A pool filter plays a very important role in water maintenance – it blocks the contaminants from going back into the pool. Because of this, you’ll eventually have a build-up of material inside that needs to be cleaned. Instead of doing it manually, it’s much simpler to backwash the filter. And to do that quickly and easily, you’ll need the best pool backwash hose.

Backwash hoses are designed to transport the water from the outlet on your pump to the spot where you plan to dispose of it. To do its job properly, the best backwash hose for pool needs to be long enough and made of heavy-duty materials to withstand the water discharge.

To help you find the right one for the job, the products for our pool backwash hose reviews were carefully picked based on their performance. And if you want to learn more about what makes a great hose, don’t forget to check the buying guide below.

How To Choose A Backwash Hose – Buying Guide


Size (Diameter and Length)

Getting the right hose size is crucial for its performance. When talking about the diameter, it should be compatible with the backwash outlet on the pump. To make the hose fit better and prevent leaks, some models come with a clamp to tighten the hose over the pipe. Also, a larger diameter improves the water flow so the discharge and backwash can be finished faster.

As for the length, the hose should be long enough to reach from the pump to your planned disposal site. A model that is too long will require too much space and be difficult to pack, so we suggest that you go with the exact length you need.

Hose Material

To withstand the high water pressure, backwash hoses need to be made of high-quality materials. The material of choice is usually PVC, as it’s very strong and fairly UV and chemical resistant.

Additionally, you should pay attention to material thickness too. While it may be heavier, thicker material will resist damage much better. To further improve strength, some models even use polyester fibers as wall reinforcement.


All the hoses we reviewed have a very high degree of flexibility. This gives you the freedom of placing the hose how you want without causing kinks or damage to the hose. Not only does this make use easier, but the extra flexibility also makes the hose more durable.

Durability and Strength

Because they will be dealing with a large flow of water, these hoses need to be very durable. Both durability and strength are directly related to the materials and construction quality, so this was an important factor when choosing products for our list. A well-made hose is going to last for many years and resist exposure to sun and chemicals.

Weight and Storage

Due to their length and PVC thickness, backwash hoses can be quite heavy. Still, this shouldn’t be a deciding factor when buying. A heavier hose usually means higher quality, which should always have a priority.

When talking about storage, it’s best if a model comes with a lay-flat design. This allows you to roll the hose tightly so it requires very little storage space (despite being 50 or 100 feet long). 

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Warranty Period

While most of these hoses are fairly durable, it’s always good to have a warranty just in case anything goes wrong. This gives confidence and shows you that the company believes in the way the hose is made. Many high-quality hoses come with a year or two of full coverage, so you can use it worry-free.

Hose Maintenance

Thankfully, very little maintenance is required with backwash hoses. They are almost self-cleaning – clean water will pass through and discharge once it has done its job. Still, make sure to clear it from any dirt and debris before storing it. Also, it should be completely dry to avoid weird smells or mildew.



Q: What Is A Pool Backwash Hose Used For?


A backwash hose is used to transport the dirty filter water from the pool pump to the disposal spot. Unless you want to create a puddle in your backyard when backwashing the filter, a hose is required to unload the water someplace better.

Q: How To Use A Backwash Hose?


While the process is fairly simple, many people wonder how to connect backwash hose properly. You can do this and perform the backwashing process by following these simple steps:

  • First, make sure the filter system is turned off
  • Place one end of the backwash hose over the pool pump’s backwash outlet
  • Use the steel clamp (if provided) to secure the connection and prevent leaks
  • Unwind the hose and place the other end where you want the wastewater to go
  • Open the backwash valve on the pump system
  • Turn on the filtration system and let it run for one to three minutes
  • After it starts to discharge and backwash clean water, turn it off and close the valve
  • You can leave the hose on, but it's best to remove it for storage (it will last longer)
  • Remember to add some D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) into the filter to boost its performance

Q: What Size Backwash Hose Do I Need?


It depends on how far the disposal site is from your pool pump. Generally speaking, a 50-foot hose will get the job done for most pool owners. Don’t forget to also check the diameter before buying, as this will allow you to fit the hose on the outlet properly.

Q: How Long Do You Backwash A Pool?


The process usually lasts between 1 and 3 minutes, depending on how dirty your pool is. This is plenty of time to rinse the filter thoroughly. Remember that backwashing too long eliminates D.E. from the filter and a substantial amount of water from the swimming pool, so getting carried away might be costly.

Q: How Often Should You Backwash A Pool?


You should backwash a pool once every week (with standard use). It's best to add this to your standard maintenance routine, and it’s best if you do it after vacuuming the pool. Of course, if your pool was used significantly more than usual, you might need to backwash it more frequently.

Globo Surf Overview

A pool backwash hose is an important puzzle piece for proper pool maintenance. It allows you to safely dispose of filter dirt, so it can do its job properly. With a hose from our reviews, you’ll be able to keep the filter system clean and always take a dip in sparkling pool water.

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