Everyone loves the idea of having a crystal clear blue pool with no hint at a leaf to be found and no algae growing anywhere. Unfortunately though pools can get very dirty very quickly and if you don’t get on top of it then it can become a very difficult job.

People might be put off with cleaning them due to the hard work required, but if you get the best pool vacuum head then it makes the job a whole lot easier. We’ve looked through the pool vacuum head reviews to come up with a list to find the top rated swimming pool vacuum head on the market.

There are a few differences in design and materials though, so read through our buying guide to make sure that you get the best swimming pool vacuum head for you.

How To Choose The Best Pool Vacuum Head – Buying Guide



While you may want to look for a vacuum head that is as wide as possible, having them too wide will increase the drag that is placed on the vacuum head which will make it more difficult to move around when it’s in the water. Cleaning your pool can be difficult and having a large vacuum head may seem like it would get the job done more quickly, but that isn’t always the case. Having one between 11 and 1 inches is probably the ideal size that will allow you enough space to clean, but not enough drag to make yourself exhausted.


Wheels are a great feature on a vacuum head as it makes them easier to move around the water. While it makes it easier to move, it doesn’t always mean a better clean due to the shape that is required to add wheels on it. Rectangle designs where wheels can usually be found can make it harder to reach into difficult sports. Heads without wheels will only be slightly more difficult to move as you still have the buoyancy of the water to lift them up.


The reason that wheels aren’t seen on a lot of designs is due to the fact that the most effective shape for a pool head is a triangle. That’s because it is still over a wide area, but has more pointed ends which can reach into areas like corners where so it is more efficient at cleaning the whole of the pool. Rectangular designs are fine and can be easier to move if they have wheels, but may find it hard to clean in pointed or curved areas. Circular and butterfly designs are also available but don’t have the cleaning efficiency of a triangle or the ease of movement of a rectangle.


Most handles that you see are made out of strong plastic which will be more than good enough for most uses, but its biggest weakness is that it can crack and will therefore need to be replaced. Other handles options are of stainless steel which may become weak if they get exposed to rust. On the balance of strengths, steel would be the better choice, but the plastics that they are made from are very strong and unlikely to crack. On most models if the handle does break then they will be fairly simple to replace.



Q: How Often Should I Vacuum My Pool?


This really does depend on a lot of factors, but if you’re using it regularly then it’s probably for the best to clean it once a week. If you cover your pool after every use or go through long periods like the winter when it’s not used then you won’t have to vacuum as often. You’’ want to skim your pool very often to clear any debris. It’s best not to put off vacuuming as you’d only make yourself have a more difficult job further down the line. As well as skimming a vacuuming your pool, it’s also important to check its chlorine and PH level as well to make sure they are staying at a safe level.

Q: How Does A Pool Vacuum Head Work?


Firstly you attach the vacuum head to a telescopic pole and then attach one end of your vacuum hose to the vacuum head as well. You then attach the other end of the house into the water intake nozzle which will send water through the hose. The filter nozzle will then suck through the water and any debris that goes with it. When you first start it up air bubbles will form which will show you that water is starting to be sucked through, and then these bubbles will disappear when the hose is full of water.

Q: How Can I Use A Pool Vacuum Head?


Once you have correctly attached the hose you should be getting suction through your device which will allow you to pick up any debris. From their it’s more or less the same basis as vacuuming your carpet at home as you want to make sure that the vacuum head is flat to the surface and you’ll also want to make sure that any large pieces of debris are swept up by a net rather than trying to use the vacuum head as this could clog the device. The process is fairly simple, but it can be hard work but it’s important to not put it off. The connectors and brushes of the vacuum head should be replaceable if they break.

Globo Surf Overview

We know that vacuuming a pool isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of fun, you’d much rather be laying around on a pool float or maybe you can’t wait to get a pool slide and increase the fun. Unfortunately though before you can do that you need to have a clean pool and to be able to do that effectively you need to find a great vacuum head.

There are a few things to consider though before selecting on to use such as width, having a wide head may seem like a great idea but there is an increased level of drag. Vacuuming isn’t easy work and you don’t want to add any additional strain, you also need to make a choice based on shape. A rectangle with wheels will be able to easily move in the pool but a triangular head will be able to get into more difficult spots.

Pool maintenance is important and you won’t need to vacuum as often if you have a great pool cover. If you have an above ground pool, then you’ll be looking for an above ground pool vacuum head which will be gentler to the lining. Most of these reviews though are for an in-ground pool vacuum head which should have a vinyl outer so you don’t scratch the pool.

These reviews are all also for a manual pool vacuum. Automatic ones are available, but naturally they are very expensive. This is the place to be to find the best swimming pool sweeper and all these models will do a great job of making that task of cleaning your pool as easy as possible.

Hopefully this buying guide has helped you to find the best pool vacuum brush for you, there is a lot of choices out there but you’ll now be better informed to make the right choice. When you have, you’ll be able to quickly clean your pool and started to enjoy more of why you actually got the pool in the first place and happily play in the safe and clear water.

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