Every pool owner knows that regular cleaning is necessary for keeping it enjoyable throughout the season. Sure, water circulates through the filters, but the remaining dirt on the pool floor needs to be vacuumed. This is where a good vacuum hose makes a huge difference.

Finding the best pool vacuum hose is a matter of knowing what to look for. It needs to be made from strong materials, has sufficient length to reach every part of the pool, and should be affordable.

To help you with this, our buying guide breaks down all the important features to consider. And, if you want to save time searching for a reliable hose, be sure to check out the products on our list. We carefully picked them based on their performance, so they are sure to get the job done regardless of the type of pool you have.

How To Choose A Pool Vacuum Hose – Buying Guide


Materials and Durability

A good hose is usually made of high-quality EVA plastic or a similar material. It offers strength and flexibility, without being prone to leaks. You should avoid cheap and thin plastic because it won’t work well (it will rupture quickly).

Some pool vacuum hoses have a polymer outer layer, which gives them additional protection against UV rays and chemicals found in pool water. This layer also increases their durability. A good indicator of hose quality can be the warranty you get with it, and some products have up to five years.

Length of the Hose

Sufficient length of the pool cleaning hose allows you to reach every part of your swimming pool. If you have an average-size home pool, a 30ft hose should be more than enough. However, we suggest you do some measuring before you order, and always buy a bit longer than you think you need (for comfortable use).

As you had the chance to see, some pool hoses come in pieces. You can add or remove parts based on what you need at the moment. An added benefit of this type of hose is that it’s much easier to clean. In addition, it’s best to consider getting a manual pool skimmer too, because it can be handy for picking up debris that floats on the surface.

Hose Diameter

In large part, the diameter determines the efficiency of the hose. It’s generally accepted that larger diameters are better, especially if you have a large pool and a stronger pool pump. Most products we listed have a 1.5-inch diameter, which is usually enough to give a good flow.

Another benefit of wider hoses is that they are easier to clean, and have a smaller chance of getting clogged up with the debris that passes through. While discussing this, you should think about cuff diameter too – it should be able to fit on the vacuum head and skimmer. Sometimes you’ll need to use a vacuum plate to connect it properly and get good suction.

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Flexibility and Ease of Use

Good flexibility allows you to move around freely without having to worry about the hose kinking or rupturing. Materials determine the flexibility, but they are not the only factor – it has to do with the design too. Spiral-wound vacuum hoses are great in this aspect, allowing easier movement while at the same time making the hose stronger.

It’s also a big plus if the hose comes with swivel cuffs that connect to the pool vacuum head. When hooked up, the hose swivels around the attaching point which greatly reduces the chance of twisting or stopping the flow.


Q: What Are The Benefits Of Swimming Pool Vacuum Hoses?


A swimming pool hose is necessary to keep your pool clean, and investing in a top product can be very beneficial. Together with the pump, skimmer, vacuum head, and the telescopic pole, it forms a system that removes all the debris from your pool.

A well-made hose will be durable and easy to use. It will allow you to easily remove sand from your swimming pool or get rid of water bugs, so the water is clean the next time you want to take a dip.

Q: How To Clean A Pool Vacuum Hose?


If you want your hose to work well and last, you need to clean and maintain it. Be sure to flush it every now and then, to make sure nothing is stuck inside. It’s a big plus if the hose has a smooth inside surface because this makes it easier to clean.

In addition to cleaning, be sure to think about storage too. Hoses are not meant to be left lying on the ground or floating in the pool. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can cause irreparable damage even to the best pool vacuum hoses. Even though some models have special protective layers, you should still pack and store the hoses in a shed or garage.

Q: What Size Pool Vacuum Hose Do I Need?


It depends on the size of your pool. Pool hose vacuum should be long enough to reach each corner of your pool when attached to the skimmer. It’s always best that the hose is a bit longer so you can maneuver more easily. For example, if your pool is 36 feet long, a 40-foot hose will get the job done without problems.

Globo Surf Overview

The best pool vacuum hose will make pool cleaning quicker and more efficient. You just need to find one that is perfectly suited for your pool in terms of length, diameter, and added features. Hopefully, our article has helped you make an easier decision, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying yourself!

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