials. Pack these up on your next beach trip and you will surely have a breathtaking moment with your entire crew as you soak up some sun and feel the ocean breeze.

1. Swimsuit

Since you will be spending the entire day in hot weather, you should get something that allows you to get intimate with the sun’s rays and feel the gentle ocean winds.

A flattering swimsuit is such a beach day essential. Go for one that covers the right body parts, compliments your skin tone, showcases your best assets, and of course, one that makes you feel and look hot!

Make sure it’s of the right size and suits your body shape. A bikini or beach shorts that are too tight might restrain your movement when performing various activities at the beach. Having a bathing suit flexible enough allows you to take part in fun activities without.

2. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, and More Sunscreen

Okay, we have to admit, a sunblock lotion is even more important than having the right swimwear. Of all beach day essentials, this one is non-negotiable.

If you want to prevent skin cancer and early aging, sun-blocking is the only way to go. Wear sunscreen when you are out there to protect your skin. Even if you applied some before leaving the house, keep reapplying as you swim and sweat it off.

It is important to buy two different types of sun protection lotions for your body and face especially if your face is acne-prone. Some sunscreens can be too harsh on your face, block pores, and cause breakouts.

3. Beach Towel

Instead of packing up your bathroom towel, consider getting one that is designed for the beach. Most beach towels are oversized to allow you enough space to stretch your arms and legs out. This is a huge plus because the more room you have to spread out, the less your feet and arms will be touching the hot sand.

If you are going to be spending a few days at the beach, it would be nice to pack different towels for different days. This way, you won’t have to wash your towel every day you use it.

Most people don’t find it such a big deal going back home covered in sand but if you want to keep yourself as free of sand as possible, this towel will get the job done. It is large enough and comes in numerous styles and colors.

4. Sunglasses

Do we need to explain why sunglasses are so awesome and should be included in your beach day checklist, besides being extremely stylish? Well, alright. First of all, you need to protect your eyes from direct UV light. If you don’t want to develop some serious eye problems like a surfer’s eye, then buy yourself some sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Second, you might want to accessorize your outfit and flatter your face. How about concealing those tired eyes from last night out with the boys? Seriously, there are just plenty of things to love about sunglasses. Just get yourself a pair and you will be thanking us when savoring that cool breeze and sunbathe in the Bahamas!

5. Beach Bag Not Leather Bag

You were not planning to bring your expensive suitcase to the beach, weren’t you? What would happen if it gets scratched by the sand and rocks at the beach?

Instead of dragging your favorite leather bag to the waters and risk damaging it, just tote around a beach bag. There are plenty of cute and cheap options available in the market today so there is no excuse not to get yourself one.

While at it, think about the size. It would be better to shop for a beach bag when you already have a clue about the number of items that will be going in there. This will help you get a perfect size that fits all your beach day essentials snuggly.

6. Flip Flops or Sandals

The acceptable footwear choice for the beach is the flip-flops and sandals. You will be dragging your feet on the sand and digging your toes in it, so bringing a pair of closed shoes is not an option.

One of the most fun things about going to the beach is playing with the sand and burying our feet in it. There is no way you are going to feel the fun if you come dressed in cow boots. Alright, sand-fun aside, it’s already too hot, how will you keep your feet breathing?

The best part about getting a pair of sandals for your beach tour is that you can easily slip them off and carry them around whenever you feel like poking your toes in the sand. It is also the best way to keep your feet ventilated. You don’t want to go back home with stinking tootsies, do you?

7. Bring Something to Read

There is no sweeter and amazing feeling than having a good read while relaxing on the beach. If you are going on a beach trip alone, it would be nice to unwind with a good novel or magazine after a long day of surfing or swimming.

However, you should get something that you love reading. Bringing a boring book might just get you dull and sleepy.

If you love good fashion, stash your bag with plenty of fashion magazines. If you love history, get yourself a history book. If you love reading love stories, buy yourself a romantic novel.

A beach day is never complete without a good read but you just can’t afford to ruin it with a boring book.

8. A Bottle of Water

Staying hydrated is key if you want to have a fun-filled beach day. Your body loses a lot of water when you are out in the sun. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water before and while hitting the beach.

Forget about packed water from the store. For starters, the plastic in which they are packed is not good for the environment. Additionally, the chemicals released from the plastic may put you at risk of developing cancer!

Buy a reusable water bottle that is environmentally friendly. We don’t want you trashing the ocean with plastic.

9. Chairs


lying on a towel is fun and relaxing but you can’t keep splayed the whole day. You will want to sit back at some point. This is where beach chairs come in!

Invest in a chair that has a couple of pouches where you can store your items in. Also, check to see if it is comfortable and easy to fold up. It is also important to get one whose fabric can stand up to the sandy and wet beach play.

10. Coolers

A beach day is not all about surfing, tanning, swimming, or collecting shells. Sometimes you just want to bring your favorite wine with you. The best and most stylish way to do this is getting yourself a soft cooler where you can keep your drink chilled. Get one that is easy to carry around and has enough room for all your drinks.

11. Cameras

You will want to capture every moment of this fun day. That’s fine but don’t just grab your expensive camera because it made some stunning shots at your sister’s wedding. On this particular day, you need to bring a waterproof camera so that you don’t keep worrying about it getting wet.

12. A Pair of Binoculars

Sometimes the beach trip may not be to a place that we are familiar with and to get the most out of it we need to see what lies beyond our picnic spots. You may hire a kayak to take you to the other side of the beach but if you are not experienced in watercraft, a pair of binoculars will be just fine. Just make sure that you invest in a set that will let you see as further beyond the ocean as possible.

13. Beach Carts

If you are bringing your family to the beach, the chances are that you will be taking a lot of luggage with you. You don’t want to be struggling with a bunch of umbrellas, chairs, towels, floats, cooler bags, blankets, and tents when heading to your picnic spot. You can get a nice wagon and transport everything in one go. Just make sure that it is big enough so that you don’t have to make many trips to and from your car.

14. Packed Foods and Cooking Pots

You can survive with snacks and water if you will only be spending a day at the beach. But if your getaway is going to last a few more days, you must stock your bag with enough food and cooking pots. Keep the groceries and any other item that can go bad in a cooler so that everything stays fresh.

If this is your first time going on a beach trip, we recommend that you learn tips on how to cook at the beach.

15. Something for Beach Play

There are plenty of games you could play at the beach and trying as many as you can surely give you a memorable experience. If you love ball games, pack up some beach balls. Those who fancy beach volleyball can also enjoy the party by investing in balls designed for the game.

How about the good, old beach cruisers? If you love bikes, you will be bringing one of these with you.

16. Tent

Another important item on our list of beach day essentials is a tent. If your trip will be taking longer than a day, you must not forget to pack up a tent. Otherwise, where are you going to spend the nights and change your clothes?

If you have made hotel reservations, you may not need this one but if you haven’t, you will be setting up a camp.

17. Toys for Your Kids

Your kids need to have maximum fun at the beach too. Pack a few toys for them to keep them busy while you engage in other beach activities.

Sandcastles…anyone? These will make their moment at the beach more fun. Bring some kids’ shovels and pails and you will surely give your little ones a memorable time in the sand.

If they already know how to swim, pack up some swim-time essentials. Get them some swimming goggles. If your little girl loves the tale of the mermaid, let her live it by grabbing a mermaid tail for her.

Don’t forget to throw in some beach shoes for your little ones. Oh, and some life jackets to keep them safe!

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Preparing for a beach trip is important as it helps you gather everything you need during the getaway. Whether you are going for wave riding or just to relax at the ocean, the above beach day essentials will help you get through those days spent with the sand, water, and sun. Make sure to load up your car with every item mentioned here and you will have a fun-filled beach day.

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