Maintaining your pool is supposed to be easy once the right equipment is used. In such terms, there are a few items that are a must, but there is no doubt that a pool pole is one of them. The best pool pole will allow you to manually clean the swimming pool’s bottom, walls, and water surface easier.

By attaching a net, brush, rake, skimmer or vacuum head, you can sweep, vacuum, scrub, and clean even the farthest and deepest parts of your pool without having to get inside. Because of that, it is important to invest in the best pool pole that will work with your pool accessories and yet, be sturdy enough to handle the job without breaking.

In order to help you along with the search, we have reviewed seven top-rated telescopic pool pole options available on the market. Each option is made to deliver quality and efficiency, but with the right information over the key aspects, you will be able to determine which is the right one for you. In order to help you, we have also created a buying guide with important details on how to pick the best pole for your pool.

How To Choose A Pool Pole – Buying Guide



The pool poles should be sturdy so they don’t break easily, and yet lightweight with a little flex so they easy to use. Most pool poles are made of aluminum, as it is strong and lightweight. The aluminum should be anodized to give it resistance to rust and corrosion and adds to its durability. As for the handle, a strong ABS material will work great.


In order for an option to be long-lasting, it has to be thick and strong so it doesn’t bend and break when fully extended and in use with the maximum length. It should also resist rust and corrosion. To make sure that you invest in long-lasting poles, look for anodized aluminum construction. A ribbed build adds strength and durability. The one that comes with a warranty is a smart choice. Checking pool pole reviews by pool owners can help you choose a top-rated telescopic pool pole that is really well made and will serve you for many seasons.


Strength is one of the main characteristics to focus on when choosing the best pool pole. It should be strong enough to handle all types of pool cleaning tasks including skimming and vacuuming and withstand swimming pool water pressure and the weight of wet debris without breaking.

Look for a strong option that remains sturdy even when extended a long way out. A thin and flimsy one will bend and break easily when extended. For strength, a nice level of thickness is essential. Stronger pool poles have a ribbed build. A sturdy external locking cam that locks the pieces tight ensures the pole stays sturdy even when extended.

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Pool pools come in a variety of lengths. How long your pool poles should be will depend on the size of your in-ground or above ground pool. The best extendable pool pole options will allow you to adjust the length so you can extend it to reach even the farthest corners and depths of your pool and retract it for close up cleaning and for ease of storage. The best telescopic pool poles extend and retract easily. 


There are different types of swimming pool poles. Featured in our pool pole reviews above are manual, telescopic pool cleaning poles. There are also automatic poles that attach to pool pump inlets and have paddles or propellers for propulsion in the water. There are even self-contained poles that are auto-floating and solar-powered. 



Q: Why Do I Need A Pool Pole?


In order to have a clean and healthy pool to swim in, cleaning the surface with a pool pole is essential. Your pool filter and robotic pool cleaner do a great job keeping your pool clean but there are some dirt and foreign objects they can’t remove such as leaves, stones, debris, and even bugs. You have to remove these manually using a brush, net, skimmer, or rake.

Poles make it easy to use these pool accessories to clean your pool and reach all corners without getting into your pool. No matter what kind of cleaning you’re doing, one of them will prove handy. You can use it as a pool brush pole or a pool net pole. Sturdy swimming pool poles even function as pool skimming and pool vacuum poles to remove fine dirt and sand from your pool.

Q: How To Make My Pool Pole More Durable?


Using, maintaining, and storing your professional pool pole with care can extend its lifespan. It is important to be conscious about the kind of pressure it is handling when using it so you can stop if the weight is too much and the pole feels about to break. Don’t leave it in the blazing sun for too long, as the sun’s UV rays are degrading. Rinse it with fresh water after use, especially if you have a saltwater pool, and store it well in its retracted form.

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An extremely useful tool that comes handy in many situations, a pool cleaning pole is an essential tool for every pool owner. The best telescopic pool pole is sturdy and works with standard manual pool cleaners and maintenance accessories. With our pool pole reviews and buying guide, finding the best pole for your swimming pool should be easy. Once you have it, pool cleaning and maintenance will be fast and easy. 

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