A skimmer is an important part of your pool setup, and it must have a good basket if you want it to work properly. Skimmers suck in all the debris floating on the water surface, and the basket is the first filter that traps all the large pieces. Getting a reliable basket is important since it prevents debris from clogging up the filtration system and causing all sorts of problems.

If you’re reading this, the time has come to replace the one that came with the original setup, and we are going to help you. Finding the best pool skimmer basket is not difficult, as long as you pay attention to a few details. Be sure to check the buying guide to learn more about the best swimming pool skimmer, and feel confident when choosing. But first, have a look at the products we picked out for you.

How To Choose A Pool Skimmer Basket – Buying Guide


The Size of the Basket

As we said, finding a proper fit is key to efficiency. Luckily, almost all pool skimmer review products have the size listed, so you can easily compare it. In addition, you can also find the model numbers listed on the replacement baskets, so you can quickly find the one you need. If you aren’t sure, you should carefully measure the basket you have.

Three measurements come into play here – opening diameter, bottom diameter, and the overall height. The best pool skimmer basket should have a snug fit when you install it, so no debris is able to bypass it and get into the filtration system.

The Installation Procedure

Skimmer baskets are generally very simple to install, meaning you can often do it yourself. However, it’s not just about putting it in place, but also making sure it stays there. In this aspect, you will come across different basket designs. It’s probably most convenient if the basket opening has notches, which allow you to lock it in place by turning it.

A floating pool skimmer basket is something you want to avoid, and screwing it in guarantees it stays in place when the system is turned off. Otherwise, some of the debris can go underneath the basket and end up in the plumbing when you turn on the system again, which can damage the pool filter or your pool pump.

If you can’t lock the basket-like this, make sure you get a product that has added weight – either around the opening or at the bottom, which will keep it from floating. Finally, there is a simple solution to this problem if you encounter it – just put a rock inside the skimmer to weigh it down.

Choosing the Best Materials

All pool skimmer baskets are made of plastic, but there are significant differences in quality. Some of the best above ground pool skimmer net options are made of tough, thick plastic that won’t break easily. You need to keep in mind that a basket is constantly exposed to chlorine and other chemicals so it needs to be resistant to them.

Otherwise, it will become brittle and pieces will come off while you’re taking it out to clean it. Additionally, it should have a certain degree of UV resistance too, even though it’s covered with a lid. This is a plus since it will further increase the lifespan of the basket.

Finding a Good Handle

Choosing a top-rated pool skimmer handle is very important (in terms of convenience). It’s certainly easier to lift the basket and remove it from the skimmer if it has a well-positioned and strong handle. They are either made of plastic or metal, with metal being the preferred choice because of durability. It can be fixed flat across the basket middle, or it can be lifted when picking the basket up.

A nice design solution is the tower handle, which can be found on some products we talked about. It sticks out a few inches (in relation to the basket edge), making it very convenient to grab without sticking your hand in the basket content. In addition, this design is pump-friendly too. Even if the best pool skimmer baskets get completely full and clogged up, water can still flow over the top and get into the system. It’s not a good thing when the pump runs dry, and this prevents a potential problem.

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Durability and Warranty

The longevity of your new basket depends on a couple of factors. First, the materials used for the best pool skimmer baskets need to be tough and resistant to various chemicals, as we discussed. Next, you need to take proper care of your basket, as we will explain further down in the text. The best pool skimmer baskets are extremely tough and can easily last over 10 years, so you should definitely consider this when buying.

Some of the skimmer baskets we listed come with a nice warranty, which is usually a good indicator of reliability. Depending on the particular basket, you may be covered for a year or two. Furthermore, it’s smart to take a look at other user experiences and see how the skimmer baskets perform over time.


Q: What Is A Skimmer Basket?


Skimmer baskets are a very important part of the pool system. Its purpose is to catch large debris so it doesn’t find its way to the filter. This debris often consists of leaves, bugs, small animals and various other things that end up in the swimming pool skimmer.

With it, your system is safe from clogging. This is good because it can significantly prolong the pump and filter lifespan. In addition to the automatic pool skimmer we’re talking about, you should also have a good manual one so you can quickly remove something from the water.

Q: How Often Should I Empty My Skimmer Basket?


You should do it often, at least once a week. Sometimes you will even need to do it daily, for example in autumn when there’s a lot of leaves floating about, or if a lot of other debris finds its way into your pool. We recommend you keep a close eye on the basket because it can lead to problems if not maintained.

Thanks to the suction the pump creates, debris clogs up the basket and blocks water circulation. The pump still works which increases the strain on it because it’s working dry, all the while your pool is dirty because the water stays still.

One more good reason to control it daily is to check for dead animals that can end up in there. This can compromise water quality, despite the chlorine and other chemicals you use to sanitize it. It’s just one of many reasons to cover your pool when not using it for a longer period, so we suggest you consider getting a pool cover.

Q: How Do I Remove The Skimmer Basket?


Removing both, the skimmer pool skimmer basket is relatively easy. First, you need to remove the lid from your skimmer. Depending on the model, you either need to twist it or unscrew it before you can lift it. Afterward, you should unlock the basket (if it’s locked in place), by turning it counter-clockwise. When it’s released, you can grab the handle and simply pull it upwards. Make sure the debris remains in the basket (not floating around) before you lift it.

Q: How Do I Clean The Skimmer Basket?


Cleaning the skimmer basket should be a part of your routine and have its place in your pool maintenance schedule. Make sure to turn the pump system off before taking out the basket. If leaves or other debris is floating in the water above the basket, you can remove it manually before lifting it, this way preventing the residue to go underneath.

An alternative is to remove free-floating debris by hand, and then turn the pump system back on so that the remains are sucked into the basket and nothing remains afloat when you remove it. Emptying the basket content is much easier to do when it’s dry. For this reason, many people own two pool skimmer baskets. You take the full basket out and immediately replace it with a clean, empty one. You then leave the first one to dry before removing the content and save yourself a lot of hassle.

When the debris is removed, it’s best to rinse the basket with a hose. Make sure you clean the holes too, so the water can flow uninterrupted when you return the basket in its place. In addition to filtering, it’s important to think about pool surface cleaner for the water quality too. Inform yourself about basic pool chemistry, and buy a pool test kit so you can control the levels from time to time.

Q: Can A Pool Work Without A Skimmer Basket?


Technically yes, but it’s not exactly recommended. The skimmer baskets have a clear purpose, and using the system without it is problematic. Large chunks are going to end up in the filter and inevitably cause damage. This leads to repairs that are many times more expensive compared to simply buying a new basket when the old one breaks. In addition to the basket and the skimmers itself, check out our selection of pool cleaners so you can keep the hygiene at the best possible level.

Globo Surf Overview

Owning the best pool skimmer basket is a necessary part of every pool filtration system. Maintaining your pool is of crucial importance, and the best pool skimmer baskets will keep the pool clean while safeguarding the whole system from damage.

The best swimming pool skimmer options are generally not expensive, and some of them can last for quite a long time. It’s only a matter of getting the right one for your pool, and you can use the skimmers again without trouble. We’ve completed a full guide for you, helping you to choose a basket that will be efficient enough, eliminating the risk of spending more money over a product that won’t deliver good usage. You can feel free to pick out any of the products we suggested since these are the best options available on the market nowadays.

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