You want your hot tub experience to be fun and relaxing where you can let yourself unwind. You also want to be able to bathe in the cleanest possible water possible, which can often be a problem of hot tubs due to the chemicals and bacteria that and build up in the water.

An ozonator works by purifying the water that you get into your tub and if you use one of the best hot tub ozonators, then you’ll be able to relax knowing that your water is clean and healthy. At its basic level, a spa ozonator is an ozone generator which breaks down any contaminants in your water.

We explain the process further on in our buying guide and we have also looked at the ozone generator reviews to show you the best products on the market. Once you’ve read this guide though, you’ll be able to find the best hot tub ozonators which will let you relax in that clean, purified water.

How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Ozonator – Buying Guide


CD or UV

When it comes to an Ozonator for hot tub they can work in two different ways by either being a corona discharge (CD) or an ultraviolet (UV) model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but UV models tend to take up more energy and they are declining in popularity with CD models taking over. It’s not just the energy output that can be a big difference though as there are other factors too.

CD models also generally have a higher level of performance and last for longer too so you don’t have to worry about your model failing after a short amount of time and it will give you confidence that it is going to last. The lower amount of energy used by a CD model is not only better for the environment but it is better for your pocket too as you’ll be spending less on electricity.

Both of them can be very compact models which makes installation very easy but a downside to UV models is that they have nothing that needs to be replaced such as bulbs which can be expensive over time. UV models are still very effective in sanitizing your water so shouldn’t be dismissed but CD ozonators are widely seen as the better type.

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Water and electricity are notoriously a dangerous mix so unless you’re very comfortable with working in this type of environment then it’s probably best to call a professional to save you the hassle and to avoid any dangerous situations.

If you are ready to install yours though you first need to check the manual to ensure that it’s compatible and you also need to ensure that you are using the right voltage as well. It’s best at this stage to have a maintenance check on your hot tub to ensure everything is working correctly with no leaks and it’s a good idea to drain the untreated water from the tub.

If your hot tub is compatible with an Ozonator then it will most likely have an ozone jet at the bottom of the unit with a water port and an air port and at this stage, you need to check the plug type you’ll need to connect it to the control pack.

You want to ensure that you are mounting the Ozonator securely to the unit and giving it enough airflow around the unit. If there is not a small jet towards the bottom of the spa then it’s likely that you will need to plumb one which makes installation trickier.

If it is ready you need to find the suction connection and attach the ozone check valve to one end and then the other end of the check valve is connected to the tubing of the hot tub. You need to ensure this is done in the correct way as the airflow should be towards the hot tub and is often indicated on the device. This is vital as the Ozonator won’t work otherwise.

As a safety measure, it is ideal at this stage to create a Hartford loop that will prevent any water from going back into the Ozonator. To do this you just want to loop the tubing as high as possible so that it is above the water line.

Once the Ozonator has been plumbed correctly then you need to focus on how it’s going to be wired and this can be done in one of two ways by either plugging it into a wall outlet which is a much more simple method or if you’re more advanced with electrics you’d be able to wire it into the main breaker of the hot tub. This is obviously more complicated and carries more risk so ask a professional if you are unsure.

Ease Of Use

The ozonator is easy to use but there are a few important maintenance checks that need to be done. Firstly, you want to ensure that your device is working efficiently and there are ozone test kits that are available for this. Not only is this useful to ensure that it has been installed correctly but it’s useful over time to check that it is still working correctly.

In order to potentially extend the life of your Ozonator, you need to inspect the check valves every now and again which prevents any water from flowing back into your Ozonator. If this starts to become damaged and is not fixed then your Ozonator can quickly become broken.

Ozonators are highly effective in sanitizing your water but they generally last for around three years so you need to check them often once they get past this age to ensure that they are still functioning. If you have a UV model then it’s likely that the bulb will need replacing before then instead of the whole device.


Whether you’re in a pool or a hot tub the chemistry of the water is very important to your health. Even the water that comes out of our faucets is full of chemicals like chlorine as they are put in there to prevent any bacteria from growing. While this keeps us safe, it also can mean that the water can smell bad, have a hard taste, and isn’t as nice.

The Ozonator lessens the need for chemicals as it will break down any bacteria that is in the water before it ever gets to your hot tub. You should still regularly check the chemistry of the water though just to ensure that everything is staying in balance and you’re staying healthy.



Q: What Is Ozone?


The word ‘ozone’ is synonymous with the ozone layer that surrounds the earth in this atmosphere which you might know helps to keep us safe. It does that by being able to break down harmful radiation from the sun and in your spa it is able to break down any chemicals or bacteria that are in the water.

It is formed when UV light splits an oxygen molecule and leads to a connection of three oxygen atoms which then form an ozone molecule. This molecule is then used by the ozonator to clean the water and help to purify it.

Q: How Do Hot Tub Ozonators Work?


Hot tub ozonators work by creating ozone from either the CD or UV methods which will both be able to deliver a large amount of ozone into your water. Once the ozone is created then it is pumped into your spa water for it to become sterile.

Once it interacts with the water then the ozone will be able to destroy any viruses or bacteria that might be sitting in the water and it will also be able to break down any chemicals as well. Not only does it do that but it will also break down substances such as oil which can come off the likes of makeup or sun lotion.

This will allow your water to remain fresh and works with the filter system to always make sure that the water that you’re using is healthy. Not only is ozone better at cleaning your water than the type of chemicals that are commonly used in pools but it also doesn’t have any negative side effects such as smell.

As long as your ozonator can keep feeding that ozone into your hot tub jets then you can have peace of mind knowing that the water you’re in remains safe and clean. An ozonator is a hidden piece of genius that will provide terrific results time and time again.

Q: How Often Should I Run The Ozonator?


The answer to this question can vary depending on how much you use the hot tub as if it is covered a lot of the time then it might be the best idea to drain the water before refilling it again and using the ozonator. Constantly using the ozonator when there is no need too is just going to be a waste of energy and speeds up the time you’d need to replace or repair the device.

If you are using your hot tub often though then you are looking at running it for around three hours for every half-day of use. If you’re using the tub then it makes sense to keep it on to make sure that the water is staying clean. If you’re going to be using the hot tub for the whole day then it’s probably for the best to just keep the ozonator on for the whole day.

You might want to still use a small amount of chemicals which will make sure that the water is clear as these will work with the ozonator while it’s cleaning your hot tub. It’s best to err on the side of caution though and to leave the ozonator on for longer if you are ever unsure about how much you should be using it.

Q: Are Hot Tub Ozonators Environmentally Safe?


The simple answer to this question is yes, they are safe. In relation to the atmosphere that surrounds us the ozone produced is not dangerous in any way and can actually help protect the environment from radiation. The ozone produced here though is likely to remain dissolved in the water.

In our level of atmosphere though, any excessive amounts of ozone will more than likely return to an oxygen molecule so you don’t have to have any worries about this as these ozonators are completely environmentally friendly.

Q: How To Use The Ozone Generator?


Hot Tub ozonators don’t have the longest lifespan of any device so running them constantly would be a waste as you’ll be cleaning the water that no-one is using. One thing that you can do is set a timer on the ozonator so that the system will be able to turn off and on without you having to worry about whether or not it’s doing its thing.

This might require a bit of trial and error depending on how much you use the hot tub as you’ll want to ensure that the water you’re bathing in is always clean but in the same breath you also don’t want to overuse it. A three hour starting point is a good benchmark and then you’ll be able to increase it from there if you feel that your tub needs further cleaning.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Ozone Generator?


There are many great benefits to ozone generator as we have alluded to in this guide and here we’ll wrap up the key points. Firstly, your water needs to be sanitized regardless and this has been traditionally done with chemicals that can have a smell and irritate your skin. The Ozonator takes away the need to rely on these chemicals.

Not only does it lessen the need for any chemical cleaners but it will also help to neutralize any existing chemicals that can be found in the water such as manganese and sulfide, thereby making your water cleaner than it ever has been.

Perhaps most importantly though the Ozonator will help to destroy any bacteria or viruses that can be found in the water, this is especially important for hot tubs as the water that is in them can often be a breeding ground for bacteria due to the warm temperatures but the Ozonator will ensure that this doesn’t happen. It will also have the same effect on mold and fungus as well, which can grow easily in those environments.

An Ozonator will also make your hot tub owning experience easier as well as you won’t have to worry about adding chemicals to the water and getting the right balance, with constant checks on its chemical level. With the device installed you’ll be able to sit back knowing that it’s doing the work for you. It will also stop you from having long-term exposure to these chemicals and will leave your water with a much more natural smell.

Globo Surf Overview

You don’t want to have gone through the trouble of selecting the best hot tub on the market and lovingly design it into your home to then have to worry about it making you unwell. In order to stay healthy you have two choices available to you of either adding chemicals to the water or getting an ozonator.

The downsides of adding chemicals to your water are fairly obvious as it costs time and effort but also gives you long-term exposure to chemicals that can give the water an odd smell and irritate your skin over time. An ozonator is a clean and effective solution and a much better one for your hot tub.

Choosing the best ozonator starts with deciding on whether to get a CD or a UV device. UV is great at being able to create ozone but it simply doesn’t have the same level of advantages of a CD ozonator. A CD unit will have a longer life with a better level of performance, it uses less energy, doesn’t require bulbs to be replaced and is generally a higher quality. If you’re deciding in a straight choice between the two then a CD ozonator will be the better option.

After that you want to ensure that you are going to be able to install it. A lot of modern hot tubs will have a small jet which is set-up for an ozonator to be installed which makes it a lot easier and once it is plumbed in then you can connect it to an output an away you go. If you need to plumb in an additional jet or wire it into the hot tub system then it might be for the best to use a professional.

Once you have your ozonator installed then you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be relaxing in the safest water possible and water that is chemical free. Hopefully this buying guide along with the ozone generator reviews has helped to answer all your questions so you’ll be able to purchase the top rated spa ozonator with confidence.

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