Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool, you know that pool maintenance is no joke. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to keep a beautifully clear and pristine pool. One of the ways to keep debris out of your pool is to use a top rated pressure side pool cleaner.

Pool pressure cleaners you can take the pain out of pool maintenance. Pressure side automatic pool cleaners can sweep the sides and bottom of your pool, sucking up any unsightly debris. However, you may not be aware of swimming pool pressure cleaner designs and it may be overwhelming to choose which one would best suit your needs.

We have chosen the top pool pressure cleaners, as well as provided all the information you need to make the best pressure pool cleaner investment. We will also discuss all the features you should consider before making an investment.

How To Choose A Pressure Pool Cleaner – Buying Guide


There are a lot of different features to pressure side pool vacuum designs and they can all affect how well a pressure pool cleaner will work with your specific pool design. It is important to spend the time to find the best pressure side pool cleaner for your needs.

A difference in features can affect if you can even use a specific design with your pool as well of the capabilities of the actual device. It can be costly and a waste of time to invest in the wrong pool pressure cleaner. You can also check pressure pool cleaner reviews to see how well a design has worked for other users.

In our buying guide, we walk you through all the different features and answer any questions you have so that you can be fully informed before making a purchase.

High-Pressure vs. Low-Pressure

The main difference between high-pressure and low-pressure pool cleaners is a pump. High-pressure pool cleaners are too strong to share a pump and will need to have their own pump, which operates the device and its suction. These will tend to function better and for longer time periods. They also tend to be more accurate.

Low-pressure pool cleaners can be hooked up to the pool pump, which can ultimately save money by eliminating the need for two different pumps. However, low-pressure pool cleaners can require extra additions like a timer and additional labor. They can be more work than a high-pressure cleaner.

Above Ground vs. Inground Pool Cleaner

Most pressure side pool vacuum designs can be used on either an above ground or inground pool. However, you should be cautious and ultimately refer to the provided manufacturer’s information for what pools the device is appropriate to be used in.

The biggest problem is that swimming pool pressure cleaner designs often need multiple ports to connect to filter and pumps. An above ground design may not have everything needed to provide for the pool pressure cleaners.

Be certain, before you make a purchase, that your pressure side automatic pool cleaner is suitable for the less sturdy walls of an above ground pool. Most pool pressure cleaners cannot be used on both above ground pools and inground pools.


The power of the pressure side pool vacuum will come from a pump. Whether the pump is separately purchased and attached or part of the pool pump, a pump is needed. There is no electricity needed, as it pulls all the power it needs from a pump.


There are two pumps used in pool pressure clears. Firstly, a low-pressure cleaner can use the existing pool pumps. They don’t draw too much power to need an entirely separate pump.

A high-pressure pool pump is the opposite. These pumps will use too much power and instead need their own pump to be purchased separately. You can look at the brand of your swimming pool pressure cleaner and see if they also have a separate pump available for purchase. However, you may also find a separate pump that is compatible with your pressure side pool vacuum design.

If you need a booster pump, which provides extra power to your swimming pool pressure cleaner, you should consider having professional installation. These extra pumps are often external and used with high-pressure cleaners.


Compatibility is extremely important between your pool pressure cleaner and your swimming pool. You want to ensure that the pressure side pool vacuum will worth with your pool design, whether it is an above ground or inground pool.

A pressure side automatic pool cleaner that has great compatibility with your pool will do a better job of cleaning and managing your pool water.

Size of the Pool

While there aren’t different sizes of pool pressure cleaners, the size of the pool is important. You probably don’t want to invest in a top rated pressure side pool cleaner if you just have a small inflatable kiddie pool. It’s a lot of work and money to use a pressure cleaner on such a small pool.

You will likely be using pool pressure cleaners on larger sized pools. This isn’t a problem and the pressure cleaner should excel at keeping your water clear. The only difference is that the larger the pool, the more time you may need to keep the pressure cleaner in the water.

Smaller pools will be cleaned faster, whereas larger pools will need more time for the vacuum to drive around and remove any debris.

Ease of Use

Pool pressure cleaners should be easy to use. The hardest part will likely be the setup, first use, and learning how to use your pressure cleaner. Luckily, there should be instructions for every step of the process included with your purchase.

Likely, you will have to spend the time to ensure you have properly hooked the pool pressure cleaner up to the different sources: pump and filter. You will also have to ensure that you have every accessory needed or suggested to ensure your pool cleaner runs smoothly.


This will likely be the trickiest part if you’ve never used pool pressure cleaners before. A swimming pool pressure cleaner should only have to be hooked up to a pump for power, but there are designs that also have their own small filters attached.

To ensure you can properly install your swimming pool pressure cleaner, you should be certain that your design can be used with your pool. Look for above ground and inground specific designs.

The best way to install your swimming pool pressure cleaner is to follow the provided instructions. This will ensure you make no mistakes and it will make it easier for you to learn how to properly use your pressure side pool vacuum every time.


Just like your pool, it is important to maintain your swimming pool pressure cleaner too. If you have experience with pool pressure cleaners, you will likely have learned the maintenance process. However, if you are new to the devices, you may want to find one that require minimal care and maintenance.

There should also always be maintenance instructions provided with your purchase.



Q: Why choose a pressure pool cleaner?


Pool pressure cleaners make it easy to maintain clean water in your pool. You can easily learn how to maintain an above ground or inground pool, but a pool pressure cleaner can do some of the hard work for you.

Pool pressure cleaners will move and vacuum up any debris in your pool. This will remove sand from your pool, leaves, dirt, and any other small objects.

Instead of having to use pool skimmers and learn what they are used for, you can use a swimming pool pressure cleaner. While you continue to relax, a pool pressure cleaner will do all the work for you.

Q: How does a pressure pool cleaner work?


Pressure pool cleaners use the pressure of the water to remove dirt and debris. Dirt can be sucked into a filter that is directly attached to the pool pressure cleaner or into the main pool filter. Pressure side automatic pool cleaners are great because they often have a filter attachment, which will catch large objects like leaves.

Depending on the design, they will use the pool pump or require a pump be purchased separately for power. Booster pumps will ensure that your pool cleaner is working at its best and is more effective.

Q: How to clean a pressure pool cleaner?


The only part that should be really cleaned on a pressure pool cleaner is the filter, if there is one attached to the body of the device. These filters will often need to be emptied and rinsed. A full filter won’t work effectively, and you want to ensure it doesn’t get too caught up in debris.

For full instructions, check for any provided user’s manuals. There should always be cleaning instructions provided that will tell you the best way to clean and care for your pool cleaner, to ensure that it stays in tip top shape and is long lasting.

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Basic pool chemistry is important, but pool maintenance is a boring chore. Not to mention, it makes you sweat out in the hot sun as you try to catch any floating debris in a net. Instead of spending your time working, you can spend your time relaxing and invest in a top rated pressure side pool cleaner.

A pressure pool cleaner will make owing and maintaining a pool easy and fun. Debris won’t get in your way while you swim, and the cleaner can continue to work while you are away. If you know exactly what you need, you can save time and money by investing in the best pool cleaner.

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