How To Clean A Hot Tub That Has Been Sitting


We all know that hot tub maintenance is a long, time-consuming process. Regular cleaning is crucial for preserving the good condition of both your health and the tub. However, it is very easy to leave the tub unused for a long period, especially if you’re a busy person.

Once you open the cover after a few weeks, you may realize there is bacteria overgrowth. But, there is no need to panic because we have all been there. In this article, we will show you how to clean a hot tub that has been sitting in our detailed step-by-step guide.

How to Clean a Hot Tub That Has Been Sitting Guide

1. Check the Filter System

The first step in cleaning your hot tub should be checking the spa pump and filter. If needed, add some water until it reaches mid-skimmer and it covers the hot tub filter. Besides, check whether you need to replace the filter cartridges.

Next, turn on the tub at the circuit breaker and locate the spa equipment at the spa cabinet. Check whether any GFCI outlets are popped and if so, reset them. Then, turn on the spa pack and make sure all valves are open. Also, you should check whether there is any leaking under the hot tub.

Turn the tub on, making sure it is running at low speed. Then, run it at high speed for a short period. This will help with the debris in the pipes. In case you have two pumps, you should test both of them to see if they are working properly.

2. Drain and Clean the Tub

If you are wondering how to clean a hot tub that has been sitting, the best way is completely draining the water. But, if the tub water seems to be in good condition, without biofilm and algae growth, you can skip this step.

Locate the drainage hose or port. Some tubs are provided with a small port at the base of their cabinet. In other cases, there is a short hose at the bottom of the spa. Pull it out or connect it to the tub and let the water drain. You can even use a pump to finish the process. Just make sure the tub is turned off before you attempt draining.

If the water is in a very bad condition, you can use a garden hose on the tub surfaces. Use it to spray the water directly into the jets or into the skimmer. Doing this will loosen the buildup. Bear in mind you should be extra careful not to spray spa equipment or the spa pack.

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3. Purge the Tub


Now it is time to move on to the next step of our ‘how to clean a hot tub’ guide. After you have drained the tub, you should purge it. Purging the spa means adding a special chemical that removes the persistent biofilm from the pipes. Doing this is very important because sometimes the pipes cannot be properly cleaned by simply draining the tub.

Chemicals can remove mineral deposits, biofilm, oils, and organic buildup that can be found in the tub. Always follow the directions written on the label and add the chemicals while the spa pump is running. Shortly afterward, you will notice a brown foam rising to the surface, which means the gunk is being removed. Turn both the blower and the pump to fight the remaining bacteria.

4. Drain the Tub Again and Refill It

The last step is to drain the spa once more and refill it. Use a rag or a hose to remove the dirt which has been collected at the top of the spa. Keep cleaning as the water level is dropping. When you completely drain the tub, take a sponge to remove the smaller bits of water. This process will get rid of the gunk, such as bacteria, that was removed from the spa lines by the purge chemicals. After doing this, you can start over with clean water.

Refill your tub with fresh and clean water. When the tub is full, test the water conditions and add hot tub chemicals if needed. This is done to balance the alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness. Next, shock the tub water using a spa shock. Always make sure you carefully follow the label instructions to achieve maximum safety.

5. Additional Cleaning

If you are unsure how to clean a hot tub properly, consider checking the filters. If your spa filters are more than 18 months old, you should replace them to keep the water clear. Also, make sure you properly clean the hot tub steps and the hot tub cover to finish off this thorough cleaning process.

The steps can also have buildup on them, especially if they have not been cleaned in a long time. Leaves and dirt can collect on the tub cover, so take a garden hose to remove it. If the debris cannot be removed with only water, you can use lukewarm water, a sponge, and some liquid detergent.

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If your hot tub is clean, it means you can relax in it without worrying about health concerns. But, if your tub has not been cleaned in a long time, it may be a bit difficult to remove the buildup. That is why it is important to learn how to clean a hot tub that has been sitting for a long time. Even though there may be biofilm and bacteria growth, cleaning the tub thoroughly can be done in a few simple steps.

 First, check the filters and whether they need replacement. Next, drain the water completely and clean the tub using a hose. Then, purge the tub by adding special purging chemicals. Finish it off by draining the tub again and refilling it. Also, make sure you clean the hot tub steps and the hot tub cover.

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